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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

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DAY 1967

Jalsa, Mumbai                  Sept 3/4,  2013                Tue/Wed  12 : 54 am

Rajiv Laffey a very happy birthday for the 3rd … all our love and happiness for you always …

I asked my Ef for a database .. and Ankur and Vakhat gave me a most detailed one .. there have been apprehensions for their use by the Ef … rightly so .. but I have instructed my digital team to reassure me that it shall not be misused …

There are some ideas that we are constructing for the betterment of the Ef and the Blog .. hence this inquiry .. if there are some among you that do not wish to contribute I shall completely understand .. i  do not want to force any thing on any body ..

My digital team has some additional ideas on this :

I have created the following email address :

Request you to kindly invite the EF community to send their details to this email address so that we will compile the entire data at our end of all the EF’s etc.
I am also working on a system which will assign an EF number which will be unique and mapped to the email address and birth date. This will be like a unique id which will have all the EF data.

I need to rest urgently .. my head spins .. and tomorrow is another KBC day with 2 episodes to record .. it is most taxing .. but when we have a good audience and a good contestant, it is most engaging and delightful ..

Today after the recording I rushed to the Tata Memorial Hospital for Cancer for the opening of a paediatric wing for little children that unfortunately suffer .. it was a most touching and moving experience for me.

Jaya and I have though, been working with many such institutions but every time you spend time with these children, a certain portion of your being tears apart  … the children have only smiles on their faces, even behind the protected masks that they wear for infection prevention. All that they wanted from me was to visit them and speak to them, to take keepsake photographs, autographs and that is all … one always wishes one could do so much more .. and we shall in the times to come .. as we have been doing all along …

With all the children at the Tata memorial Hospital for Cancer, and a few of the children that I met …

Look at all their faces .. not a single one is without smile ..

And the one standing on the table is the cutest and youngest .. when I asked her her name she said ” I am the doctor !!” .. such warmth and fighting spirit among all of them .. may God bless them and keep them healthy !!

Good night dear EF … more tomorrow


Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1966

Jalsa, Mumbai                Sept 1/2,  2013                Mon/Tue  1 : 48 am

I need a database of our Ef … details and birthdays and anniversaries etc ..

So I can savour the joy of wishing all of them at appropriate time and day .. send them to a email I shall be putting up shortly .. not the usual one .. there shall be separate one presently .. do it on that … but in the meantime we can start collecting the data required .. Thank you .. just wanting to make life with my Ef more connective and happy …

A quiet day .. a day of contemplation .. of getting over what may have passed the previous day .. things never really get passed over … they remain .. it is just a matter of how we would want them to remain with us or not ..

I read and wonder and visualise how some of us have the ability to be able to analyse ourselves, to know what we really are what are weaknesses are, our strengths and importantly our nature. Many a time I read remarks of others where they categorically describe who governs their nature, what they know is theirs, and yet spell it out for the benefit of public measure.

"I am arrogant !’ … ‘I have bad temper’ … ‘I can lose control of myself pretty rapidly’ ‘God help you if I lose my bearings’ … etc ..

I would find that odd. If I know what I am like, then surely making it public would diminish the effects that it is supposed to bring on an unknown situation. Would it not ? When one knows the moment that triggers such attitude, must they not know also that the possibility of controlling it is also known. If that is so, then is there need to express it or make it to be known to the persons around.. that would definitely spell arrogance or attitude …nothing wrong with that, but the reason why gets diluted I would imagine !!

I wonder if I have been able to express myself the way I am attempting to or not .. maybe not … I am such a horrible one when explaining matters comes up … damn !! Ok … let it be … some other time when I have fortified myself with better expression and detail, I shall elaborate ..

Some rather intricate actions on the digital format for me are being considered and worked on and soon I shall be in a position to describe them to all .. it could be quite exciting ..

I am also happy to announce the formation of a Trust in the memory of my Father - HRB Memorial Trust - which shall work to collect funds for charity. My own efforts at creating events or acts to contribute to it shall be prime, and the list of the charitable work done shall be soon visible to all ..

There is an expectancy each day on the sets of KBC … tomorrow is one such, and therefore I must be in the best of rest to be able to tackle it ..

Good night then and my love as ever …

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1965

Jalsa, Mumbai               Sept 1, 2013                Sun  10 : 04 PM

In my confusion of time and work and running from one post to the other, from constructing one time zone with the work of another time zone, from interviews for the promotion of KBC and presence at running events on the channels, for caring and looking after the house hold formalities, from spending time with the ‘little one’, from bidding good byes to those travelling from the family, and there are several that travel often each day, from catching up with the news, news papers, television debates, impressions and ideas to talk about … all for the interest of knowledge to be of assistance at the many guest speaking and presence attendances of invited functions .. an award here for the other, a book release, a motivational moment for the jawans of the country, an address to the association of those in the medical fraternity, of finding space and time to reply to the hundreds of the short message system on mobiles, to the reading of the scripts that lie pending, for the allotment of dates for the future and their planning, for the matters of the Company, the accounts and the dealings, the meticulous observations of contracts and their deliverance, the endorsements and the meetings on creatives and their execution, to the drafting of mail from various sources that need response, of listening to the problems of those that need help and finding time to give them the assurance that all will be well, to work at the charities, to design the nature of the characters to be played, to take note of and to inculcate the observations by several members of the well wishers on the kind of films and roles I should be accepting, spending time to think on what and how a particular role should be performed, visiting, and in the late hours of the night, to the studio for the music recordings of forthcoming ventures… KBC preparations, Tv serial preparations, film preparations …

The lines shall just continue to expand were I to continue .. but I shall refrain .. refrain because there is just one individual that shall really be able to understand the enormity of the situation, its consequences and its execution ..

MOI … !!

And that shall be the norm, no matter what and where ..

Back to basics then and to stop this most self centered activity of lamentation, for, it shall never pay, never be understood, and most importantly shall never be construed in the manner in which it ought to be …

So the Sunday has beckoned me to the Indian Idol Junior Grand Finale, to announce the winner, to promote the show now most commonly known as KBC, to run a Radio Game of KBC for the first time in the history of FmRadio, played with the prominent Radio Jockey’s from Delhi and Mumbai of some prominent Radio Stations .. to meet and greet contestants on JII GF and to spend some time with the crew of this magnificent show .. and drive back for meetings concerning many of the various activities described above, and while on the move to record the VOG, to make those connected calls to members of the family as they board aircraft and land at destinations … and to attend to the very complicated domestic issues that arise each minute .. !!

So … now that I have sounded enough like a harased house wife, may I seek your indulgence .. in matters that concern the  … ahhhh well .. forget it ..

BUT … I have to say this .. among all that transpires throughout the day .. the short spells of moments spent before that piano key board, which plays on its own, the notes that are struck from an immature appreciator … are the most peaceful times .. even though they dwell with us for a mere few minutes .. equipments need to be used, electronics need to be switched on and operated, automobiles must be started and driven, shoes and clothes must be worn, the multitude of pens both ball points and ink, need to be written with, else they dry up …

Life needs to be lived .. else it shall disappoint you, wear you out, weaken you, dry up your enthusiasm, restrain your breathing, designate that pain in the joints, morose your will and the strength of movement ..


And move well .. even if at first you are unaware of where you are moving .. start the process .. and in time a destination shall appear, a peak shall challenge to be conquered, that ladder that taunts you with the climb shall fall out of place, rebuild itself to facilitate your onward journey …

My love as ever …

Allow me the deep pleasure of biding you a night of sweetness and love ..

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1964

Jalsa, Mumbai              Aug 31/Sept 1,  2013               Sat/Sun 2 : 24 AM

Each time I punch in the DAY for these past few days, the numbers seem to jump out of their habitation and remain with me for the year of the calendar in my years of existence …

Those days of freedom from University, the earnings of an independent, the running costs of existence, the independence to time and presence and movement and the liberty to be where ever one wanted to without having to think about the hours of getting home … the ‘chummery’ of friends having like minded vocations, of living together, playing and laughing together .. and mostly breathing an air that we decide ..

It is the most liberating experience .. when it happens for the first time ..

Then slowly the importance of life its consequences and bearings begin to creep in and suddenly you change .. from freedom to responsibility .. its a change over in many respects, troubling and pertinent, but changing all the same …

Those moments shall never return … never .. so to those that live in similar environ, be the best of it, be the enjoyer of it, be the life of it .. they are the best times ..

I am rushing this through quick glances at the hour hand on the clock to extract as much time I can from the sleeping to the working in the morrow, to what I need to spend with all of my Ef …but really it is time to ..

Good night for the moment ..

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1963

Jalsa, Mumbai                Aug 30/31,  2013                Fri/Sat 3 : 54 AM

So yes … its coming up to 4 in the morning and I am just beginning to connect … so what !!? Does it really matter, or be of some inconvenience to any … I would think not …

The concern often expressed is for the number of hours of sleep that is required, the rest and the recuperation after strong hours of work during the course of the day, the care for health … and so ..

Thank you … yes I am indebted to your concern and your insistence on my conduct .. and I shall always respect it … but I must respect my conscience too .. which tells me distinctly, that I must not forget even a single day of our Ef association, not just to comply a necessity, but to allow me the liberty of greeting this wonderful extended family …

Its like being in the house and not wanting to know what Jaya or Abhishek, Aishwarya and the little one are up to … to trundle down to them just for that brief moment to greet, to converse … inane topics maybe, but topics all the same ..

The preservation of my routine is hopefully unchangeable … and may it be blessed so it remains the way it remains now ….

Three directors of today - dynamic, immensely successful and hugely talented, are invited to interview me for a magazine, the BOX OFFICE. Shoojit Sircar, Rohit Shetty, and Imtiaz Ali and I sit around in a casual surrounding and talk of cinema .. where it is where it is headed and what goes into an actors mind when he or she enacts a scene .. interesting insights were spoken … details of their association with some of my early work was disclosed, much to my embarrassment, and a sharing of some of my acting experiences …

At the end of it I did not want it to end .. seldom do we sit and discuss these issues with people that really have contributed so greatly to the medium … and somewhere down the line, there is a glimmer of learning and knowledge that comes in to the moment of play ..  we should encourage more of this ..

But now on to more other work connections and that would mean the reference to KBC and all that the three days of shooting have meant for me and others this season ..

But first a glance at what we going to be seeing .. for soon, I reckon there shall be an influx of the Ef, that shall seek admission on the sets, just to be a part of this program, which continues to give large butterflies ..








There is much more … but the more shall come gradually ..

KBC Season 7, carries a top prize of now 7 cr .. it has 3 questions for the FFF … or the Fastest Finger First, and after three questions for the contestants, a cumulative score of maximum right answers in the least amount of time, proceeds to the Hot Seat ..

The lifelines change too .. 5 of them to use only 4 … the 5th is a joker or ‘paplu’ or ‘power paplu’ .. can be used as a joker to revive an already used ‘lifeline’..

The timings too change .. the clock upto 6.40 lakhs, gives 30 to 60 seconds to reply and the ‘phone a friend’ gets 45 secs as opposed to 30 secs earlier .. play along with the contestants that do not make it to the main chair, gets the winner at the end of the episode a lakh of rupees …

And yes the set is now at Yash Raj Studio and not Film City ..

The film ‘Satyagraha’ released today, and I drive out of my home to go for the Directors meeting … a young man in an auto ( the three wheeler ), steps down, and holds up a placard for me … holding up traffic ..

It reads ..


I stop on the road and summon him closer to speak to him .. he comes again after my interview  and speaks to me for a few minutes … wants to do some thing of the community and country … finds the film inspiring enough to give it this try ..

I listen to him, but what can I advise a young man who wishes to settle down in this movement of making the world a better place … fast unto deaths and all .. I advise him strongly against it .. !! BUT … see how the youth of the country wishes to respond these days ..


Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1962

Jalsa, Mumbai                Aug  29, 2013               Thu  10 : 35 AM

When rest exceeds the required hours, when excessiveness gives way to what most is needed, you rise in a state of unexpected expectedness, when visions of the night of most dramatic content, invade the darkness of your super natural excess .. then …

…. faced with the very first object of desire … your connect with the ‘extended’ - is the resort you rush to !

In the heat and vivid clamour of the nightly visuals - people that be dear leaving without information, looking for a means to be independent in travel despite their insistence, anxious of the missing means that normally accompany you .. finding them, and then waiting for endless time for the conveyance to

materialise, suspicious faces looking on, whispered conversations among the providers, a decision, provide or leave, leave it is to another convenience … surprised and uncertain faces greeting, and the courage then from one to state that the previous convenience where support was being sort, was not reliable, not recommended, of bad repute and under surveillance .. a knowing realisation, a backing off, an anxiety still of getting back .. then suddenly ..


Reality .. !!

Lamps on, legs swung down, unsteady legs and back, the pulling of curtains inviting the bright sun, a respite from the torrid monsoon rain, conditioning off, the confrontation of the top that remains on lap, opening frantically to discover .. YES .. it had been done, it had been posted, it has been read by 172 ..

But the desire to resist penning more, unstoppable ..

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Ef jury .. yours truly … the much indebted ..

A of the B …

Setting up for the opening of KBC on the 6th of September 2013 .. the 7th season .. and the excitement and the nervousness mounts .. but giving it all that it deserves .. tasseled shoes and all .. yeeeeeaaaaaaahhh baby !!!

With the incomparable Sonu Nigam and the fluidity of his voice .. still trying desperately to shake that booty .. huhuhuuhuhuh huuh aaaaa !!

Come one come all to the new and fresh and exciting season of ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati ..

da da daa … da dadadan  daaaaaaaaaaaa ..

See ya later …

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1961

Jalsa, Mumbai               Aug 28/29,  2013                 Wed/Thu 1:01 AM

Rohit ‏Kumar Bhtoria … happy birthday for the 27th and apologies for it being belated … but you know ..

Sandeep  Singh Sandhu a glorious birthday greetings for the 28th .. happiness always …


Lily D’Penha ….. caught you on this one , perhaps at a later date we shall catch up  …

Dropping with exhaustion and lack of sleep … but a promise to connect is a promise .. envied by most but promise kept ..

The day is spent in finding the correct style for the opening of the show KBC ..

Always a conscious moment when facing live audience … and we have all around … but soon it dissolves to yourself and the forgetting of those about. That really is the ideal condition to be in, but one that is seldom respected ..

Good night all ..

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1960

Jalsa, Mumbai                 Aug 27/28,  2013                 Tue/Wed  2 : 31 AM

I am but laboured and stretched to limits which are limitless .. they are limited for those that seem to find their own limits within limits … but the beauty of the human species is that it has never been able to realise or even assess the limits to which it can be taken for endurance. I do not make any claims that I shall endure to limits which could be exemplified in any which manner … there is that small matter of perseverance, without which limits shall remain undiscovered, covered in the dust and grime of time, and, who knows, buried permanently from other human or living species.

It shall always be the other, that shall perhaps make you conscious of the stretches that one would make against the other, or oneself. Let them be so in their assumptions. Assumptions shall always remain just that - assumptions. They shall not be a deterrent for one that takes it upon oneself to defy or perhaps make effort towards the finite. The finite will has and shall always be in states of finality - linear or otherwise !

For me otherwise is more acceptable. There is no need to spell and determine its boundaries or parameters, for there shall be none. Others may find it to be of importance to evaluate its benefits and deficiencies. Let them. Individually it never does bring an impression. The world rotates, time sees many suns rise and fall and many growths within of factors over which we shall never ever have any control ..

The work for KBC amidst all the excitement of its presence, reverberates. The contestants grapple with the conditions and the probabilities of the game. For some it brings great food for thought, opportunity and space. For others the joy of accomplishment, of notice, even when not in direct competition with the ‘master computer’ is a life changing and lifelong experience …

The spirit of mingling with their aspirations, trials and their ambitiousness, is heady. It does not tire you, instead, it inspires. In time it shall soon become addictive ; those moments of their association with us, whether they be of some excellence or of some defeat ..

There shall be smiles too .. unexpected and unchallenged. Those are what we all live for. The joys that we shall bring to others through our association shall be satisfying … truly !! These are not words with a hollow bottom. They shall remain enraptured in the eternity of time, to blossom perhaps on some later day and date, inclusive in behaviour and loving in execution …

KBC … swings well .. may you get to see it sometime in the near nearness, with all its trappings and possessions of value. The initial days are devoid of major mishaps, the later with issues of frustration that creep in .. in a sense there shall always be those that have desired more and not got it .. or those that got it, and may not necessarily have desired it … the weighing balance swings both ways ..

Mine now swings towards the bed .. it receives me each night without complaint and without any expectation .. that is most liked ..

Good night … or good morning … whatever .. !!

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1959

Jalsa, Mumbai                Aug  26/27,  2013              Mon/Tue  1 : 53 AM

Just back after the first day shoot for KBC … and as is the norm the first days of any venture take bit of time to get fluid .. and so ..

My images are all that I can possibly leave you with tonight, since the details are going to take time, and time for me is now scarce .. hence ..

It is already 2 AM, and I start tomorrow by 7: 30 am again ..

…. and the above ladies and gentlemen is yours truly attempting a hasty exit from the set, to the dress section, to ready up for the performance .. decorated hoody and golden jean pockets and all …

Let us leave it at that tonight please my dearest Ef … for, a minute beyond would damage the performance of tomorrow .. and I am certain noen of you would want that ..


Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1958

Jalsa, Mumbai              Aug 25/26,  2013               Sun/Mon  12:28 AM

A moment of deep satisfaction from the early hours of the morning .. an association in lending my effort to laud the brave jawans of our special ITBP force that worked so selflessly and so effectively during the devastation at Uttarakhand, risking their lives to bring succour and relief to those stuck and affected by this terrible act of nature ..

Many perished in saving lives of those pilgrims en route to the Holy dhams - Kedarnath, Badrinath, Gangotri, Jamunotri, Hemkund Sahib .. but the fury of the waters after a cloud burst and incessant rain even hampered the rescue operations .. and an MI 17 helicopter that was returning after the operation was over, carrying 15 of those brave soldiers that had helped restore some relief to the pilgrims, crashed, killing all the force jawans on board … tragic and most sad ..

These brave jawans from the ITBP - the Indo Tibetan Border Police, who sacrifice their lives for the honour of the country and its citizens often go unnoticed and never are given any glory of accomplishment. To them then we made a short film where we acknowledged their contribution, and their force moto of courage being exemplified ..

May they continue to serve the nation and may they ever remain secure and safe, so that our safety can be assured ..

Its time for large butterflies as expressed on the Twitter early this morning, to appear in the intestines and the stomach muscles, for, KBC recordings start tomorrow .. 13 years on, and we still survive thanks mainly to the affection and patronage of all you that love and wish us unselfishly ..

I am striving to turn in early and savour the energy that cometh with an early night slumber .. so my wishes and my prayers for all ..

Love and more

Amitabh Bachchan

Page 2

DAY 1957

Jalsa, Mumbai            Aug 24/25,  2013             Sat/Sun  3 : 41 AM

Its back to the grind .. to the time of KBC … !!!

I have but this meagre connect today to give you … a gift that I remember despite the time and the preoccupation or the desire to rest .. no .. rest is for those that have laboured hard the entire day … for me the react for the Ef is not labour or work or any other … it is the most enticing compulsion and one that earns credibility because of its honest and pure and dedicated presence ..

Mat this presence live long … may it prosper and flourish even further ..

My love ..

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1956

Jalsa, Mumbai             Aug  23/24,  2013               Fri/Sat  1: 27 AM

Up at 7 am to reach for a dub for ‘Krissh 3’ .. Rakesh Roshan father to Hrithik and the director and producer of eminence, asked me to do a voice over for his film .. I agreed and that was done ..

Rushed then to YRF to partake in the rehearsals for KBC … yes this year it is being held at YRF, closer and hopefully quieter and more disciplined a facility .. and walking lunch, and a frantic drive to Sony Office some miles away to launch the KBC Aapke Shaher Mein Bus .. a bus that travels to different cities in the country carrying a mock set up of the game show and allows residents to come up and feel the experience of sitting on the mock Hot Seat and play to questions sent me me through satellite ..

Followed then by a frantic and very disturbed media, for a conference .. another drastic rape in the city, a young 22 year old photo journalist gets raped by five men, in the daytime at the heart of the city, in a deserted mill compound .. horrendous ! Protests and sit ins to show solidarity with the victim who is in hospital … and a country wide outrage ! What is becoming of this city and many others. Thus Mumbai which took pride in the fact that it was the safest city in the country, that women were respected and felt safe at all times .. that city today becoming another rape capital … so disgusting and sad a day !!

Just a day before there was this most loving and dignified cultural festival of ‘raksha bandhan’ where a sister ties a ‘rakhi’ on the wrist of her brother and seeks protection. A day of immense love and affection towards those sisters that seek protection … even when there is the absence of a biological connect, many men adopt a sister or sisterly feeling with the woman with whom they pledge respect and sincerity and a bond beyond … that day not half gone and we have this most dastardly act at a location a few feet away from the most bustling region of Mumbai ..

Catch these criminals .. and bury them under the law of the land as rapidly as possible, giving them the severest of punishments ..

The media mobs you with numerous questions that ostensibly should have been asked for the launch of this vehicle … but no … the rape, the doctored tape … now fake and worn out through its topicality .. people seek a political connect, media seeks, but the reality is that there never was such … the cause was an infringement of representation, and that is a crime larger than any perceived political exigency ..

Wading through the multiple microphones of the Tv, and the excited crowds at the offices of Sony, one drives again barely without a moment to breathe, for a satellite interview with Barkha Dutt, the famed journalist and Tv anchor .. that done it is time to brief the office on the schedules for the coming film and Tv work, and finally to the ‘little one’ who now finds, at last, some interest in my beard … I mock eat into her stuffed ‘fishy’ and she gives a beat and then in her most coy voiced shrill blurts ..

"What’s Dada ji up to … ?"

And now … after various failed attempts at watching a project on film, one sits back, dresses the hair through a dresser that comes over to the house and flings all other illusions to the winds to get to the Ef .. what an joy … !!

My love to you as ever and remain well, with a gentle prayer for the upcoming time of incessant and prolonged attempts at the KBC now about to begin .. would you do that … ?

The board, behind which a ‘differently challenged’ young girl on a wheel chair and about to be crushed by the surging well wishers, needs a picture with me , which I readily oblige .. and on it the comments of what the tag line of the show should mean ..

The Tag line : ‘even today and each day I seek to learn something, for if there is no learning, there is no victory’ ..

Good night

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1956

DAY 1955

Jalsa, Mumbai             Aug 22/23,  2013            Thu/Fri  1 : 41 AM

Amidst the rain laden clouds the plane rides a careful path, cautious to not cause the ‘bumpy’ ride for its passengers .. you look about and discover that many a seasoned flier pays scant respect to the possibility of that sudden and un warned quiver and violent shake up in the aircraft, as it negotiates the cumulus ..

On the road, where the bearings seem based on the factual assurance that we are at least grounded, such jerks and bumps go beyond notice, but in the sky at 38,000 ft, it makes a difference .. the commander makes a quick announcement for the belts to be clamped in, crew moves about securing those that do not, and then there is a call for the crew to be clamped and seated as well .. that is like a deep warning signal that matters are going to be really bad .. you buckle up, straight in your chair, grab the handle that separates you from your guest next door, push against any support that the leg can be driven to, to keep you stable and not be thrown around, tighten your stomach … and wait ..

Daytime flying, by the window, you look outside and decipher the extent of the time that such condition shall prevail - the cumulus drifting by, dark and ominous .. at night it is the flashes of lightening that raises your heart beat .. all in all it is an experience that one does not wish to be involved in ..

The clear sky gives hope of smoother ride, but there is that phenomena of the CAT … noooo ! cat lovers .. who perk up suddenly as they read through this mundane experience .. its not what you think .. there are no sudden appearance of the species knocking at your window from the wings ..

"let me in" … NO ..

Its Clear Air Turbulence … no clouds no flashes of thunder or light, just the force of the wind speed being strong enough to put your Boeing into a condition of a leaf in a storm .. or at times, being in the same route of an airstream of previous aircraft that has flown by, leaving a trail of its intensity behind …

45,000 ft or above, say 55,000 ft where the Concorde flew, is a safer region for turbulence .. cumulus takes many a thought before it can climb up to such, but commercial airlines have been given an Internationally agreed corridor of 35 - 38, 000 ft and must fly within that range … corridors of power we hear, but these are corridors in the air within which all airlines must comply. Many that face extreme turbulence even at this height, often seek permission from the nearest ATC - air traffic control - to break away from the lane so to say, in order to break away from the pounding, but it is never complied with … reason … there are hundreds of other aircraft flying along same corridor and this precaution is to be reconciled with, to prevent collision. Modern manufacturers have now equipped planes with collision detectors which can give signals of oncoming aircraft at same height .. AND … I believe the practised rule for all pilots the world over is, since speeds are so extremely high, to dive LEFT, if there is even a remote indication of a collide.

Technology now, has given sophisticated radar equipment to detect nasty cumulus along the route and miles ahead of their appearance, but miles are covered pretty rapidly when you move at 500 mph or more ..

Oh dear !! this is not the most entertaining post at all .. so let us put an end to it .. imediatemoi  !!!!

Motor Vehicle Act of the city bans the use of coloured film on the window glass of the car .. the coloured or darkened film is used to bring the temperature down through the process of tinted glass not allowing the intense sun to warm you up inside, despite the air conditioning … and for those that do not wish to be seen from the outside … like many of us in the status of celebrity … it becoming the cause of audience and fan attraction to your window or door when stationary or when on the move .. hazardous often ..

The department clearly states that the law must be followed and no one is authorised to have darkened glass windows. However they do say that their is nothing said about the use of curtains, inside the window if you were to travel unnoticed … !!!!

CURTAINS  ??? and no TINTED GLASS ??? But this is really funny …

The tinted glass objection, is that in todays time of terror strikes and security thereof, the persons outside and in particular the forces that guard us, need to be able to see inside .. with the tinted glass there is the issue of not being able to make out the occupant if they were to be having terror instincts.

BUT … my dearest departments of the city … the allowance or permission of curtains, creates the same problem. Were I to put in curtains, and pull them down so no one can see inside, they are preventing visual detection … are they not ????? !!!!!

So …

No answer from any quarter on this … the law is the law they say, and must be followed …. even when they do not have a sufficiently credible answer to this argument of the CURTAIN … !!

Its CURTAINS then to the post tonight … pulling it down to prevent any further connect from the outside world of the Ef …

Love to all … and happy to see that thanks to the immediate reactions from the Ef and the TwFmXt, and FBfXt … the news channels and the people involved have taken a most gracious view of the matter and either apologised or removed the FAKE video … !!

Long may the Ef Sena live ..

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1954

Sopaan, New Delhi         Aug  21/22,  2013          Wed/ Thu  1:23 am


In the year 2007, I did a ‘Lead India’ campaign for the The Times of India, where we talked of the glorification of the country and India !
Here is the video :
SOMEBODY has made a fake video by using my voice and text of what I spoke in the original, and falsely and mischievously, interspersed it with visuals which indicate a campaign for the promotion of the Hon Chief Minister of Gujarat, Shri Narendra Modi  !!
Here is the fake video :

  1. Narendra Modi - Lead India - Jitega Bharat - Amitabh Bachchan … <>
  2. Aug 10, 2013 - Uploaded by Jitega Bharat
  3. Amitabh Bachchan voicing aspirations of India to move beyond Failed CONgress-led UPA! You need Adobe

I wish to state that this is an illegal act, inviting strong action, one that I am appalled by, and one that has no concurrence from me at all.
I have brought this to the notice of the concerned authorities, and asked my Digital Team to find out its origin so that we can initiate action against the perpetrator.
This is a blatant misuse and infringement of the Copyright Act, and needs to be condemned by all those that become a part of this platform.
Infuriated and angered !!

Here is another compilation of the malicious intent of this fake video ..

In a world filled with all kinds of venom and distaste, malicious intent and perpetrators of all legality, there is a limit to which one shall be able to tolerate.

कहने की सीमा होती है

सहने की सीमा होती है ,

कुछ मेरे भी वश मे  है

कुछ सॊच समझ अपमान करो मेरा  …

Babuji’s words off a poem .. that inspire always ..



Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1953

Sopaan, New Delhi             Aug 20/21,  2013              Tue/Wed  1:14 am

Interviews and incessant in nature … walking from one set of channels to another in rapid succession answering the same questions over and over … but a challenge I should say, to be able to say the same answer in a manner in which it seems to the interviewer that it is being said for the same time … !!

Quite a job .. and then the Habitat Centre from my retrospective, and the love and affection that still remains with them … quite humbling .. !!

I am tired now .. another early call tomorrow … so must rest … but more later

Amitabh Bachchan


DAY 1952

Sopaan, New Delhi           Aug  19/20,  2013             Mon/ Tue  2 : 09 am

Over monsoon laden skies do fly to destination of the Capital North .. home and place of study and early years at University .. into the excesses of modern structures, massive and overwhelming … the one new in Mumbai of residence even larger and more stunning .. !! These are the monuments that house travel procedures by the air .. streets are new and modern and cleaner and organised .. but soon the ailments start .. traffic at snail’s place .. difficult to keep timings and other controls .. specifically of those that require washrooms .. uncontrolled run in to  whatever home that lines the street, and beg for relief .. hospitable friendly hosts, happiness and welcomed, thank ful to them for the emergency … they were most gracious and warm ..

The dinner invite for a place ‘Indian Accent’ a boutique restaurant at the Manor Hotel, is divine .. such a variety of menus presented in most exquisite manner .. a must visit again ..

Now home and to rest for tomorrow … to be between multiple tv and print for the promotion of ‘Satyagraha’ … and then a retrospective of my films and career at the HABITAT Centre .. a reaction with live audience .. gracious of them to conduct this …

BUT … mostly of course the joy of being with the children again - Navya Naveli and Agastya and Shweta … Jaya here already for Parliament .. and Sopaan .. our home in Delhi .. parents home .. Father’s work place and study still in tact and kept so … many memories of this address .. many pleasant many sad !! It is the way of the world .. An old acquaintance on my seat next door in flight, politician and minister, reminiscing old times , vivid details and occasions … quite surprising ..

I must to bed … to rest .. in bed already .. the mind and the speech shall be at test .. as was done earlier through Skype in Dubai PC, where other cast members were present .. release on 30th August ..

Love and good night …

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1951

Jalsa, Mumbai                   Aug 18/19,  2013                    Sun/Mon  2 : 45 AM

The stillness of the night, strikes about … the end of the day reminisced … a completion of drama that ends in devastating silence and grief … the mass of human love .. a conversation beginning with distrust and anger, and turning into affection .. a sharing on platforms of communication, with those whose gentleness is desired to heal .. an episodic game victorious in blue … the loveable obstinacy of young .. a tenderness of body … a morsel remembered, a eatable habit of smell and break .. a gathering of dress, a shifting of times ..

And … the anticipation of expressions that shall formulate connect … now on display, for they that wait with impatience need attention …

…. a loud mouthed passer by on street below .. the roar of powerful engines on deserted streets …

But most of all a hesitancy of association .. of a disbelief in its understanding .. of misplaced accusations that never get entertained .. of expectancy and performance pulse .. of not doing or imaging of not doing, what attracts most .. of witnessing the rise and the fall … of its repercussions, today and in the morrow …

How much can man think and do … how much more … and still less ..

The abstract world is a pseudo intellectual connotation of unexplained thoughts … when in doubt, be without .. or be in intellectual … it seems the easier way out …

I am .. in I am … and, am in …

Fathomless and deep in abyss ..

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1950

Jalsa, Mumbai                  Aug 17/18,  2013               Sat/Sun  12 : 41 AM

Raghuveer ‏ Padaki 18 August  … wishing you a very happy birthday, love happiness and prosperity always … and in a few days for the birthday of your dear wife .. love and regard …




A gift to me from a well wisher and one that has memories with my work .. can you guess what and which character it is .. ?


And a day that has been filled with emotion and a feel for having done a deed which I hope those that shall share with it will bring a smile on their faces ..

A lady well wisher who turns 100 years … yes 100 years on the 18th of August, Bernadine D’Souza has been suffering from Alzheimers … and if there is a name she remembers is that of … yours truly !! So touched by the request was I from their relatives to send her a message on video that I immediately sent one to her .. the family told me that they coerce her to eat her food by telling her that I am about to visit her .. moving and most heartfelt … !!

The other deed for the day was sending a card to the jawans that guard our frontiers and borders .. just a small card of wishes through a noble institute, to let our men in uniform know that we care and are proud of them ..

They guard our days and nights so we can exist in peace and calm without fear of the enemy that wishes to destroy us .. these missives shall go to the armed forces at the border, in a gesture to let them know that they are not forgotten, they are in our thoughts, and that they are those of our country whom we look upon with great pride …

There is but a moment of  … what can one say … the kids left today back to Delhi and their presence is sorely missed … the home feels empty and quiet and without the banter and chatter of the kids running around .. BUT … soon hopefully we shall be with them …

Being with the family is so invigorating and joyful .. they are the ultimate source of all that matters to and with us …

And yes the rehearsals for KBC continue with vigour … soon to go on the floors … and the apprehensions and the expectations of all going well with it, filling most of our time with nervous anxiety …

Be well and happy is all I wish to say and to wish all my Parsi friends “SAAL MUBARAK “


Amitabh Bachchan

Page 3

DAY 1949

Jalsa, Mumbai                  Aug  16/17,  2013                 Fri/Sat  1: 35 AM

There was a need to search my Father’s works today, to be able to reignite curiosity in his and the concrete philosophy of his theosophical interest. For long it became his obsession, and perhaps rightly so to penetrate deep into the reason and reactions of theosophy, of why there was an attraction to it. Not just between the readers, but from those that he encountered during the time of his life. Was it this curiosity that made him respect and research WB Yeats, that great Irish poet, who himself had been not just a great admirer of this literary belief, and I say this with utmost concern, for there could be many that have never considered theosophy to be of any literary interest, but, one that incorporated its themes and learnings in his own written works - potent enough to have coerced my Father to write a thesis on his occultism, and gain what could be termed as the first Indian that attained a doctorate in English Literature from the University of Cambridge.

At that age and stage for Yeats to have interest in and learning from the influences of both the West and the East, particularly from the Indian scriptures, the Upanishads and the influence he must have had from the great minds of the initiators of this trend from the likes of Mohini Chatterji, Rabindranath Tagore and Purohit Swami, from these parts of the universe, along with those from his regions of the West .. from the Cabbala, Sweden-borg, Boehme and Blavatsky … is truly quite remarkable !

And then to have incorporated them in his poetry and written works is what his eminence is all about. It is no wonder then for me to accept the impression that aptly described my Father’s attempt to interpret it as ’ an infection of nobility’, some tincture of high breeding, a literary tact, a sureness of judgement … virtues and many other that gave relevance to the book called ..

"WB Yeats and Occultism by Harivansh Rai Bachchan"

There is much that needs attention, and much that needs to be understood in a realm which we have seldom penetrated. But verily there shall be occasion when we do …

'Knowledge must elevate itself from the realm of truth above illusion. It is not easy to stare into the eyes of truth and keep calm.'

Good night dear Ef … I think this post may well have driven many into deep slumber ..

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1948

Jalsa, Mumbai              Aug  15/16,  2013                Thu/Fri  2 : 03 AM

The devastation caused by the unprecedented flooding due to a cloud burst at Uttarakhand, the northern region of the state of Uttar Pradesh, the rush and speed of the water in the rivers at that high point, at Kedarnath one of the most devout destinations among the Hindus, a temple where millions travel through mountainous terrain to worship, was a disaster that caused hundreds to perish. Many have still not been dug out of the debris that the flooding left behind. Houses temples built along the sacred river have submerged into the river in its fury. Near and  dear have been lost. Those that recovered and were saved due to the valiant and brave efforts of the Army jawans, have not been able to unite with their loved ones. The loss and the degree of the horror still haunts us all.

As a fraternity, we decided to hold a Telethon for 7 hours non stop to collect funds in whatever manner to bring succour and some semblance of relief to those that lost all. Tonight we all went on the television to do our bit for the victims of this disaster. Many of us performed live in front of a large audience and many spoke and helped in garnering funds so that some material benefit can be brought to those that have and still suffer.

And that is what we all did … many artists performed, many lent their voice and presence, many spoke to the countrymen to make generous contributions … and to give immense credit to the people of our country they came forward in plenty. I think by the time I came on, they had already collected close to 10 cr rupees … all of this shall go in helping those that have no homes, clothes, lost relatives and exist today in dire circumstances …

Shankar Ehsan and Loy the music trio had composed a song for the moment, with the lyrics of Prasoon Joshi, a poet and writer of eminence, his most recent work being his screenplay and lyrics for the film ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’, and I had recited it to their rhythm, which was shot and played for the audiences. Along with that I had brought along a few of my clothes - a Harley Davidson jacket, and a few silk shirts to be auctioned, and the funds be given to this most noble charity. I do hope it fetches a  substantial amount, so that a sizeable amount can be given to the Uttarakhand enterprise ..

The setting at the newly constructed NSCI Stadium, where ShahRukh and myself speak for the cause and my poetry plays on the screen to the music of the SEL music ..

Mika … that singer with the unusual voice and one that has been churning out great hits in the recent films, performed as well and came back stage for a victory sign ..

Raveena Tandon .. that little girl who came up to my knees not so long ago, when her Father Ravi Tandon was directing me in ‘Majboor’ was a part of the telethon … lovely to meet her after working with her in BHTB ..

Shahrukh and me being led to a frenzied press meet after the show, sharing a laugh at a common joke ..

with Shahrukh on stage urging countrymen to donate generously ..

….. and making a point or two about help, environment, the importance of freedom, on this day the 15th of August our Independence day .. all in all a most satisfying evening .. one, most essential and worthy ..

Thank you India, for your gesture … let us wipe the tears of those that shed them in distress and pain of loss …

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1947

Jalsa, Mumbai                Aug 14/15,  2013               Wed/Thu  2 : 08 AM

It is day 1947 , and what a coincidence .. it is the year that India got its Independence from the British .. Aug 15, 1947

Nitish S Murthy … a very happy birthday on a most auspicious day - 15 th August … love peace togetherness always …


There is something about your own flag. There is always something about your own identity - your name your country your place of birth your parents - your flag ! Once you hold it beholds an entire nation and its nationality. Who ever did think of the flag. The flag to signify who we were, in battle, in life in everyday living.That flowing square or triangular piece of cloth, bearing the connotations of what the identity represented, became the symbol of all that one could represent, in ownership, in connection, in pride and in honour.

Sticking the flag of our nation meant conquest, not just of another region, but conquest overt the beliefs and principles of the nation it represented. Raising it to a mast gave it its dignity. When it flows above our land or any land, it gives us a possessiveness unseen and unheard of. When it is draped around you it lends itself to a certain grace never seen before - the ultimate. In victory it gives us the power of our winning. It adorns all that we admire and give the highest form to.

Seen at various forums, it creates an emotional bond. It cheers for you, grieves for you too. Its pride of place is always higher than any other. This piece of cloth attains so much more than just its presence created and made from material !

Long may the 'tiranga' live and long may its relevance in our lives remain ever !

Jai Hind … and Happy Independence Day ..

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1946

Jalsa, Mumbai                   Aug  13/14,  2013                Tue/Wed  2 : 31 AM

The desire and the power of youth is a miracle of nature. The will, the determination and the confidence of wanting to get and do something is simply unfathomed. As you look back at those days, or the days and acts of the youth of today one wonders at the acumen that they displayed, the strength of their conviction and the accomplishment that they so achieved. There was an air of carefree disdain, almost harbouring on arrogance. But no .. it was never arrogance, it was what youth brings with it - the confidence of achievement.

What a glorious chapter it is in all our lives. And as we look back on it, we are at times ourselves taken aback by its atrociousness. We wish and wonder when those times shall return, knowing fully well that they never shall, but just its remembrance fills us with an energy that provokes us to match to excel what we did then, and do it better …

Some that reconcile with time, as must they should, find life to be complacent quiet, silent and peaceful in their everyday environs - a walk in the park with fellow team, that game of golf early in the morning with their decided group and later a quiet drink in the restaurant discussing the strokes and the bets that they concluded, the proverbial rocking chair with book or pet, or in some with their grandchildren, teaching them the tricks of the trade, the whys and wherefores of the world, tips that they shall cherish all their lives, meeting old friends and spending evenings recounting the events of days gone by …

It is a natural phenomena to be in such state .. there is repetition in all that is done, there is routine, which if broken by a mere nano second, has the capacity to ruin the mental set up of the elder … they need that … they function so, and that needs to be acknowledged and respected …

Most importantly however, it has been noticed that solitude is a craving at this stage and age .. I have always wondered why ..

But for me … I am blessed … for I have the blessings and the constant connection with my extended family. When I need to talk, I talk. When I need to share I share, and when I need to be left alone, I am graciously left alone. This is an ideal situation, but not always adhered to. Many think it to be rude and disconnected, many demand a response and constantly … if there are several platforms to get in touch with me, each medium shall be bombarded with questions complaints requests … little realising that for the other this may be an immediate want, for me though it is something that I accept but find it difficult to pay attention to as immediately as demanded - there are other works to be attended to as well ..

A lapse i this results in all kinds of insinuations, harsh conjectures and livid accusations. That is not what I shall want or appreciate. I do not sit idle continuously in font of my phone or lap top waiting for the next request to come in .. I have other work and commitments of equal if not more important nature. That needs to be understood and conveyed in the manner of your communication. When you write back that ‘what is the matter with you, I have been writing so much and there is no reply ?’ or ’ i am really upset that you treat me in an alien fashion “, it further confirms to me your complete disregard of my circumstances. If you are unable to reckon with this as a dedicated Ef, what can I say in response. It builds in me a barrier, artificially though, of one that does not put himself or herself in my shoes ..

I am most appreciative of the connect. But I cannot physically attend to its immediacy .. in time I shall … but in time .. !! Which if I may say with a certain degree of praise, is more than what most others do. Hired staff and team that take care of running a site and its responses is a method, but not my method.

There is accusation of a bias and deliberate favouritism. Wrong ! There is balance and equality to the best of my acumen … and that is how it shall remain ..

The drowsy drugs keep me horizontal for hours without knowing. Timings are at an absurd level .. the stride is wonky to say the least and the speech, matter of fact and neighbouring on extreme tiredness …. BUT .. my connect is unshakable .. and shall ever be so ..

Love and a drowsy Good night to all …

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1945

Jalsa, Mumbai                   Aug 12/13,  2013                  Mon/Tue  1 : 55 AM

My Mother’s birthday today .. greetings from all in varied form .. some near and dear, those that spent much time with her, knew her well, her habits her nature. Feels good to know of them and their feelings ! My Mother if alive would have heard them out, invited them over for a chat, fed them, taken them out for a drive, to a coffee shop … any where, and remained a close friend ever .. I have not imbed that spirit … I wish I could … this platform is the closest that I have gotten to it .. its lovely, endearing … but with her around I know it would have been better … she knew the knack of .. perhaps knack is a wrong word , it is too harsh .. she knew the value of a friend and the extension of a hand towards it ..

An entire group of labor worked in the most oppressive heat of Allahabad, carrying our belongings to another house when we changed residence, by those hand carts, which is all we could afford at the time, sweat and the heat taxing them and their work load … but when they did reach their destination, she didn’t get down to unpacking and placing the stuff in the home - a natural for any house wife - instead, the first thing she did was to get some of the home staff to go and buy dozens of lime, blocks of ice, buckets of water and personally made lime juice for those that had worked so hard, the entire day, spending individual time with them to see that they had rested and been fed well .. it was her way of saying thank you to the most oppressive work they had done …

The servants in the house became her friends, never the lesser work force that helped in the home ..

If there was music heard in any corner of the home, she was the first to start up an impromptu dance, in which ever room she was … her spirit was impossible to defeat or fathom. Out of School, she would insist on taking me to a coffee restaurant which played music and get up and ask me to dance with her, ballroom fashion, on the dance floor … much to my embarrassment !

The chat and sweet meat shops in and around where she moved, in Allahabad, in Delhi, in Mumbai were her buddies .. all of those old timers still remember her and when I meet some of them once in a year or something, they talk with such candor and love for her and her spirit, they miss her presence … this is not normal. They still send the latest sweets or packets of their products to the house in her remembrance. Such was her association.

A dear and close friend of the family that remembered her wrote to me and descrbed in the most apt words .. ‘she was such a star’ she said ..

Yes … she was such a star. She would walk into a public place and own it in one glance. She exuded energy of a different kind. We are still to learn from it. Her fight for all things that came with difficulty were a lesson in life .. she was tigress protecting her cubs when it came to her children and family. No one could get passed her in such condition. She was capable of changing faith if it was desired for her children.

I had often wondered where all this came from, until I read a close explanation of it in my Father’s biography. She had lost her Mother at birth. She never knew or experienced what a Mother’s love was and meant. Her interpretation of life then, was what she believed, all Mother’s to be.

And what Mother she became … and what she interpreted all Mother’s to be !

I am blessed to have had her with me … and my guilt today is that I never went to meet her at Prateeksha this morning … but I know if she were to be alive, she would have understood the circumstance even before I were to express it.

She was the Mother of that famous tale often told to us :

A son out of some dispute and difference fought with his Mother, and one day killed her. Her heart dislodged from her body and felled, lay on the ground. The act over the son walked out of the room, and almost tripped on her heart lying on the floor ..

The heart spoke up even as the son controlled his balance … it was the Mother’s voice and she said, after her son had tripped and almost fallen :

'I hope you didn't get hurt, son !! '

Good night

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1944

Jalsa, Mumbai                    Aug 11/12,  2013                    Sun/Mon  2 : 44 AM

They come in their hundreds, stay for long hours at the gates and patiently wait for those few minutes when I come out and greet them. They are special. They are special too that belong to the Ef - Siddharth, his brother, Jayshree and others whom I spot in the crowd but cannot meet them… they leave gifts .. I am humbled and honoured … thank you … but you make it very difficult for me to repay you for it ..

It has become a schedule for me … sundays ! I wait for the indication from the security, I dress up for the moment .. a track or a shawl or just some pathanis .. it is fast becoming an issue …

That is the problem with the one billion cameras that abound each time you step out of the house .. magazines now have special sections on what and who was seen where, what they were wearing, from clothes to bags to shoes, to glares … everything is captured and commented upon ..

'Look, he was wearing the same shoe, or the dress of particular lady was the same with another, why is he wearing this expression, and on and on and on …

So … there is an attempt now, to be conscious of what and how you shall be presenting yourself, each moment of the day … and may I say with utmost humility that the number of changes required, so there is no adverse comment in press, is fast running out … its getting expensive to be seen in public these days ..

Like last night, getting into and coming out of Shahrukh’s house for his Eid party, was as time consuming as the amount of time spent in side with him. The paparazzi just storms the car and blocks the path, making it extremely difficult to move … this is complicated further with a million flash lights that strike your face by the photographers …

Ever tried driving a car with such encumbrances … try it .. and then ask for the results of the pictures … they all come out like we’ve seen an unidentified alien out of space !! Further … the pictures are sold to various magazines and network sites, who on taking one look at the picture, not understanding the circumstances they were taken in, shall carry a by line at the bottom of it when printed in their prestigious media, trying a clever verbology describing the moment without any inkling of what went on when it was being taken ..

But all is not bad continuously .. a private friend’s marriage celebration or an engagement as did happen later this evening was devoid of the rush and clamour of the, camera division … resulting in staid relaxed visuals ..

….. like my ‘progress report’ .. Shweta and Abhishek …

… a wedding dressed gentleman ..

….a swinging son Abhishek on the dance floor … and ..

childhood closest buddies Karan and Shweta … Karan looking much the star, after his recent return from Sri Lanka, where he was shooting for Anuraag Kashyap’s, Bombay Velvet, as an actor … if you please … !!

Children are the pride of ours … how they suddenly grow up to be mature individuals, when they were such cute cuddly babies just the other day … !!

My love to all …

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1943

Jalsa, Mumbai                 Aug 10/11,  2013                  Sat/Sun  12 : 18 AM

Last night or in the morning of today, I spent a great amount of time after finishing my connect with the Ef , now on several platforms, in visiting certain pertinent youtube videos where sermons and discussions and debate were heard on religion and interpretations and opinions on it. Most fascinating to hear all the speakers. Interesting to see view points of a variety of people, not necessarily of the same faith. And there was a conclusion :

None or no one seemed to have difference of opinion on them, on their belief, on their dictum, or on their practice. Love togetherness happiness and joy peace and well being, consideration for the other and a joint belief in the wellness of human kind, abounded in all the scriptures and books of wisdom and saintly fare.

But … sadly …

What history also told us that most of the wars that were fought were fought to protect belief. A belief in peace and love. It seemed to me to be such an irony. It was much like the nation that produced the deadliest and fiercest armoury of weapons for war, was the nation that instituted the highest and most distinguished prize for peace in the world !

The dichotomy has been astonishing and difficult to digest. But digest we do, contributing to its presence and giving it honour and respect.

The wait for the next step is and has always been riddled with apprehension and uncertainty. Your own steps in a direction of choice has taken a while to settle on the gravel of the street that you believe shall take you to your ultimate destination whatever it be. But changing lanes is the challenge of many. Those that are satisfied and content with the tracks they are on, are on. Those that consider change and risk, move bravely with all circumstances being of consideration. Some succeed and some do not. A certain measure of precaution precedes all. May it ever be fruitful for those that do and do not. There is no given formula for its working. But it exists and is tried often. The gamble is always not so much for the insecurity of the self. It is more the insecurity of the dependents which is worrisome. And many a decision is guided  and directed by these contrasts ….

There comes a time in the life of the being when such moments cause anxiety. But there is a world that loves the challenge, the adventure and the excitement of such ventures. These are special humans. We respect them. But we also consider the prudence of those that do not, for, we are never aware completely of their circumstances. Unless we wear their shoes, we shall swim in unchartered waters. Be with them and then comment.

I write early today because I shall be spending time out with the children. I need to be with them, to savour their laughter and love. My own went through another ‘tube’ of investigation the entire morning. It showed certain images. But then what would life be without images ?

My image now for the Ef is one of immense love and attention .. I must have done some thing good in my past life, as the belief in religion goes, to have been showered with such undivided and sincere love ..

Thank you ..

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1942

Jalsa, Mumbai                 Aug 9/10, 2013                Fri/Sat  12 : 39 AM

The celebrations for Eid continue with great fervour, and the friends and well wishers send in their love and affection in the shape of delicious food - a tradition during Eid here, and perhaps all over where it is celebrated. In many homes the children get ‘eidi’, some money or gifts on this occasion from the elders. There are dinners and Eid celebrations at the homes of all our friends and we attend them with happiness and joy …

Festivals are such a great model of coming together, of being one, hand in hand and in embrace.They produce and create such a harmonious atmosphere of love, that one wishes every day to be a festive occasion ..

New clothes are made, children and elders dress up for the moment, there is laughter and joy … and the human spirit reaches a fresh nadir …

Give me O ! Lord the presence of such festivity ever. Give us and the entire world that which brings us closer together, with warmth and love .. give us many more such days when we forget our anger and animosity, and convert it to forgiveness and brotherly sisterly feelings … give me love, and more ..

The ‘little one’ is quite overwhelmed by the presence of her cousins around her .. and she will take her time to understand what goes on and where and who they are in her life. Family and its presence is such an important element in our lives. The mere mention of family brings compassion and paternal and maternal feelings ..

It disturbs me to even wonder what they, who sadly have been deprived of family, think and conduct their lives. But it gives me happiness to learn that though there are many that fall in this category , they conduct their lives with strength and the faith of better existence.

To them then that have the blessings of family my wishes .. but also to them that are deprived, my greater admiration …

We have here a platform for all … come and be with us .. join our little family wonder and be its valuable extension ..

Some of my dearest friends, Habib and Shaad send their greetings and I to them, and always remember their friendship .. Shaad has a Eid celebration at his home and I must attend that now … tomorrow another friend celebrates it at his home and we shall be there .. but for now ..

I need to be excused ..

My love as ever ..

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1941

Jalsa, Mumbai                   Aug 8/9,  2013                   Thu/Fri  3 : 01 AM

Holding the hand that flows within in sequential similarity. Holding the care and love of our own. Holding the feelings of those that shall ever remain close. This is the mantra of family.

A deep connect as powerful as any in nature, is what draws us to those that belong to us in transferred genes. In the same blood. In the same countenance. In our word, in our actions and in all that we do and consider. That bond is irreplaceable. This is our family.

But … this is our extended family too .. and the love and concern you show is beyond words, beyond action and deed. It is what each one of us feels. It is what each one of us embraces each evening day and night. It is the essence of all that can be translated into an unbreakable bond .. a single thread that ties us all together.

It is my pride and my joy that we created this over many years of commitment and understanding. Not seeking any favour or submission to demand or force. It came as naturally to all. It came with passion and a huge degree of compassion. And that is how it shall remain. We are now no longer just another space or platform. We are what can be called a chain as strong and durable as any other measure of strength. It will always have the capacity to sail through the heaviest of weather, the crudest of terrain, and the sludge slime and smut that comes in its path, strewn by elements, who have slobbered in that mire of unadulterated muck, blinkered, misguided and indoctrinated beyond repair. They were born human only to be lost in the inhuman dross and scum that surrounded them. They shall now live eternally in those unremovable stains that stink and darken their presence …

I was with Shahrukh and Deepika and Rohit Shetty on the train to ‘Chennai’ along with Agastya, by the courtesy of  UFO, and the ride was most enjoyable ! And now wished to not get off it without my other passengers - my EF. So here I am … and here I go ..

Good night and my love to all ..

Amitabh Bachchan

ps : O !! and remember I did an ad., with the South Stars and in particular Manju Warrier from Kerala, on a trust film for Kalyan Jewelers .. well the company tells me that the video on YouTube has touched 2 million hits !!

DAY 1940

Jalsa, Mumbai                 Aug 7/8,  2013              Wed/Thu  4:07 AM

Another day gone by …another effort to mend the misery of those that suffer and have suffered in Uttarakhand ..

And the above is a moment in interview with Priya Gupta of TOI , on Satyagraha and general issues and topics ..

It is late .. so shall call it a morning ..

The eyes of mine they look upon the eyes ..

My love as ever ..

Amitabh Bachchan

Page 4

DAY 1939

Jalsa, Mumbai                    Aug  6/7,  2013                  Tue/Wed  2 : 38 AM

It has been decided … in my mind … the time spent in a recording studio, with artists and technicians, music genius and composers, is the best time of your life … they that make it are unaware of what they are … they are the carriers of our hearts messages to the supreme … they are this thread that binds our souls to the souls of those we love and respect and pay our gratitude to, they that we go to in times of error and fault .. the Almighty .. or whoever you go to …

There is fulfilment and emotion … there is a desire unfinished, unrelenting in its persuasion to strike that one note, who’s purity is recognised the moment it happens. Fortunate and enviable are they that live in that atmosphere each minute, each nano second of their lives, for they live in eternity, in the universal expanse of unmeasured width and depth. The universe, that they say increases in all directions, a billion miles each day or is it a year … no I think it is year or maybe day .. or could be an hour … who knows !! I am not sitting in the space with measure to measure its expansion …

It is a mystery … space, universe the entire galactic conundrum. At times we wonder of its hows and wheres, but soon get into frustrated debate on its creation … and when we can explain no more we resort to that age old belief .. belief !!

Belief is the strongest sentiment when it comes to personal choice of religion. The innocence of the child, the new born is such that we never even give her or him a remote chance to decide what he wants, … to be or not to be !!

Yet those moments of indoctrination, of the innocence of our years, remain bound to us for a lifetime … such is the power and the glory of it. And then once established, its undying steadfastness, its undefined patronage ; strong and immovable, remains … to face any intrusion or disbelief or effort to harm that ….

The spasm of our pain is likened to the spasm of our existence .. if you claim to exist, you must claim to bear and act ..

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1938

Jalsa, Mumbai               Aug 5/6,  2013              Mon/Tue  1:07 AM

Wait … ! have patience to bear and explore the possibilities of chance … we expect too much too soon .. insecurity constantly causes us to bother .. where now, where tomorrow, where indeed …

Inconsequential answers to such, make for all the more cause for a turmoiled mind .. and then at the end of the time it becomes imperative to look back and look around and ascertain who we are and what became of us before, and what shall become in time … and the discovery that the differences are ones that need to be thanked for … to the ‘Maker’ to the destiny that nature gave us, to prayers and deeds of elders particularly parents .. of connection to friends and well wishers, of extended families … and so many other ..

Giving up is easy … continuing is tough … the results though bring greater accomplished desire than an easy give up .. lovely thoughts to press into the black tiles of communication .. practising them though will take effort and perseverance … as time passes by, the longevity closes in .. the desire to be settled and secure, to feel the strength of continuity despite the effort of work, shall play without cure … they can have effect on many matters … it should never effect the mind, but it does … methinks it is a given phenomena … humane and vulnerable … accept it without fuss, without temperament, without excuse .. give ourselves the assurance that all that went before and all that remain today have and will experience the same …

Ah … some relief in that thought then …

But … we are all bearing some elements of the self … we want it for us, we may not necessarily want it for the other … naaahh ! that would be horrid .. let them that have, feel the joy without envy … there must be some deed that excelled in them and not us .. rather work to get that zeal than to gaze and lament …

It can never be too late to start … nothing really ever is … there must be pleasure in it, a passion and an indefatigable will ..

I rant and rave without any purpose and design … it is sometimes the will to just rant on endlessly .. not common, but certainly common in the presence of those you know shall understand and love regardless .. so I rave among you .. and that could be welcome or just simply ignored … one would learn to accept all aspects .. sooo … will you ??

More readings of scripts continue, and more changing of postures to accommodate the ailing back .. they have some highly sophisticated instruments these days … stick it in or on, wire it up, put it on and the current flows in, ebbs and flows again  .. they say it improves the condition .. that and the less number of sitting position hours .. damn !! they take away the best time of the day from me … the time when I spend some of the best looked forward to times, with my Ef .. but repair is needed and needs to be secured ..

And yes … completely forgot … rehearsals for upcoming KBC .. getting close to the recording date ..the jitters and the agony of a non performance invade .. it always does .. and then the expectations of those that make a living out of exploring expectations … not involved, not commissioned at the work, not party to the effort … yet consummate enough to give opinion … that is a job too …

It is customary then to look at the other and gear up to combat attention through work .. if the work works, all else does .. position, attention, commission … simple .. !!

Need to get down to work … it destroys the other when it does … work is imperative for sanity … live sane , live in achievement and grace for its acceptance … live … and live well … in choice of the extent of the commission it garners … even if it is a farthing !!!

My love

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1937

Jalsa, Mumbai                  Aug 4/5,  2013                 Sun/Mon 1 : 48 AM

Is it not strange that a small little uncertainty, dissatisfaction, unsolved problem becomes the cause for a major concern, when so many more difficult circumstances level out when they appear ..

Your physical disability could be of concern to many and perhaps to yourself as well, but if the toothpaste is not coming out at the right direction speed and quantity, it could cause worry till the next morning when we shall encounter monsieur Toothpaste again ..

It may be a small and perhaps laughable matter to many but, think of it. Does it not become the most used item in your daily routine, and if that were not to be in order, it does leave a troubled mind …

Some actions remain ingrained in us.How you get up, where you go, what you do first thing in the morning … and when that does not fall into place, it seems to give us anxiety. Particularly for those that travel often. You turn to get off form the right side of your bed like most mornings and you find that there suddenly does not exist a right side .. the door which you address each day has shifted to another unknown destination .. and a disorientated condition prevails .. so adjustments occur … and just when you feel comfortable with the changes, you are back to home and regular conditions ..

Right now I am disturbed by the blinking of my camera. A logo of the make is flashing on the screen and a green charge light keeps it good company, along with a clicking sound which I must say is ‘getting my goat’, to use milder expressions, because this, after all is a family channel …

I went on to the manual on the net … Googled it, read up the malfunction questions and answers, but not a word or sentence about this particular ailment. So … when you have been immersed in tele serials that continuously refer to and connect with gadgetry that provides all kinds of modern methods of espionage, detection and the works … you often wonder whether some secret electronic device is at work, reporting to a master communication center what conjures up at this spot in the residence called Jalsa … !!!

Well … if there are agencies listening in … may I make your task a lot easier …

The entire morning has been spent in clearing up my rather crowded and complicated desk … a feature which to some, indicates a genius at work, or a very disorganised complicated individual… and may I say with utmost honesty at my command that the latter has the most obvious and maximum percentages of reliable information to rely on, than the former ..

Having thus completed my humble tenor for the evening, and perhaps for the night and entire day as well, I feel somewhat relieved and comforted with the fact that, there shall be no further comment or questioning on this subject ..

I have incidentally in the meanwhile decided to put the camera, a Samsung NX300, in the ON mode … the clicking sound has stopped, the logo blink on the screen has stopped, BUT … the green charge light flashing has not …

Which could be indicating that there is no ‘sound’ evidence of material and sting operation in progress … the operation still continues … silently !!!

Hello green light and hello all the system that spy on me and myself … care for some coffee .. it will be a while before I shut shop here and elsewhere .. !!

Ah !!! Went through a script for a possible movie deal, after ages .. interesting ! Now to get back with the acceptance and see what they have to say .. on or off … !!

Alright … time to start on another script, the results for which the makers ask in some urgency for a reaction … so even if the time at the chime would be coming up to 3 am … the night is still young … back pain and all !! which I might add, is not required to be publicised, else there is a deluge of concerned tweets and other media questionings, which does become cumbersome , if I may say so ..

Oh !! and ‘The Killing’ has a season 3 … which I just discovered on my WD system … so its either another script reading session or … a tele serial !! dadaiiinnn  !!

Good night dear ones … with love and all that brings happiness to you …

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1936(i)

Jalsa, Mumbai                 Aug 4, 2013                  Sun 11:40 am

Wishing Satinder … a very happy birthday … may you remain well and healthy and with happiness ..

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1936

Jalsa, Mumbai             Aug 3/4,  2013              Sat/Sun  12 : 29 AM

Anurodh Arun … happy birthday for the 2nd Aug … happiness always

Manoj Ghantasala for the 3rd of August a very happy birthday .

There is a limit to how much the mind and the body can accept in its functionality. There is a limit to the resilience it can express. There is a limit to which it can take the pressures of time and work. There is a limit to its expectations …

But ..

There is no limit to what shall eventually prevail once subjected to the above. And what has been subjected is subject to circumstances ; some that even the body and mind cannot find sufficient legitimate reasons to admit ..

Tax and extend the limits and you shall find that, the system works beyond what may be the prescribed limit. Push to its extreme and discover that the extreme was a standard of what you thought it to be, traditionally or scientifically … but not mentally.

The mind has a mind of its own. It is simple, unknown and beyond all that we can ever imagine. 30% of the usage of the brain is not really an alarming figure, yet that is what scientists have discovered to be the average usage in the lifetime of a human. So approximately 70% has remained unused. Wasted and under employed as it were - burnt in its last rites at the time of death, or buried under the earth to dissolve into it. Empowering the ground under which it has been submerged. Giving it the fodder for its richness and productive demeanour.

All that does come to us in form and material is of course a portion of the earth, that nature provides us with. Medicines, illnesses, shapes and existence substantiates. It has come to us rich in its presence … and perhaps enriched by the millions of that elusive power that remained unused in the human … and who knows even of any living being … !!

It all sounds a bit morbid !! And not worthy of mention ! Fling and flung out the window, that is washed down by the pouring rain.

It was a somewhat revealing day, to be down in the duvet in day, and to be awakening in day as well. For a moment it seemed like most of the northern fringe countries to the pole, where the sun skims past the horizon, never to set, never to produce darkness by its absence ..Iceland, Greenland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, St Petersburg and the ‘white nights’ , and all the romance of those moments … It is romantic indeed is it not, to never lose the sun in an entire day. For day to remain day without the night. Must be bringing on social change in temperament among the inhabitants … to live in endlessness of day time, when all regular parameters indicate that time lapse has been judged by the dark and the light of the 24 hours which complete … a day … ?

Suddenly ‘day’ does not sound right .. !!

A plate is never full until you feel that it is full .. it may have been filled up to the limit … that has been to you a limit. It will change .. the limit. And that change shall be determined by you. But can it be standardised ? Surely not ! Our parameters are different for each individual … how and what we like and dislike … how we define what may have been defined in general terms ..

That then is the beauty of this unexplainable life ..

It is beautiful ..

Just like another moment ..

Today was that for me …

Good night and with all love …


Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1935

Jalsa, Mumbai                Aug 2/3,  2013                 Fri/Sat 5 : 41 AM

So … its late ! Its that time of the day when we should be getting up not preparing to get in .. but on days it happens ! A rough day with many activities of importance, so could not get a break to write and spend the most beautiful time of the day .. writing to all of you !!

There are some new inventions that the digital team wanted to discuss and put into operation after approval. There were meetings with fresh scripts and ideas and discussions on them. There was the music sitting with Aadesh in his studio … creativity has its own charm. And then finally I went to the airport to fetch Abhishek, coming back from New York.

I said earlier on Twitter that India was fast becoming the Head Injury Capital of the World. This is information form the NSI, the neurological society of India, of which the Maharaja of Jodhpur, HH Gaj Singh ji is the chairperson. I have been supporting this cause and bringing attention to all through its campaign of awareness. The youth and the generation that now has access to faster modes of communication miss out on several essentials of the law and get into trouble. They resist wearing a helmet. At times I see them driving at speeds and manners most unbecoming of the rules. Often they drive while speaking on the mobile , a grave offence. Or worse listening to their iPod, with both the earphones glued on to their ears .. that is just the worst condition to be in .. !!

HH Gaj Singh ji went through a personal episode some years ago, when his son, had a fall from his horse during a game of polo and suffered severe head and brain damage. With prayers and extensive treatment here in Mumbai, he survived and has got back to almost normal condition now. But it was a very painful experience for Gaj Singh ji, and because we knew each other, he asked me to support this noble cause of bringing an awareness to the young about some basics that can in time to come be of extreme help. He started a Foundation under that name, and I have attended one event in London on this, where the awareness towards this very serious injury was being brought to notice. Many great celebrities of the world, personal friends of HH Gaj Singh ji, had attended. The Foundation has now kept a conference where many reputed doctors and those that would create awareness about this unfortunate medical condition, shall attend and talk and share their knowledge on it ..

While on the medical front I shall also be participating in the campaign for Hepatitis B, another dreaded disease, silent and almost undetected, if not kept under continuous tests. I do contribute to the Diabetes campaign started by the Rt Hon Keith Vaz, the member of the House of Commons, in London and other places as well. We have started medical ambulances or mobile units in London, Leicester and in Goa and Mumbai .. we hope to be able to start this service in Delhi and perhaps another one in London, by September. I have as you may have learnt form the past records, given support to Thalasemia, Cancer and Blood donation Banks .. the first campaign began soon after my injury in Coolie, since 60 bottles of blood saved my life, the donation received great attention and patronage ..

But as is the case with all such ailments, enough is never enough .. the work continues ..

Alright now it gets to 6:15 AM … !!

and its time to say good morning !!!


Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1934

Jalsa, Mumbai               Aug 1/2, 2013              Thu/Fri 1 :41 AM

Last night at the sitting for the music of Sudhir Mishra’s film, with Aadesh Srivastava was one of utmost enlightenment. The banter, the story telling, the laughter and within it all the sudden selection of a song for the film, one that about 10 years ago Aadesh and I had merely out of fun recorded, and one that fitted in so perfectly, was just a perfect day at his studio. What helped was the fact that all the people concerned with the evening - about 5 of us - were all from the same region in UP !! Recollecting the oddities of the times gone by, the little tales of amusement, the language, all put together turned out to be most special … despite the late hour, my ailing back, it was such an exciting evening, one that we experienced after a long long time ..

Connecting with your environ of birth has always been so nostalgic and so pertinent. It has the habit of never leaving you, no matter where you travel or reside and make home ..

Mumbai is home. It is the city where I have lived and spent the maximum number of years of my life. It is the city that gave me my present vocation and profession. That gave me my first house, indeed the first house of our own ; one that even my Father never could have. It gave me my wife, my children and my grandchildren. Mumbai is my ‘karmabhumi’, and Allahabad my ‘janmabhumi’ ..

One can never forget the roots of your birth or the feel of the earth of ones birthplace, just as much, you can never forget the place which you now call home. This city of Mumbai gave me name, recognition and dignity. It welcomed me the way in which it welcomes thousands of others that come in regularly everyday.The power and strength of Mumbai is infectious. It is a city that invites you to go out and seek. And if you do that in sincerity, it rewards you. It does not allow you to sit back and rest. It wakes you up in the morning, dresses you up and kicks you out to face the challenges of life. Its large heart, accommodates all, feeds them provides them shelter, and opens opportunities for them to avail and succeed .. this beautiful collection of almost seven islands, linked together to become Bombay first and now Mumbai, was a gift in marriage during the time of those that ruled over us … the British Raj … its transformation into this magnificent metropolis is what great stories and tales are made of. Truly one of the great cities of the world !

At times I consider the good fortune that came my way during my years of life. I got to know and learn the ways of Allahabad and Uttar Pradesh, where i was born. Came to learn the culture and language of the region - that typical ‘awadhi’, alongside the environs of my Mother, born Sikh. The culture and language of Punjab feel into my ears. Then came the shift to Delhi, boarding school in Nainital and Sherwood, a missionary institute, built by the British as a student environment for the families of those officers and soldiers that formed the army of the United Kingdom, now posted in India … so punjabi and that typical casual drawl of the Delhite, its own importance as the Capital of the country … followed soon after by University, another unique experience … passing out through graduation, the search for a job and my travel to Calcutta, now Kolkata and living there in an intense Bengali and corporate atmosphere, or the ‘box walas’ as the executives of the times were referred to .. and finally then to Maharashtra and Mumbai.

My Father had wished that his family should marry into different regions of the country … and quite coincidentally, I married into Bengal, Jaya being a Bengali, my brother married a Sindhi, my daughter married a Punjabi, my son went South, into a Tulu family …

So … in the presence of all my Sikh relatives I speak Punjabi, with Jaya’s in Bengali, in UP in Awadhi … and I am still to get to the language of Aishwarya, the Tulu, from the Mangalore region … we are then in the true sense a pretty ‘mixed up’ family … ha ha ha … !!

Ideally I would want to be able to speak in all the prominent languages of the country … along with some of the prominent languages of the world - French, German, Italian, Russian … I wonder if I would ever succeed in doing so ..


Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1933

Jalsa, Mumbai               July 31/Aug 1, 2013                Wed/Thu  1:03 am

The videos of various activities have been put up .. do peruse. The video on Uttarakhand is just a pre release information cut, done to bring attention to the telethon to take place on Aug 15th , when we shall all be doing almost a 24 hr tv programme to collect funds and resources for those affected by the disaster at Uttarakhand …

Prasoon Joshi, the writer poet and advertising guru has written a poetry which shall be rendered by me to a music piece, and which shall be rendered on the day. Contributions in monetary terms are already being registered. Many have done their bit, as have I. I have always refrained from mentioning what I do in charity and shall continue to be so, irrespective of caustic, abusive and downright rude comments. That does not bother me. What bothers me is the limit of ignorance and deliberate unwanted speech that many go through. For they are making desperate effort to disguise their own shortcomings, by being critical to another. I shall always look upon them with pity and great sympathy. They need treatment, and they shall never get it.

The campaign for atrocities against women and children has begun, and as ambassador for the UN I give it my involvement. Certain sites shall be put up and I do hope you all shall be able to follow it … its a noble cause, and it helps when millions speak out ..

A wonderful sitting with Aadesh Srivastava on the music for Sudhir Mishra’s film, and a long session defining composing ideating all that the film needs. It is such a unique process, one that most of the audience shall never get opportunity to witness … but in time they shall … i shall start putting up videos of those moments … it shall be delightful to watch ..

There have been discussions too with the digital team on some new innovations for the cyber world, and soon they should be coming up for distribution and sharing ..

The world moves at a faster pace now and keeping up with it and them is such a necessity and need. The entire world sits on an exciting future in this phenomena .. it shall change the way we all think, move, act .. such a wonderful world it shall be .. and we may never get to see it in our lifetime .. !!

There is a selfishness that creeps in when we think of the future. There is wonder whether we shall be around to witness it. But that is the world for us, and that is how it shall be .. for all

My love to all

Amitabh Bachchan

Video on Uttarakhand ..

The Satyagraha Song ..

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Satyagraha Promo

More Promos .. Satyagraha

Satyagraha Promos …

DAY 1932

Jalsa, Mumbai                July 30/31, 2013                 Tue/Wed  2: 56 am

The appreciation of the Sunday pictures was so great that I am compelled to put in some more .. more is good, not so, less … less in temperament perhaps works better … the lesser you show the better you feel about situations … or so some may like to believe … its the quiet one you observe the most after a time .. !!

I try to remain quiet .. !! Many who question my appearance on these platforms wonder .. you have been ‘traditionally’ quiet and elusive, why this opening up .. telling the world everyday what you do feel and expect … most unlike you ..

Really .. ?? How on earth did you assuage what I was indeed ‘like’ in the first place !

Celebration is justified on successful completion of thought deed and idea. Celebration is justified too when you become vulnerable. Indeed vulnerability is the corner stone of status. Get status, get hit !!

Part of life .. accept it and accept it again ..

My love is a celebration … which is why there is abuse … abuse must be welcomed … many take offence on some that become abusively critical of comments .. leave them alone … let them express .. it is such a joy to be in their company … what was that expression in one of Shakespeare’s plays about the best flower growing beside the nettle, a stingy leaf. In fact during the years in boarding in Sherwood, the hills around us abounded in the nettle plant, which when it touched your skin stung you with great intensity and pain. But … right next to it grew another plant, the leaves of which when rubbed at the area of the sting would immediately provide relief ..

That is life .. that is nature .. that is the world …

The most painful episodes in our lives have the solution right next to it .. simple … easy access and with cure ..

My love to all

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1931(i)

Jalsa, Mumbai               July 29/30,  2013               Mon/Tue 5:00AM

Happy Birthday Amar/Renu Brar  for the 29th July ..

And birthday wishes for CSN Murthy for the 30th ..

Moses Sapir, the dedicated Ef from Israel, a very happy birthday to you for the 30th ..

To all that relate to us in happiness and joy, in pain and in moments of grief, in achievement and distress … remember that we are always together in all that you feel and go through. We may not be present physically, but you are always in our thoughts .. and prayers !!


Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1931

Jalsa, Mumbai               July 29,  2013              Mon  10:40 PM

There are deeds that comply with all that is required, efforts that are made, integrity of performance, honesty in belief and all other that signifies the right .. yet … what emerges does not necessarily come out the way it was desired.

Was our desire too ambitious ? Were our efforts falling short of requirement ? Did we expect too much ? One can never tell. But what one can tell, is the extent of disappointment of lost achievement. It does become difficult to find fault in our efforts, mostly. If we could, we would never make them or be cautious of the oncoming stumble of a non performance. More often than not, we tend to blame fortune, stars, luck and additional such attributes to our failures .. pretty normal .. ( love the expression ‘pretty’ in the english tongue, to describe normality .. heheh ) …

But I learnt today as I watched ‘The Killing’ a tale which is narrated to a person on the verge of despair and renunciation due to circumstances that prevail upon him, which gave me courage to put it down for sharing among us. I have already lit the twit with it … but I thought I should log the blog as well ..

'Bad luck either destroys you, or … makes you the person you really are !!'

Failure makes you reticent, complacent at times. At times angry. But angered determination to right the wrong is a massive temperament. No … I am not going to justify this through my personal experiences or experiments. That would be too arrogant for me. I merely wish to let it lie, like that leaf in a pool of turbulent water, fighting the gentle waves that threaten to sink it, but fail because of its resilience !!

I free myself from the tutorials of character, free myself from formulae, free it at will and one’s own inner self, so that instead of it assuming a uniform universality, those that practice are free to interpret their own deeds in the manner of their own temperament.

I am often faced with inane questions on the reason for success, the energy of work at this age, and what keeps me going …

I find these offensive and detrimental. By asking the reason it conveys to me, that they would rather wish I were not to be in such situation, if at all I were to be embracing it. Can anyone truly answer the reason for personal success ? Can we truly firm speech on the texts of definite and guaranteed achievement ? And how many have actually followed guidelines without effort to achieve it ? Nothing can ever be termed to be successful for one individually, through prescribed documents or comment. Without the element of personal hard and laboured effort, the sweat of your brow, the pains of your internals, can one truly lay claim to the subject under discussion …. and I deliberately subtract the usage of the word ‘success’, because it reduces the value of the argument !!

It is time then for one to ponder, to resolve and act, rather than hope to be led by your fingers to that pinnacle, envied by all …

Get there in humility, in its grace and importantly in its inconsistency … there is not enough room at the top of the highest mountain in the world. Those that conquer it, exult with joy, leave symbols of their presence on it and return voluntarily to base camp … giving time and space to others to attempt that final climb, and to come down eventually, for others to get up there …

My protein of life and daily existence awaits me, along with the inputs that reservedly give me required or absent vitamin ..

…. for me to consume … and to arise again to determine the reflection of my effort for the next trial …

Amitabh Bachchan , in love and effort for all with all ..

DAY 1930

Jalsa, Mumbai                 July 28/29,  2013                   Sun/Mon  2 : 34 AM

The pictures say it all … need I say more .. EF by the numbers, one of my oldest fans from Iraq, who has been coming regularly for the past at least 25 years ..

And most importantly ..

….. these fantastic team of young students from the Lawrence School, Senawar on the hills of Simla, who … hold your breathe … have all climbed Mt Everest … and the youngest of them is a record holder .. Raghav, second from left is only 15 and a few months .. just so incredible !!

Lawrence School, Sherwood and a few other Schools established during the British Raj, in the mid 1800’s as Army Schools, still continue the code of the army in their curriculum …

Such a joy to be with them, and recollect our own years in School and in boarding. The happiest days of our life …

A joy to to meet so many of the Ef at the Sunday get togethers .. Sunita Roy and her daughters, Jaishree, Nandita, Siddharth and his brother …

…. and the elderly man with the cap is one of my constants from Iraq, a fan that has been coming regularly for the past 20-25 years … such affection and happiness they bring to me ..

Thank you all .. and my love as ever …

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1929

Jalsa, Mumbai                July 27,  2013               Sat 11:30 PM

Involved and intense … in discussions on what to do next, on the scripts and debates on content and creativity … listening to those that propose, to those that suggest … assessing what must be done that is satisfactory for me, for others and for those that shall view them ..

These are the moments when all the mistakes are made, or all the success decisions are done … one wrong move and you are done for … or one correct and the sky to limits ..

Film making is the most exciting most non predictive profession ever .. a moment ago they are all around and soon they are not .. left dry to the elements .. but succeed and the heavens are promised to you ..

There is much to say … but I gather quite a bit was expressed yesterday .. so I shall wait for the reactions and comments to that and pester you with some more later or perhaps in the morning …

Do understand and give me your love … and the desire to rest ..

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1928

Jalsa, Mumbai                  July 26,  2013                 Fri  11 : 43 PM

Riki Biswas birthday on July 27 th … happy birthday and love from us all …

Sunita Roy Bachchan .. with daughters came across from Bihar to meet ..thank you for the pooja, gifts and eats for Aaradhya ..

40 years of ‘Abhimaan’

July 26 th  .. the day of my accident in Bangalore on sets of ‘Coolie’ ..

To Riki, dearest friend of Kankana, a most wonderful birthday tomorrow 27th July, with wishes of happiness and joy always .. from us all … birthday bumps and mevaa ..

40 years of ‘Abhimaan’ … that is like 40 years of our marriage ..the last shot of the film of Jaya and me coming out of the theatre after singing the climax song, and the crowds mobbing and applauding us, was done the day after we returned from our honeymoon in London …

A film made almost as a compensation and a promise by Hrishi Da, Hrishikesh Mukherji, to Jaya and me, after having removed me from ‘Guddi’, one where having shot for about 10 days I was asked to leave the film and Samit Bhanja from Bengal Cinema was taken, because my other films had released by then and the novelty of having an unrecognised face opposite Jaya was defeated ..

Abhimaan was made as a production of ours - Jaya and mine - called AMIYA, a mix of both our names, the nitty gritties of production being given to our two respective secretaries, Susheela and Pawan Kumar then, and under their names, but has remained with them still to date .. both our secretaries no longer with us now as managers ..

The story and the music and the direction and the writing still most haunting to many viewers … the brilliance of legendary SD Burman , father of RD Burman, his music most special, the performances of all the characters, the writing contribution by the great Rajinder Singh Bedi, author and thinker … everything just fell into a beautiful space … the fear among us all of its success, coming as it did soon after the very popular ‘Zanjeer’ … and finally its lasting value with most viewers even today .. Hrishi Da always felt ‘Satyakaam’ was his best, we thought otherwise and felt Abhimaan was … and often we would have fun on this topic on set … the glorious Mohan Studio in Andheri, which played host to so many masters of cinema, including the great Bimal Roy … not to mention that most of Prakash Mehra’s films were shot there too - Muquaddar ka Sikandar, quite extensively … and the memories of it … the famous ‘kotha’ set, which just when the last shot was taken after a long and gruelling schedule, and we were all moving out to retire home .. collapsed and fell … destroyed almost by providence … no one was hurt ..

The fight sequence with Amjad Khan on the street which ended up inside one of the market stores on set … the crash against a glass almirah as he throws me a punch … and when the shot ended, one of the assistants noticing the ceiling of the shop set getting red in colour and wondering what it was ..  realising to his horror and surprise that it was the blood shooting out from my leg, where a glass piece had gouged a vein on it .. rushing to the nearest clinic and getting it stitched up … battling the crowds that had gathered at the medical facility, so I could get attention to the wound as soon as possible !!

Ahh … the vagaries of film making !!

And because I was at Mohan Studios so often, a specific little tin shed in the back yard of the floor was made for me, by the owners, to be my permanent make up room … one where we put all our little personal belongings … pictures, furniture and all .. which I had to painfully remove, when the Studio premises went up for sale to developers - studio floors not so much in use any more … directors opting for real locations nowadays ..

One wonders how much history those grounds have borne, how many greats of cinema through the ages worked and gave to us the magnificence of their genius !!

Abhimaan a story Hrishi Da designed, inspired by an incident he was aware of, but never disclosed to any one … !!!

कितने अधूरे सपनों का है ये पूरा सफ़र …

कोई साथ है तो .. कोई महज़ याद है … ~ a contribution by Vivek Sharma ..

This journey of life is so filled with unfulfilled incomplete dreams ..

Some there with us .. and some a sheer memory ..

And …. memories of the accident on the sets of ‘Coolie’ in Bangalore .. so many stories and incidents connected to it have been mentioned and written so often … the futility of wanting to remember it now after almost 28 years .. strange … but you tend to forget or perhaps the system does not want to remember those moments .. they never play on your mind, you never feel the need to give it importance or any pride of place seeking sympathy .. no, it just does not happen, at least not to me it does not … and I often wonder why ..

I was perhaps told or informed through my own research and understanding, that pain beyond a certain bearable limit, does not remain a pain anymore .. it loses its ability to strike the senses that acknowledge it … beyond the early strike of the incident and some subsequent days before I became comatose, I cannot remember the factor of pain disturbing me .. after my second surgery here at the Breach Candy Hospital, when I did not come around and was clinically dead for those minutes, there were many subsequent procedures that my body had to go through - the cutting of my veins at the wrists to put in what is now called a cannula perhaps, to get a constant flow of blood for tests at regular intervals … the slicing of my neck to push in the ventilator, what was then known as tracheostomy, to connect to machines that breathed and kept me alive … were all done almost live, since it was not considered medically prudent, or so I was told, to use anaesthesia … those procedures were never painful for me, well, painful yes, but never felt them … and I had wondered why ..

Some valve that sends signals to the brain which in turn registers the feeling of pain shuts off I would like to believe …

That is physical .. but I think psychologically too it would have similar effect … beyond a point of tolerance, pain recedes … valour, defiance, obstinacy of performance despite, will to not permit it to tell on you for reasons of your own personal condition, a condition that would weaken you in the eyes of the other .. all these maybe and more, kept and keeps pain away I would assume ..

And when it heals … it is almost as though it was never there .. a condition of 'nirvana' - difficult to believe, harder still to accept ..

Time heals … yes .. but at times never forgets !! Hidden somewhere in some corner it does have the capacity to erupt .. on provocation, or in times of idle recollection ..

You think and allow it to play at times … silently .. within .. not disclosing or sharing it with another - for, personal pain, its dimensions and its intensity shall never, never be understood by another .. in pain there is a want to hear or feel from the other, the same intensity … that, if I may conclusively state shall never happen … and if claimed that it is, is the greatest fallacy of life and human bearing !!

Pardon then my reflectiveness … my misery and my pain .. it is and shall remain with me ..

I shall always have the trust and the liberty to share it with all, particularly so with my Ef, and I know that it shall be most respected by them … but is not, and never shall be described ever, to attract sympathy or concern … that must be left to me ..

I shall not want to gift that prerogative away  …

My love .. and the absence of pain …

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1927

Jalsa, Mumbai                  July  25/26,  2013                   Thu/Fri  4 :23 AM




Bas … no more … it is coming up to 5 AM !! I  need to get up early to dub a portion in ‘Satyagraha’ which I do not feel I have done justice to ..

Till the morrow then

My love as ever


Amitabh Bachchan

Page 6

DAY 1926

Jalsa, Mumbai               July  24/25,  2013               Wed/Thu  3 : 24 AM

There are times when you wish that the day never comes to an end. Days when you wish to do much more but are restrained by nature ; the sun is down, darkness prevails, so must it be time to be in rest. When many aspects of the work remain unfulfilled, when there is a job that is kept pending, when the time required is not sufficient to address it, is limited … then !!

Often there are moments when one pushes the work to be done today to a tomorrow. That tomorrow never comes, for, in the tomorrow there is work that shall come anew, afresh, to usurp what had remained over from the yesterday .. Do I make sense ??

The joy and relief that accompanies the clearance of unattended work is like the weight of the atlas you bear suddenly being removed. But that is not and never the end. There is more that comes your way and more and more …

Many a times when work piles, you discover that when you eventually do reach the unattended, you wonder if remaining in such condition did not draw my attention, or cause any major decision, then really, the pending work was somewhat unimportant. The need to suffer anxiety on this count therefore would be quite unnecessary …

Subject over … too yawn inducing, as some of the Ef would say … so to matters more present and perhaps of greater interest. An article by a known journalist elaborates on the ‘politeness’ among celebrities. How various public figures behave towards that very basic sentiment and why. And yes … they have me in prominence, which is mighty flattering as you read the presentation, but soon turns to an aspect which is not totally surprising.

It mentions that I do come across as a polite and well mannered individual, though the general opinion form the rest of the world is that it is ‘fake and pretentious’. A cultured politeness, put on for effect….. and … I simply love this assumption, for it has given me the great and much desired compliment of being a very convincing performer - one that I have found hard to come by !! At least from the world of the Fourth Estate !

Celebrity positivity, is always unattractive. The minus here is greater than the plus, a mathematical miscalculation ! To them the only answer, if I needed to ever condescend to give would be the evaluation of the medium we converse on. The substitute, the alternate, the faster than what you may want it to be ! The Ef and the followers and many others …

The competition of it is far too complicated and far too one sided, but it does carry with it the desired balance, much longed for, in comparison of what was earlier - controlled and manufactured by one source, as opposed to the multiple sources now …

Issues get varied dimensions of expression. It has been up to the common man and woman what they perceive and understand, after the immense bombardment of information from several regions and sources. And that is where the crux of the matter lies. The limits of perhaps now 20,000 journalists has expanded to a billion of them, not all in the profession. They are in the realm of independent social media, which grows exponentially and most rapidly.

My own avid newspaper reading has diminished, though I do subscribe to them all, for I shall visit the news site before bedtime to be aware of all that shall be appearing on the headlines in a few hours, or more.

The sizes of the information contraptions all move in the degrees which project a size smaller than the last one. Soon perhaps, from the iPad to the smaller version, it shall all be appearing on your mobile or your watch, or, who knows, a few flicks in the air anywhere in the atmosphere … !!

The intent is clear … life to be made easier and more infinitely less complicated .. to replace the mind and the brain by an instrument that shall be operated individually, independently and programmed by another .. an alien !

Goodness just looked up to the many time keepers that abound about me .. it is past the am of 4 ..

Good night and love …

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1925

Jalsa, Mumbai                  July 23/24,  2013                Tue/Wed  1 : 53 AM

Life is a collage of the white and the coloured. The purity of the white is often enhanced by the colours of the coloured. Often not. Many a thought has at times given a connotation to those defiled, by the remark of them being ‘coloured’. As though being coloured was an attribute that need not be in possession. As time went by, connotations and its interpretations assumed different proportions, to the word. It became close to a kind of defamation almost.

But of this there is truth that the quality of the white has often been enhanced by the presence of colour. Or the eminence of the colour has been brightened, because it rode in close proximity to the white.

Colours have intensity, meaning, potency. A clinic in Switzerland, drafts a beam of coloured circular lights on your forehead for mental relief and relaxation ; in time for the reduction in weight !! The traffic signals have the stop signs as RED. Know why ? Because the colour has the largest number of gama or uv or some such chemical quality which makes it noticeable better than any other colour.

The flowers that bloom have the beauty of the varied colours that adorn a garden .. yet a white rose or a large bouquet of lilies or any other white colour species is equally attractive.

There is dichotomy too. White has been the choice of colour at the time of mourning the dead. Yet is does become a standard apparel for those that enter and prevail in say … politics ! In some regions , black has the prominence during tragic moments. Yes it depicts darkness and grim staid feelings when at the graveyard … yet it does become the form for formal occasions, invariably for a celebration !!

Brightness of colours welcomes festivals and weddings in our regions. In the Church of marriage, the white gown of the bride comes up for design and fashion chatter .. and may the debate go on thus …

I wish for those that belong in family to be coloured in white for its purity and its social eminence. I wish for those that belong in family to be coloured in the vibrancy of its varied display …

I wish for both …because I believe one cannot do without the other …

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1924

Jalsa, Mumbai                July 22/23,  2013                  Mon/Tue  1 : 55 AM


I smile at life .. I smile at circumstances .. I smile at myself and my foolishness … I smile for the others that become me … I smile for those that have no smiles in their lives .. I smile for those that smile with me … I smile for my Ef .. my ever devoted and strong Ef … committed and sincere to the core and to the end ..

I smile because I need to smile .. I smile because it is easier to do so than  to show anger .. I smile because it is disarmingly acceptable and reciprocated .. on the road , amidst the people I work with, among the motorists that drive along by me at the light signals, and traffic jams … I smile because it takes lesser amount of muscles to do than to show anger .. I smile … just ….

I reconcile … with myself and my circumstances … I lift the burden of unnecessary pressure … I am calmer and disposed well when I do so .. I believe the others that meet up feel it too .. I am disparaged by a show of temperament that prevents itself from such act .. I wish not to bring grief to anyone, to see them at the mercy of the forces that abide in nature .. I shall comply and hold and give assurance, bring worth and assistance in the garb of co operation .. I shall contribute in attempting to enhance what may have been assuaged indifferently … I shall … I most certainly shall  ..

The weight of the body shall reduce , shall inhale purity of air, shall brighten up at mention and be labeled with the other purists, as one of speciality  … but why not ? what really are the objections … ?

Beware … be happy and be content … ever ever ever …

My love for all remains unpolluted by recent happenings ..


DAY 1923

Jalsa, Mumbai               July 21/22,  2013               Sun/Mon  2 : 08 am




Dishonesty with the profession is an unforgivable crime. Agree to submit to your work, yes. But to agree to be dishonest in its approach, is not acceptable. I can do the most ridiculous films, and be asked to enact with the sincerity required of me as a professional. I will do it, if I have committed to the making of it. Once the camera is on, I cannot and will not express my displeasure, or discomfort. That is dishonesty. Conduct all that worries you as an artist before you go in front of the lens, but once there, it must be 110 % or come away …

Deciding to perform in such manner is a performance in itself. There are times when the mind and the conscience do not allow the body to agree. To give the required signal, it needs impetus. Impetus is borne from the desire to do it well. I can only do justice to it if my conscience and will provokes me positively. If not it is best to lose the subject or matter or person or opportunity. More shall come. In large numbers. Its just that one cannot see them all at that moment.

I could and will and may, lose an exciting opportunity. That is bad. But it would be worse if I lost my conscience too…

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1922

Jalsa, Mumbai                 July  20/21,  2013                 Sat/Sun  2 : 37 AM

Disappointments rule the minds of those that have lived in illusion and hope and trust and belief .. their absence has always given rise to adulterated thoughts of action. Just as adulteration destroys the purity of the element, thoughts when tampered with give rise to disillusioned countenance. Disillusioned minds are unhealthy .. in the journey of thought they destroy many other healthy elements .. losing an element through disappointment is vile .. it should never happen, but it does at times and it is a pity that they happen at times when they are least expected to. Life itself at times behaves unexpectedly, but life cannot be put to blame. Life moves irrespective of all else. It is our countenance that needs to change. To judge and assimilate before the deed. To be alert and indulgent. To be garnering understanding. Understanding not necessarily of the other, but of ourself. One way or the other we are at fault - it is best to admit that. Puts a stop to all argument and reasoning. So long as we know within the right and the correct, there is no fear. Fear is destructive. It eats in to the system gradually but surely. Allow it to feed and it shall devour you. Stand up to it and it shall stop in its tracks, at least for a while. And that is enough …

One needs a moment, an instance, that small measure of time to be able to bring in the desired change. A turn in the direction of the given course, in its curriculum, in its forbearing. Succumb once and there shall be permanency in all. It habit forms, not wanting to get off that track which runs parallel never meeting. If it were to meet, the object it carries with it would get derailed and fall, causing destruction. Why disturb that which has established itself. Why seek deliberate changes. Why attempt at all … why ?

I do not have legitimate answers .. I have conscience and sense .. sense belongs to me … it belongs to my inner self, much like my conscience. Destroy my conscience, destroy me …

I need strength beyond the physical. That strength shall always prevail above all else ..

If I were to care, I should care for that which can bear the strength of my conscience. All else is banal and not worthy of mention ..

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1921

Jalsa, Mumbai                July 19,  2013               Fri  11: 56 PM


With the greatest of them all - Mohammed Ali ! This at his residence in Beverly Hills, Los of Angeles … ! Along with Prakash Mehra and my younger brother Ajitabh .. he was fun to be with, mock punched me, spoke of films and acting and singing … perhaps my first trip ever to LA … loved it and still do … it has a unique character of its own and prides itself in that .. you get on to a street looking for a numbered house and discover that being on the street is not enough .. the number could be several miles away on same street .. the design of a modern city .. parallel lines of civilisation .. Jaipur was designed like that several decades ago, much before LA ..


'ee hai bambai nagariya … 'the street song from 'Don' … that awkward moment of song on the streets of Mumbai, early days and the embarrassment of it all … Chandra Barot the director of the film seeming to enjoy my condition .. the image at the back is Gateway of India, Mumbai .. built at the time of the official Royal visit to the city in welcome during the British Raj …


varous Film Fare award functions and awards .. Shatrughan Sinha giving me one, Sunil Gavaskar another, another at the time of MGR, the thespian from Tamil cinema and its Chief Minister, and then with Nutan ji an award we won together ..fantastic moments collected and captured , but preserved by Moses Sapir .. thank you for this ..

My love to all as you ponder over the pictures and I retire to another day of waiting to start all over again ..


Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1920

Jalsa, Mumbai                  July 18/19,  2013                 Thu/Fri  1 : 57 AM

There is no greater joy for me than to witness the talent and the kind of work that this new generation is putting up each and every week almost ! You get hit by the sheer effort and the awe inspiring output that these makers are putting in. I lament the fact that all this tremendous work was not there during our time, and yes there is an envy that creeps in along with the praise and absolute pleasure, of not being one of them .. them that are redefining the nature of our films these days …

A little while ago I watched “D-Day” a film made by Nikhil Advani, and have been simply overwhelmed by it. The story, screenplay, performance and execution has been outstanding. There is a sense of great pride to not just see what we are seeing almost every week, but to just be in the company of this new generation, to live what they produce, to know how much of a difference they are making to our appreciative eyes and mind. May God bless them, and may they continue to bring joy and happiness to not just the connoisseur, but to all that witness the efforts of such a dedicated and determined set of youngsters. I am in awe of them, and envy them and lament the fact that I am not living in their times, to have opportunity to be a part of their creativity and their brilliance …

Two of the ghazals that I recently liked - one from Bhaag Milkha Bhag and the other from D-Day have been put up with the words in devnaagri .. I do hope you shall enjoy them. You need to put on your head phones to get the right sound and effect of the two.

It is wonderful to see the re emergence of the ghazal and the quawali in our music. There was a time when all our films had to have this particular element as a part of the music. In recent times many popular songs have erupted on the screen, but none can match the poetry and the depth of expression in a soulful rendition of the ghazal … good poetry has soul … and so does good music !!

My love for all ..

Amitabh Bachchan

Ghazal from D-Day … ‘ek ghadi’ ..

The strains of ‘o rangrez’ in the ear phones, the beautiful ghazal from “Bhaag Milkha Bhaag” and all the forces that clog the mind, disappear just so rapidly ! What would the world do without music !

DAY 1919

Jalsa, Mumbai               July 17,  2013              Wed  11:58 PM

Walaa Zakariya Mohamed Ali … wishing you a very happy birthday .. joy and smiles through out … lots of love form us all ..

And .. to Anthony, Agnes, Dipal, Arun … gracious thanks for visiting and spending time with me .. the teddy bear was delivered to Aaradhya and she loved it … almost pulled its ears out ..!!

Read some good ones from a friend who sent me this ..


1. Two times a week we go to a nice restaurant, have a

little beverage, good food and companionship.

She goes on Tuesdays, I go on Fridays.

2. We also sleep in separate beds.

Hers is in California, and mine is in Texas.

3. I take my wife everywhere,

but she keeps finding her way back.

4. I asked my wife where she wanted to go for our anniversary.

"Somewhere I haven’t been in a long time!" she said.

So I suggested the kitchen.

5. We always hold hands. If I let go, she shops.

6. She has an electric blender, electric

toaster and electric bread maker.

She said “There are too many gadgets, and no place

to sit down!” So I bought her an electric chair.

7. My wife told me the car wasn’t running well

because there was water in the carburettor.

I asked where the car was. She told me, “In the lake.”

8. She got a mud pack and looked great for two days.

Then the mud fell off.

9. She ran after the garbage truck, yelling, “Am I too late

for the garbage?” The driver said, “No, jump in!”.

10. Remember: Marriage is the number one cause of divorce.

11. I married Miss Right. I just didn’t know her

first name was ‘Always’.

12. I haven’t spoken to my wife in 18 months.

I don’t like to interrupt her.

13. The last fight was my fault though.

My wife asked, “What’s on the TV?”

I said, “Dust!”.

Had some interesting meetings with the officials of the Police Force, who are wanting to create awareness among the educate city people about drink driving. Of getting some material out to caution the roadies and their likes that ‘drinking and driving’ is just not on ..

Some alarming statistics are being made out for me, but it was shocking to learn that 1.4 lakh people die in India per year from road accidents. That some of the laws of the IPS are more than a hundred years old, from around 1870’s, when India was ruled by the British, when India then was a police state. That was pre Independence. But now with its freedom none of the laws have undergone any reconsideration. Some of the laws allow the culprit in a driving incident get bail for a meagre Rs 9.5/- .. a traffic violation can get you a fine of Rs 100/- and you are out of there, to commit another violation ..

I have volunteered to partake in audio visuals where all the directions for traffic norms need to be put across for those that may be unaware of them.

And then earlier on another Award from Whistling Woods Film School, the private institution run by Subhash Ghai, to give away also the degrees of the passing out students. A joy to meet all the young aspirants, and to see in them the future of this glorious Industry ..



the award was called the Maestro Award … but the true owners of that title were the ones standing to my left … the most distinguished and pandits of classical music - Pt Hari Prasad Chaurasia, the flautist and Pt Shiv Kumar Sharma, the master of the unique, santoor ..


And then the most delightful image of His Masters Voice … caring for his master in this torrential weather .. !!


All love and the best … should be putting up the songs that I lived with last night soon …

Amitabh Bachchan

Page 7

DAY 1918

Jalsa, Mumbai              July 16/17,  2013              Wed 1: 29 AM

The strains of ‘o rangrez’ in the ear phones, the beautiful ghazal from “Bhaag Milkha Bhaag” and all the forces that clog the mind, disappear just so rapidly ! What would the world do without music ! Embedded in each of our pores, whether of musical mind or not, is the essence of ‘sur’, the strain that connects magically to that unknown force, which many have not seen yet experienced, equally magically as would they in prayer or in worship. Many that do not subscribe to the realm of godliness or gods, still get ecstatic to that which tugs our strings to the seven notes of music. Believers or non believers experience similar emotion to that which is rendered either through voice of instrument, stirring the soul to a level and height that elevates us virtually at times, into a physicality, unknown many a times. There are stories that explain such, stories that have been witnessed by those who were present at these happenings. The smashing of glass utensils at a philharmonic peak. The bringing on of rain during the rendition of one of the classical ‘ragas’ of the India Classical music, and many more ..

Sound and its reproduction in the balanced tone of correctness shall and will always have a purity that just cannot be defied or defiled. Sound shall and will always play miracles in the lives of humans. It has the power to convey expression and feel, desire and elation, emotion and compassion .. most of the time all at once !!

Those that do not have music within are sadly devoid of any emotion. How can they when it is their mind that converts thought to voice and subsequently to song. When the mind is polluted, the music shall be filled with pollution too. It may have patronage, but never the compassion that it richly deserves.

I often become a part of noticed debate on the culture of our films and our Industry. And often have been privy to comments that not just criticise but also despise the efforts made by those who design their recall on the level of music and therefore its subsequent dance that it brings. The oft mentioned ‘dancing around the trees’ comment. Yes .. it does happen, so what. So long as I am not dancing on your head, why not the tree ? Is music that expressionless that it needs to be cut down each time its referral takes birth ? Those that dislike it and annihilate its occurrence must make effort to enact it themselves, purely as an exercise. Find out what it takes to express music and its words and its feel, in the unrealistic escapist environment of our commercial film.

Expressing in terms of music is not a poison which many make it out to be. Music and art and dance forms have survived so long in any condition, will prove to all that the strength has been so potent that it is not something that can be wishes away that soon … ! In fact it never will !

There is enough prayer in the shape of words inside a Chapel or Church, a temple and most religious preachings. Why then have the singing of psalms or ‘bhajans’. Even the Gods love music, in fact it can be safely said that perhaps they love it more than any other. If there were to be just the written or spoken word, I wonder how the world would sound !!

And now the bright and racy number from ‘BMB’ … ‘mera yaar’, in the ear phone ..

" why do i need to go to a mandir, when my loved one, my yaar is Khuda ../ " why do i need to go to the masjid when my loved one is Khuda ../ whether i love or do ibadat its the same "…/

The strength of love … prayer is love too, belief too …

Love to all ..

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1917(i)

on location .. at work .. July 16,  2013     Tue  2:41 PM

Shalini Singh Verma … belated greetings for her birthday on July 15, love and happiness always ..

Mazal Cohen … happy birthday for the 15th of July .. many many good wishes and love

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1917

Jalsa, Mumbai               July 15/16,  2013             Mon/Tue  1:52 AM

stepping out of the floor in Film City, a city that I inaugurated, and did the first shooting on this floor where I emerge from .. the young man coming towards me is my make up man for over 35 years’ younger brother, who’s life I saved … he had a severe virus infection in the brain and I put him in the best Hospital and took care of him.. he miraculously survived ..

While you look through these fresh pictures, I retire, because I have an early morning call .. need to get at least 4 hours of sleep before being up for work at 6 …

Love to all

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1916

Jalsa, Mumbai               July 14, 2013                 Sun 11:39 PM

The Sunday of many years and many hues stares at us, each different day and the affection unabated, undaunted expresses itself with warmth and love .. come rain or storm .. eternally they shall remain in my life as a symbol of what the people gave me …

'The Game of Thrones' occupies most of my day and there is remorse because the Season 3 is over and one wants it never to end. The production value, the cast of such immense talent, the story line, symbolic of times that could have emerged in the past, the detailing to locations, surroundings, dress, properties … immaculate !! Such an attraction to watch a Tv series which has the value of a film … perhaps even better and greater ..

The number of artists that partake, their extraordinary performances, is just so thrilling to watch. Where on earth are they getting these actors from ? Each one chosen to portray exactly what was desired in the series, and performing to perfection. Just lends itself to such a phenomenal experience, that you just sit there glued to your chair, without moving an inch ..

But .. now what ? shall have to hone in to another that can give equal viewing pleasure. ‘Homeland’ was terrific, but that season has ended too. And the search for the next is on … so if any of the Ef is capable of recommending some interesting ones please do so …

Glued to the chair is valid only for moments when the little one is not around .. because once she pops in, the world stops for her and her antics ..  ’thank heaven for little girls, for little girls get …’ Maurice Chevalier and that eternal song .. how those old memories come back. When you first heard it, the appreciation was on another plane, now .. different meaning and place .. strange but so true ..

Its back to the grind again tomorrow .. and an early night is the call of the hour ..

So good night dear Ef … sleep well and be together ..

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1915(i)

Jalsa, Mumbai             July 13/14,  2013             Sat/Sun  1:50 am

A most moving piece from ISHTAR our EF … thank you …mine eyes they get wet with emotion ..
We are those who devour the words of the blog.
We are those who wait with abated breath on twitter.
We are those who cherish the images on Facebook, and have internal debates every Thursday.
We are those who find peace in the baritone we hear on Bubbly.
We are those who have perfected time zone conversion.
We are those who have learned patterns. 
We are your EF.
We look like ordinary people. 
We do ordinary things, say ordinary things. 
We come from all corners of the globe. 
We come from all walks of life.
We come from every source of experience and even lack of experience.
We come for various reasons, we love for various reasons, but we come, and we love.
You may see us in the store, getting groceries.
See us at a restaurant with our families.
You may even bump into us at the cinema.
You may have even encountered us on the road. 
But we are not ordinary. We belong to Mr. Bachchan. 
We are his. 
We are his EF.
We are your EF.
A family is built on trust. 
A father heads the family, leading it, guiding it, ensures its ability to thrive and remain united.
A mother cares for the family, watches over whatever journey, whatever obstacle the family is led to.
A child is the source of all things new, challenges all things, sheds different shades on life.
A family welcomes strangers, like myself, into the fold. 
A family cares for the stranger, treats it like an equal. 
A family teaches the stranger its language, its customs. 
A family teaches the stranger, corrects her when she’s wrong, guides her when she’s lost.
This is your family, your EF Mr. Bachchan. A creation that is surely blessed by the Almighty, a union brought together by bonds and security of love in its purest, sweetest form. 
What madness, what muses drove me to write this…I do not know.
And express the gratitude of a lost stranger, who suddenly has found a home.

DAY 1915

Jalsa, Mumbai            July  13,  2013             Sat 11:03 PM

Om shri shaneeshwaraaya namaha ! Om shri shaneeshwaraaya namaha ! Om shri shaneeshwaraaya namaha !

On a Saturday and ode and prayer to Shani nakshatra, Shani bhagwan .. the planet star and God of Saturday …

They say the Shani nakshatra is a strong and powerful astrological, mythical, belief .. its God’s having immense powers of strong affection, love, drastic change and an equal power to destruct .. and so an ode and prayer to them all that can cause destruction, to look upon us with compassion and care and protect us from evil and disaster …

How the human race has been enveloped with all that is unknown, into belief of such proportions that we seek protection from the ill effects of it. We are quick to put the cause and reason for something that may have gone wrong, to the misplaced stars, to the wrath of the Heaven’s, to an entity that has been pressured in to annoyance. We have no answers, so we have no reason and cause, and so we have dependence on unknown forces of power and superiority .. we are just being human … because we are human and nothing more .. when you have nothing more you seek the divine for reassurance, in prayer, in want and in protection ..

And how strong our beliefs or at least the strength of our commitment to it - unknown, unseen, yet there in us … we are only human ..

Through the centuries of the emergence of the human form, is there any wonder when and why and how this phenomena took shape ? What did those early creations of nature think when someone of trusted wisdom spelt out the reason ? How did the pursuance of their philosophy and thought gain weight ? And how then did it diversify into religion and how then into various strong tributaries of it, followed loved and practiced through the millenniums of existence. What inspired the construct of words thoughts, Sholkas, Gurubani, Mantras, Sermons, preachings from Islam and the Quran … indeed the most important vocabulary of teachings of purity and godliness ?

And what divine powers they were that gave us all this .. some finite, some delivered from the heaven’s, and some through great minds of Saints and Priests and Maulvis and Pandits and so many more … they formed our lives, our answers to unanswered questions .. they guided us and still do through all our travails and discomforts .. through good times and bad … through the times of our life and through the times of when we leave life and travel into another ..

And as I join the cremation of Pran Saheb at an electric crematorium, many thoughts rush through the mind as when I sit by myself and among the visuals of his contribution as an artist and human …

That is all that shall remain with us … for, his human presence was just reduced to the electric flames inside a container, where after some time the ashes shall be removed and given reverence …

All those that pass away shall be reduced to such - some in the ash dust of the elements where we emerged from, some immersed deep into the large crevasses of the earth … earth to earth dust to dust … a circle complete ..

Yet … the circle of the wheel still in motion …

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1914(i)

Jalsa, Mumbai        July 12,  2013         Fri 11 :57 PM

Manoj Kumar








Our Ef in birthday celebration … wishing them a happy day and many more endless such days … love to the birthday boy’s

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1914

Jalsa, Mumbai          July  12,  2013          Fri  11:51 PM

A gentleman of the finest order .. an admirable colleague .. a thorough professional .. a master of disguise in the characters he played .. a delightful companion after ‘office hours’ .. and a considerate human ..

Pran Saheb … !

Another stalwart leaves us, and this massive and imposing Film Industry edifice, tottering by the removal of the giant pillars that held it up, suffers another deathly blow  …

'At this time of our lives', as a close relative once sadly said 'we do not make friends any more, we lose them' !

What shall remain thankfully, shall be the immense volume of documented work that they leave behind, a work that has been laboured sweated and bloodied over years and years of harsh and severe commitment !

We don’t make the likes of them anymore …

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1913

Incessant Rain, Mist, Cloud, Lonavala    July 11,  2013    Thu  10:49 PM

that is what it looks like to shoot a 10 sec promo … immense amount of effort and labor ..

Those two days back home … refreshing and filled with the banter of the little one, was priceless !! Added attraction the shoot for KBC and the glory of the generation next in two films - ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’ and ‘Lootera’.

I shall not shy away from admitting that seeing the work and the outputs of today’s generation in film, be it acting or direction or filmography, makes me envious. What a glorious time these young are living in, bringing material and content in presentations that are so inspiring. One wished one could have been in such circumstances, to be in the surroundings of great finesse and aesthetics, music and direction, and so much more …

We wish at times to relive our lives and often state that we do not wish to change anything from what has transpired. But being in the presence of such effective creativity, one wishes to take those words back, to relive the times of today then, and to be still keen and hungry for more ..

In life one cannot have all ..

The drive down from Mumbai to Lonavala is beauty personified during this time of the year … the greens of the land parched from a torrid summer, welcoming us with outstretched hands, the low wisps of the threatening dark rain laden clouds, floating past your face and temperament … and the pouring rain … just a massive down pour which actually caused most drivers to a crawl on the highway … but so sensuous and exhilarating  !!

Our lives become nomadic almost with our frequent travels and different destinations to all parts of the world. Our living dependent on the paid accommodation of Hotels, our food changes in accordance with what is on offer at any particular resort or city, our contacts with the locals, their families and friends, and the welcome from the well wishers in remote places. The extent of cinema penetration is quite quite phenomenal.

There is a certain joy in completing a schedule ahead of schedule, and I think we are aiming close to another such moment … but the prospect of repeatedly being in such condition is a huge positive comment on the style and nature of the production, planning and the accomplished talent that works hard to produce such effect ..

There is a desire to do more, to do it soon before time runs out .. the problem is that we do not have the comfort of time in favor now, so there is a rush to do as much in as soon or as short a time as possible ..

I rest now to be able to do that .. and not without catching the latest cricket in the Caribbean .. in Trinidad and Tobago … what a wonderful destination. My first visit there in 1983 with a concert and the incredible pleasure of meeting the West Indian brothers and sisters, warm, hospitable, friendly and filled with music and dance. From the moment you land there is just one permanent sound that one hears continuously - the intoxicating rhythm of the calypso … vibrant and irresistible !!!

Love to all …

DAY 1912

Jalsa, Mumbai               July  10,  2013              Wed  11 : 58 PM



A time to live the life of expectation .. of a desire to excel and a want to be able to achieve what may not have across your way as a challenge ..

Tomorrow its back to the serial, after two days of KBC shoots for the promotional of the up coming show …

It is a very early start and a long journey out of Mumbai .. I must then seek forgiveness yet again .. but I shall leave you with my virtual presence and hope that it can give you a lasting time till we meet again …

My love as ever


Amitabh Bachchan

PS : Jasbir Singh Cheema our Ef … a most wonderful birthday for the 10th … love happiness and more …

Page 8

DAY 1911

Jalsa, Mumbai             July  9/10,  2013             Tue/Wed  2 : 08 am

Just back from a trial of the new film to be released ” Bhaag Milkha Bhaag “.. and I am so emotionally and creatively moved to put anything down in words today ..

'Bhaag Milkha Bhaag' …'Run Milkha Run' is the true life story of one of the greatest athletes of India, in his prime during the late 50's and 60's .. he broke the world record in the 400 meters … but there is so much more to him and this story of his life that is simply amazing … and Farhan Akhtar who has lived his role in the film is just unbelievable …

This is an extraordinary film, and made with equal aplomb and measure. The story of Milkha Singh is legend now, but to see it relived in today’s time was an unbelievable experience.

Milkha Singh, a Sikh, born and brought up in pre partition Punjab, now in Pakistan, was the only survivor of his family, other than his elder sister, who had run away earlier, and whom he found after long when all the refugees were rehabilitated in camps, during the violence that erupted at the time of the division of India, into Pakistan and India. He was hardly 13 or 14 years old when his village was attacked by the opposite community, and saw his entire family brutally massacred .. all that he remembered was his grandfather yelling at him to run away, as the marauders came in .. and through out his life he had the most disturbing visuals of his grandfather screaming at him - bhaag Milkha bhaag !!

To see the entire re enactment of the brutality of the partition … of remembering those days of 1947, when I was a 5 year old in Allahabad, to hear all those horrid tales from my Mother’s side of the family .. all Sikhs .. my Aunts and cousins, who had escaped from their land, and had come to live with us to escape the killings, was traumatising ..

My Mother’s sisters have passed away, but I remember visiting them with my Mother after they were re established in towns, now in India - Sirsa, and Jullunder … some of them now in Chandigargh and in Lucknow .. my cousins ..some migrated to England .. but every time I spend time with them, those horrible tales of losing all their belongings - they coming from some of the most affluent families in erstwhile Punjab(Pak) - of the nightmares that they went through, the dislocation and the unbearable tragedy of each … just so depressing and sad ..

More people were killed during the Partition of India in 1947, than those killed in the entire World War II …

But for now I just want to come away from all those memories and allow my brain to rest and take in what I have seen in the film … the determination and effort of one individual, that has now become a landmark event in the history of the country …

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1910

Jalsa, Mumbai                July  8,  2013                Mon  9:28 PM

Leaving the greens and the soft mist of Lonavala, the intermittent and impromptu mini water falls off the grey black glistening wet rocks of the hills, as the winding rod takes you closer home, there is a sense of leaving behind the fresh flavour of an environ that still breathes purity …

And as you approach the city .. the high rises and the mangled roads, filled with repair and slush and potted holes that bear the rough of heavy vehicular traffic, there is a moment when you wish to turn around and go back to where you were … but ..

….. as the destination of home, becomes a visible possibility, all that you may have found unsuitable, quickly reverses and the expectation of being among those that are family and loved ones, becomes most important ..

The familiar smells of your own roof and bed and surroundings, propels you into a sense of possession … a possession that you have built and nurtured and enjoyed through the years of your work … and suddenly all else withers away … the city and your home is all that matters … this wonderful metropolis, that gave you the strength to find yourself against all impossible odds. That provided for all, yet gave the excess to those that strived for it, and dreamt for it desperately … the city had it all .. it needed to be provoked with ambition and hope, and it delivered …

I will doubt very much if there are many cities in the world that bear similar temperament .. who have the power to dictate to you, the work ethic you need to pursue .. the passion which shall propel you to do more than your capacity .. to achieve when you may have considered that you had had enough !!

Mumbai … this small insignificant fishing village, gifted to some royalty or conquerer as a marriage dowry, or perhaps just a bunch of several islands that never had desire or intent to be built up to what this destination has become, is a most inspired, energised, voluptuous playground for those that have migrated here, in search of furtherance .. in search of bettering their present to a prosperous future … to establish what they believed they possessed in talent and creativity and opportunity to be converted into the largeness of the present ..

What a multi cultural destination it has now become .. in region, religion and race … what a monumental heart it has enjoyed to embrace all that dared to walk within her portals of spacious capacity ..

Each time it looks as if it cannot accomodate an inch more, it opens wider and spreads its welcoming yet cautious arms, in an endearing embrace .. filling all with its warmth and presence …

Yes it gets upset at times .. carelessness, and not giving it the attention it deserves results often in inexplainable disaster and ruin … both physically and mentally .. an expected behaviour … so would anyone that had the maltreatment it gets from those that dwell in it …

Each city or metropolis in the world is faced with such trials .. let us all be most honest about this … and they all go through the strains that we do, or the city does … but that does not give us enough reason to continuously keep dragging the whip over its tender soul ..

Let each one that inhabits a space on this earth, be of mind that it shall contribute that little something to make it a better place … as must we all, in which ever destination we domicile ..

The beauty of the universe and its natural habitat, has been gifted to us, much like the city of Mumbai, through providence or unknown force or that heavenly exaltedness ..not without reason and certainly not without cause ..

We need to give it our love .. for when we do, its response shall be a million times greater than what you may have ever expected ..

Love and respect and grace for all …

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1909

Lonavala, in rain and Cloud,          July 7, 2013            Sun 11:18 PM

You wish at times … you desire the wishes to come true … you strive that it does … work at it, and find ways to accomplish what that wish meant to you … and what you desired does not fructify ! You sit stunned, frustrated, in shock at times, depleted of all energy and will, deflated … thinking yourself to be of inferior metal, of not in the league of those that do accomplish.

You blame yourself and your destiny. You consider the unfairness the world and life has shown to you. You become silent and embarrassed, frightened to face the outside world, of expectant taunts, of vile comment detrimental to your very existence. All seems lost in despondency, worthlessness. An inferiority builds and once allowed to climb, creeper like into your psyche, dresses itself up in fancy unnoticed costume, so that recognition is scarce or none at all ….

One can humanly live in the morass of such existence … in the slush and in the mud of decrepit self pity, cursory, inflamed and without hope …

OR … one can break free from it all and live … live with the confident appeal of fulfilling all that one had encountered during the fall …

This a good attitude and one that I rate higher than the effort and pain one undergoes, to achieve sustained success. Getting to the desired success is tough, but remaining in the same room is a lot more difficult ..

We all wish for the best … for its achievement .. its enduring quality … and I hope that this is possible for all … but if it is not, despondency is not the call of the hour. There shall always be limits to each one of us … maybe our limit was reached … to breach it, one would require that unfettered strength and belief .. it shall come, but it is indeed a mighty effort .. if one is prepared to accept it, well and good .. but even if one is not, it cannot be termed as shameful or worthy of severe cynical criticism ..

Reserve that cynicism for the under achievers, who never try, but remain in contention only because they dwell in the largesse of pitiable and degenerate act and thought …

Their reading of time and life shall always be limited. To them perhaps the evaluation of that missed moment, is a cipher, one that they believe has no value at all .. I would wish for them a pleasant existence, for they know not what in reality is the meaning of their belief .. That is a pitiable condition !

A redefinition is desperately needed for their dictionary … or an abandonment … they cannot be welcomed among the wise and worthy .. for they shall meet their end in the circumstances that prevail for them - not the most comfortable time table, I would implore !

Dwelling time on them then, is equally a wastage of this much preserved energy that those who have understood exist in … good bye dear ones … you shall always be dear, but dearer in context .. !!

The British Isles erupt in a jubilation locked and sealed for most of 77 years, in the victory of their lad in the Wimbledon Final .. Andy Murray shall be decorated, mushed and lauded over, for having brought meaning again to the strains of ‘Rule Britannia’ !! He played the better game today against an old adversary Djokovic and won .. he promised himself that he would and he did. It was I believe his promise, and in that promise came the will and the desire and the relentless effort to succeed …

His wish along with the wishes of an entire nation willed it beyond his talent to achieve, what he and they believed he deserved .. and so it came to pass. His disappointment last year at the same venue, washed away in his own tears, along with those of his near, gave him the will this year to succeed … but what an effort he had to put in, compelled and driven by an entire stadium of his countrymen, gathered to encourage another historic chapter in making.

In the arena of the Center Court, he was alone with his talent .. the encouragement came from without, but the determination came from within … it always does .. and it always shall … without error or change …

Yes he won .. and handsomely too, down at times to an impossible degree .. but the wish, the desire, the effort and the call of destiny propelled him on to push ahead .. and so he did ..

BUT … I like to sit by the vanquished, his still unmoving demeanour  his thoughts of where he made error, of his own wishes and desires, and his spirit and promises … and most importantly, that inner voice which most achievers quiver with - ‘I shall not give in so rapidly, so tamely, so despondently. I shall return and will it to make effort to win … win again from the same victor’ …

That to me makes a champion ..

May we all become champions of our respective causes .. accept the defeat, live in its ignominy and emerge finally with the added strength of having demolished the demons that had overwhelmed us all …

Love and spirit …

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1908

InterRain, Mist in Hills, Lonavala   July 6/7, 2013   Sat/Sun 1:23 AM

Divya Solgama  .. our deepest condolences for your Father .. a sudden and unexpected departure at age 68 !! We are with you in prayer ..

The relevance of a family has been spoken about in the most expressive and loving manner in the past, but it has been a huge revelation for me to read what most of the Ef had to say about it ! I feel proud of the fact that the identification of this association, one that has lasted for so many years now, has been instrumental in bringing individuals from across the globe, to one common ground, or if I may call it, a home. This home is the home that finds mention and importance in all that we have been dwelling on for the past few days …

I respect the personal relationships that each one of you have and have had with family. That is sacrosanct. I am also most humbled and honoured that many of you were in condition to share your opinions and its effects on you, so openly and frankly. This is generally not accepted in most communities - that there is freedom to talk and discuss inner feelings, connections and emotions with a general audience, is yes, unusual, for often such topics should remain within the walls of your own personal homes. But I must admit that I never expected the frankness with which this issue was addressed and brought out .. I can only give my warmth of affection to all that did and hope that it did not cause undue discomfort to any ..

It is time to make this a short missive .. I have a very early call tomorrow, and most of the ‘early’ already reflects in the time in the corner of the screen ..

I hope to make up for it tomorrow and till the you all have my love and affection as ever …

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1907

Dry Rain mist distant, Lonavala    July 5,  2013    Fri 11 : 45 PM

Yesterday’s post was written with nostalgia and passion. Some expressed great response to it, but there were a few that were perhaps surprised by it. Surprised because they wished to express themselves in the context of the theme but were unable to do so. Irrespective of what their own personal circumstances may be, I would never dare to explore further the why’s and wherefore’s of their personal situations. We all have our own stories to tell, to bear and to experience. I would wish for all to have an as ideal a situation as possible, but life does not always bring the best for us, we suffer at times, we struggle, but in the end we accept what life offers and learn to live with it, fight it to our fulfilment and continue .. continue because that in itself shall bring us the fruits that we desire … no matter how bitter they may be ..

Passion … that is what we all dream about in our work. Without it it would be futile, to be involved in any act. Many mention about, energy, determination, desire to succeed, or least give it a shot … lovely spirit ..

I would wish, that passion and desire and determination remain with all of us in whatever we do … without it of course .. it is just another ordinary life .. or one without wanting it to be special …

It is impossible to describe at times what others wish is the formula for determination or will or passion. It is something that we all have dealt with during our life times, yet never been able to give it definition. Those that are able to, are blessed. Many are of opinion that if you speak about it you lose it … so for many its a kind of taboo ..

There are those that go out after their innings are over to talk about it at various forums, and important institutions. Many listen and get inspired, many make example from it, many just enjoy the experience of being given an opportunity to see into the personal struggles and achievements of others, and hope that they can be impressed enough to emulate them ..

May you all be in passion and determination to achieve what you set your destinations … and may they be achieved with the least amount of effort ..

With love ..

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1906

Mist and Rain among Clouds, Lonavala    July 4, 2013    Thu  11:48 PM

The words in the commercial for Binani .. it was developed and conceived by Piyush Pande, head of O&M agency in India, and who has just won 10 awards for his Company at Cannes … and myself … shot by Shoojit Sarkar, who did ‘Vicky Donor’ the film, and who has made ‘Johnny Mastana’ unreleased with me .. the DOP was Negi, who also shot our Gujarat Campaign for tourism … the location is a set, though the photographs and some props have been given by me. The film has not been shot in my house as many comment !!

I wish to give an English translation to the Hindi :

Parents, your Mother and your Father after passing, do not go away anywhere,

It just seems that they have left us, but they never do ..

Sometimes they smile through your lips,

Or at times you see their reflection in the way you walk ..

At times you see them in that familiar structured nose of your son,

If not, then at times they hide in the eyes of the daughter of your son ..

Sometimes they surprise you, in expressing an issue in the words of your voice

That they had spoken …

They are in the lullabies, that you did not remember, that you remembered !

They are in your hesitant stutters, that you experience when you lie ..

Have you ever wondered why you shake your leg when seated,

Gullu, Babloo, Pinky .. whatever your pet name is, they are seen in them ..

In a date in your day, in a fire that burns within, look carefully ..

It is a long chain of events beaded together, very old, of which you are a strengthening bead,

They were there before you, they shall be there after you as well,

Because your parents never leave you, they remain here with you ..

For generations to come …

Binani Cement - For generations to come

The tag line of the product is ‘For generations to come’ … and the film talks about how our parents never leave us, they remain with us, in the way we express ourselves, smile, talk, remember habits … they remain here with us for ‘generations to come’ …

And the tag line for the product falls in beautifully .. it is a product that remains with us for generations. We build a house a home, that remains with us through years. Because it was built with a cement that shall last through generations …

Thank you all for the beautiful comments that you send on its structure and its execution. It has created quite a stir in the advertising world .. unique and heart warming, yet going along with the brand of the company and the product ..

The campaign has prompted many to reflect back on their own parents .. those with whom they now wish to connect .. to put aside all the negative issues that may have occurred .. to call them to listen to their voice, to just be near them, touch and feel them, and if they be not there, to realize what they meant to them when they were alive …

It has drawn tears from many, goosebumps, a lump in the throat … because genetics have a strange way of doing that to you. They are our most precious and prized possessions … they always were, they always shall be …

For me … the presence of the pictures of the various time dates that went through bring back all that we shared and experienced. We behave and learn from them, they teach us, bring us up, hold that little finger and guide us through our trials and tribulations …

And then suddenly we grow up, and have opinion and views. Some that garner agreement, some that do not. But in the home that we grew up the respect remained despite differences if ever there was one. And now as you look back you find how correct and right they were, and how indisposed we ..

You wish now to have them back … just for those little moments .. but they never do come .. they remain with us through time immemorial, and all that you function with now, has those images of the learnings that came from them. That is how we shall remember them, that is how we shall be confident and assured of their presence within us. As the campaign said - in those everyday moments, somewhere, someday in some way, they shall reflect … that shall be their most beautiful legacy … and that is the legacy that we shall strive to leave behind, for our own …

You may never ever make effort for this … but whatever you do say or conduct, remains in the eyes of the progeny. Be of understanding then of what you are, and be … for there is that someone watching you with great hope and admiration, to emulate you in some manner …

I shall be blessed, if that were to happen to me, from my progeny .. because I am indebted to them, that had me as their progeny … !!!

My love as ever …

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1905(i)  - I did a commercial for Binani Cement .. the English version shall follow in some time soon ..

DAY 1905

Misty Hills, Rain and Clouds, Lonavala   July 3, 2013    Wed 11:30 PM

Among the clouds .. among nature … among fresher air … among the dampness of the rain … among new horizons and plains and people .. among the freshness of experiment, of effort to be connected with that which is not done before …

THAT … That is what life is all about …that is what makes you get up in the morning with a start and with hope and expectation and desire .. without it, I may as well remain in the cozy confines of the bed, and lie still in the self constructed void of nothingness ..

If nothingness could bring mind and soul together I would mingle with it, allow it to envelope me like those low clouds descending from the heights of the hills that surround us … hills, not in their finite shape, but in its abstract delusion .. they come down and know not where to travel .. hanging by themselves like undisclosed ventures or abandoned dear ones ..

They that abandon may they never ever flourish, and may those that they abandon live and deliver despite their unwantedness .. they shall be the best that work and survive with such desolation … for them it is that the Gods do worry and help .. they are children of the unknown, but known to ONE !!

To that ONE then … whoever it be … my humbleness and servility !!

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1904

Misty Hills, Monsoon Rain, Lonavala,     July 2, 2013     Tue 11:54 PM

The Hindustan Times magazine section Brunch brought out their Anniversary issue and two very prominent individuals brought out what they think of me - Karan Johar and the very respected

Wonder what you think of them … let me have your opinions ..

The mist and the low clouds … the hills in the not so distant … and the lashing rain .. just makes for such an interesting drive from Mumbai … a couple of hours thanks to several flyovers and the great highway that has through the years reduced the driving time by hours ..

I remember the early days when there was no six lane highway, and we would drive to Lonavala to .. well .. have some of the best ‘biryani’ en route, and the fantastic and still ruling in taste, the ‘chiki’. This is a city just on the tip of the ‘ghats’ or mini hills that one crosses on the way to Pune, half way through .. At some point it used to be a silent sleepy quiet requiem for the week enders of Mumbai … now … I really have no relevant description of it .. crowded, busy, built up , but still has something of that aura of the past ..

In those early years when Hrishi da, Hrishikesh Mukerjee, and Jaya and I were working in many films together, we had all built similar looking three cottages up here, for a price of … hold your breath … Rs 20,000 !! Since we never came here ever to spend time, we decided to sell it off .. and we did for about the same amount of money .. big mistake ! Its value today would be … I don’t even want to think about it ..

Such is life .. we move on ..

The Tv serial shooting to continue from tomorrow , and it shall be very busy days .. 12 hours work each day and then some more ..

There is an interesting little story on my FB hopefully today regarding theatre and my efforts when in College at the Delhi University .. and one that concerns Miranda House, the elite Womens ‘it’ College. Delhi University was patterned on the lines of Cambridge and Oxford, where the campus houses several different colleges in one area. It was such a joy to be in that environment. Walking across, or jumping a wall to be in the company of your friends in another college, meeting up in the canteens of the others, catching the same bus to our homes and in the mornings to the University. The inter college games, the University games with visiting guests from other cities, and the coming together on our common grounds and bunking classes to cheer our side. The coffee adventures in the cold of the winter, riding the scooters of those affluent enough to possess them, into Connaught Place the elegant shopping center, with all the happening restaurants … ahh ! so many memories .. and such wondrous nostalgia … many a time one wishes they could be relived again …

I must retire now with those thoughts .. must gym in the morning .. and importantly must take up the challenge for something new in the morning …

Love to all …

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1903

Jalsa, Mumbai               July 1-2, 2013               Mon-Tue  2 : 59 AM

July 1st the birthday of Pt Hari Prasad Chaurasia … a flautist of immense renown, talent and greatness. He has been a personal friend and along with Pt Shiv Kumar Sharma, the eminent santoor player, gave us the music of Silsila ..

Cannot ever forget a New Year eve at the Hotel we were staying in in Delhi during the shooting of Silsila, when just Hari ji, Shiv ji and the great tabla maestro Zakir Hussain played the entire night for Yash ji, his wife, Jaya and myself !  What a moment .. I had recorded that evening night on one of those cassette players of yore and …. horror od horrors … it has got misplaced somewhere .. one of the finest impromptu music moments of three giants of Indian Classical music deleted and lost  .. painful !!

Hari ji’s flute playing has been a marvel… it speaks almost to the listener, weaves a most all consuming emotion inside you … and Shiv ji’s santoor, that special instrument in string, that originated from Kashmir, can hoist one into the picturesque and the most beautiful environs of the region, to which the mighty Moghul Emperor had described in these beautiful words :

'If there is heaven on Earth .. it is here, it s here, it is here '

Visiting Kashmir was a given during the early parts of our film career. The shooting schedules would be designed to work there and the entire family would come along to break away from the devastating summer heat of the plains. When the door of the plane opened on landing at Srinagar, that blast of cool fresh air was an invigoration of a lifetime ..

What wonderful times have been spent in the ‘valley’ .. simply indescribable ..

But have not been there since .. the strife and struggle that has engulfed this region now, has deprived all of us this locale with its pristine beauty .. its weather, its locations, its unique food … but above all its warm loving and caring people …

It is today also Doctors Day .. a day when we remember the contribution this profession has made through the centuries in curing and helping the human race of all the complicated illnesses it has gone through … the dedication and complete focus on bringing relief and rehabilitation, for those that suffer complex and myriad disease ..

Through all the various episodes that I have gone through, medical in nature, my admiration for the medical fraternity of our country has always been immense .. my faith and trust in them has been responsible in bringing me back to life after all my severe medical conditions that I went through. I may have had the means to get the best treatment in any part of the world, but for me the trust and the accumen of our own Indian doctors, my reliance on their capability, has been prime. I gave myself up to them, and they have by the grace of the Almighty, delivered …

This I can never forget, and never will …

There is travel again from tomorrow, for the Tv serial shoot .. and I look forward to that with great apprehension, but also great joy … all new experiences bring with them the happiness of fulfilment. I will not and cannot say that satisfaction of fulfilment shall be achieved, but there shall be earnest attempt …

This is a corporate House, where Sony lives an where I go for rehearsals .. the people still come out in wild numbers … what have I done to keep them so … I often wonder .. my love though to all of them ..

Good night dear ones ..


Amitabh Bachchan

Page 9

DAY 1902

Jalsa, Mumbai               June 30, 2013             Sun  10:57 PM

You get up in the morning after a safe and fair amount of rest and you find yourself telling yourself .. ‘No .. not getting up today, not going to do anything that is expected of me to do, not doing anything ..’ and then something pushes you out and before long the world is ready to be conquered ! It was one of those days … today !

I think its all in the mind … naah … such a cliched remark … its many things coming together. Responsibility, commitment, the need to do or else and giving in. The first three are somewhat normal, natural, but the last ..’giving in’ is perhaps the most valid and valuable.

What does it feel like to give up ..? A sense of defeat, of not being able to perform, of allowing the mind and body to dictate to you. There have been many occasions in our lives when we have felt so. There is abject decision to withdraw. It is that self feel that we have gone beyond what we could have done or achieved, or are at a stage when we realise that we are unsuited for the part. Unsuited for the part, could be a wrong decision, one that could have been thrust upon you in circumstances beyond your control. In such cases it is best to be honest with one self. Accept the wrong decision and give in.

There was a moment in my life when I had to face such a condition. Realising the need to stop, I expressed it. Some of the elders agreed with me and decided for me to leave, but my Mother was different .. she said that we should complete the job, get victorious and then if it was needed to leave, then leave … but right now, it is a non issue …Guess it was the Sikh blood in her speaking up !! I followed what she expressed, won and then gave it up !

I do not look back upon it as something that I gave in to. I look back upon it as having gone in won and then retired. I think it would sign in as sheer pluck, advocated by my Mother, similar I would imagine of that Sherwood College boxing episode which I had written about earlier in one of my Blogs.

Failure or its acceptance is nothing to be ashamed of, happens to all of us, but it is the effort made before it that gains importance. Did we put in our best, or did we succumb to effort ! The satisfaction of such is beyond all else ..

There is great appreciation and applause for the winner yes, but the recognition for the loser is somehow that has that special something ..

This does not by any stretch of imagination suggest that we need to go for that ‘special something’ .. !!!

The Sunday well wishers meet was swell … with many Ef in the congested and cramped crowds, bearing the heat and the push and shove. Ah ! Not recommended but what can one do .. it has now become a permanent joyful occasion for me .. and today the ‘little one’ came out too .. and the look of extreme bewilderment when she stood on the podium was priceless !! After a while after she had been taken in, they were going out again for dinner, and the first look she gave when she came out was to check if the crowds were still there .. ha ha ha ha ..

Many perhaps know of the condition of ‘Bijlee’, the sick elephant that had collapsed on the street of the city, and all the trouble that NGO’s were taking to revive it and look after it, with a little help from friends .. her weight was the problem first, getting her up needed a crane and to keep her up the straps around her needed to be in place. But despite all the effort taken she passed away this morning. Really sad. They are unable to speak of their problems, and it is quite depressing to see this majestic animal in such condition ..

We now have another elephant, Lakshmi in trouble. She is ill too and we are doing the best we can through monetary help to get her well. Let us hope she survives. These are domesticated elephants, and quite shockingly are used by their masters to beg on the streets !! Really sorry state of affairs ..

Recognise some of the Ef  …

At rehearsals for KBC ..

My love to all

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1901

Jalsa, Mumbai           June 29-30,  2013           Sat-Sun  2 :09 am

Went to see a play at Prithvi Theatre .. ‘Namaste’ … Ila Arun invited us … a delight to be sitting in a closed environ and see live performers … such talent and such ability …

The stage always reminds me of the days in school and college and university and the days of the first job in Kolkata .. there is an attraction that transcends all else .. a feeling of want and desire to be up there or be an ardent viewer ..

The stage … the most trying and difficult of all performing arts .. a wonderful place to learn to get initiated of what may follow … some of the greats have migrated from the stage to greatness of their own elsewhere, but have never forgotten the days of the smell of the wood work ..

It would be wonderful to get back to it, but … but … now it is frightening to get up there … a controlled environ is suitable to us today .. we can make countless mistakes … not so on the platform of the stage .. not so also the immediate reaction of the audience … not so also the immediate reaction and applause of the people sitting in front of you .. that attraction is something only those that experience it can say …

The ‘chicken’ in the kindergarten, the more serious plays in school - ‘happiest days of your life’, ‘and then there were none’ by Agatha Christie , Nikolai Gogols ‘Government Inspector’ … and so many more come to mind  after … I must spend some elaborate time on them and write about it … and soon …

For now .. I dwell on those moments and say adieu ..


Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1900

Jalsa, Mumbai          June 28-29,  2013           Fri-Sat  1:33 AM

The knowledge of knowing how a certain gadget works, is eventually a pressure point that has decided to be normalised. Many a times we leave the intricacies of its functionality because it is scary to even imagine that we could ever get to understand it. The basics are to be known and that is it. But then, if it is just the basics that needs attention then what was wrong with the previous machine - they had the same basics.

But human nature is such that it competes with itself. The mind wanders about in search of proving to the other that what we have in our possession is not to be found anywhere else. My car, is the exclusive .. my clothes come from a store which no one knows about .. and no one shall … my house is decorated with objects that you shall not find anywhere else..

Surely there is the belief that if you have been to a store to buy an object of desire, it could and may well become the object of desire of another .. otherwise why would anyone have a store at all …

There is somehow the belief that what you possess, cannot and will not be available to any other than yourself. The desire and wish is to look and feel different from the other. That is what has prevailed in a capitalistic society. But that can never be possible. You do know that others may have bought the same item of glory too. The hope that rides is that the other may never be seen when you are being seen … wishful, but most of the times it works. Women have a serious issue with such occurrences … and why not, they do want to be the toast of the evening and not wish any other to be encroaching on their domain .. For men it is easier and perhaps not much of an issue … the black formal tie is a black formal tie, the kurta-pyjama and shawl is just that … there cannot be a debate on it …

Yes in the matter of other objects there can be strong reactions .. particularly in the mechanical departments … the car, the size of the swimming pool, the mobile phone being used ..

There is that famous story from Hollywood, a destination where perhaps this element exists in greater proportion than in other vocations, of the star taking great pride in having the telephone in his car ; a luxury of those times which was most unique. Riding in his vehicle and desirous of informing his rival star of his latest possession too, he calls him up in his car with the intention of showing off that his rival is not the only one that has a phone in his car. The rival a bit rubbed off by this recent development obviously does not take too kindly to this, so while he is answering his rivals phone from his car states .. “Could you hold the line please, my other phone is ringing !” … ha ha ha … just a one up technique to make the rival feel lesser ..

Since celebrities attract attention, it is always a matter of huge concern to organisers of functions when and how the other celebrity should be called, handled, treated so that the others do not feel left out or neglected. Many interesting episodes have made ground on stories of how various celebrities tackle such situations ..

Some like to enter fashionably late so all the attention is singularly focussed on them, and not the rival or the others. To be present and have all pay attention to the other star can and does cause a disturbance to the one that arrived first ..

Many a time, agents and managers are sent in advance to functions to inform their master what the terrain is like and what would be a good time to arrive so that they are able to garner the attention of the audience ..

When the focus of attention shifts from you to your rival because he or she arrived late just for this, it is difficult to handle at times .. the reason being that celebrities are used to being the focus of attention wherever they go .. if not then they feel lesser or slighted .. giving rise therefore to these oddities ..

They are hardly noticeable these finer moments, but they do exist, particularly so when it is believed that the two people involved, share the same clientele, mass adulation or whatever it is they crave for ..

No celebrity likes to feel less than the other … but there shall be equations that shall rapidly keep changing .. one could be an insignificant member of the fraternity one day and the very next, because of your commercial standing, you could altogether be another individual … it is a great joy at times to be noticed how this functions … and if you are an interested party it is a fantastic exercise in human facial behaviour … because the face never lies .. it truly describes the feelings …

Interesting na .. !!

My love

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1900 - Official Theatrical Trailer of ‘#Satyagraha’

DAY 1899

Jalsa, Mumbai                June 27, 2013                Thu  11:25 PM

It is today the 27th of June and the day of the birth of a great music talent from the Industry, Rahul Dev Burman, lovingly known as ‘Pancham’. Pancham is the name given to a note in the music world, and because he used to sing in that high pitch, he was nicknamed Pancham.

Son of the legendary Sachin Dev Burman, another music maestro of the Industry, also in possession of a unique voice, Pancham brought in the color of modern sound and form in the Industry laden till then with a bent towards the more classic.

It was Mehmood bhai, who, recognising his talent gave him the first break to become an independent music director. And after that he just never rested, producing some of the most loved and lasting music in the history of the Indian Film Industry. I was fortunate to have him give me some of my  favorite songs in memorable films. Apart from his inherent talent he was great company, always affable, filled with humour, and having a ready story on a comic situation that he may have encountered …

Spending time with him in his music room where each evening he would sit with his musicians and compose, was a delight. His last years were filled with sadness. He felt the Industry had discarded his talent and was not giving him the opportunity he wanted. His last known work was in the film 1942 A love Story, the film made by Vinod Chopra starring Anil Kapoor and Manisha Koirala. The songs were written by Javed Saheb, and it was considered to be one of the best music tracks of RD Burman. He passed away suddenly, leaving behind a history of wonderful memories and his music, which shall always remain eternal ..

The family is back and it is such a joy to be with the ‘little one’, who has grown and moves and expresses and utters some inconsequential and some consequential oddities from her cute mouth. Her priceless expressions, bringing laughter and joy to us all …

I think there comes a time in the lives of us when we slowly become oblivious of our surroundings … of what transpires with us personally …of what we do and get ourselves involved in … of our work that we do, and whether it carries relevance. No … not indifference to it … that would be spelling doom for us all … but just the fact that it has been done and whether we need to dwell on it or move on to the next ..

To an outsider it may seem so, but it is not so in real, that we are unconcerned.. no we are not unconcerned .. its just that the mind or the ability and desire to await reaction, whether praise or criticism, seems to completely vanish …

And as I write I see many among you wondering what it is that could have triggered this now .. Its really nothing of worry at all, or even worthy of notice, and certainly not brought on by any that visit or connect with me here on this platform of the dedicated Ef ..NO !! it is none of that .. it is merely a certain need to express at times what goes on inside, within .. something that needs an expression … and what better place than to do it with those that love and understand you …

I personally think nature begins to prepare you for the age that now preoccupies one .. to remind us that eventually we shall be alone, single, away from all .. Company and associations slowly begin to fade away … you suddenly begin to find solace and joy in solitude .. your confines become scarce and small as do your surroundings … spaces begin to be of insignificance … a favoured chair, a meal, the company of the same selected, destinations which once enamoured us, now not of such relevance ..

I don’t know … perhaps I merely air some undesired views and thoughts .. perhaps it is just a phase ..

I do hope so …

My love

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1898

Jalsa, Mumbai              June 26/27,  2013               Wed/Thu  2:50 am

Ravi Patel  june 27 … a very happy birthday to you … love and happiness always .. success and fulfilment .. love to you

It was the theatrical trailer launch of the film ‘Satyagraha’ tonight and then a host of interviews concerning the film and related to it, but the heart of most of the conversation tilted towards Uttarakhand and its tragedy ..

To still see the suffering of those rescued and those still lost and not found, the tales of misery and bravery of the Army jawans, the hardships they go through in selfless service towards their countrymen, is really a feat that is close to being a miracle ..

After the helicopter crash killing 19 persons the Air Chief gave a statement ‘that the tragedy is indeed most horrendous and sad, but despite the crash of the helicopter, the blades of the rotors shall not stop rotating until each and every stranded individual is brought to safety ..

There is now a fresh danger, heavy rain is predicted for the next 72 hrs, and this shall most certainly hamper rescue operations. The terrain at these points is one of the most treacherous you can ever come across .. I have been through them a few times, and have struggled to get to the shrine .. I guess there is some strong emotion attached to this also. A wrong step and one could plunge hundreds of feet below into  deep dense forests and rocky terrain infested I gathered today, of wild bears !!

The media at the launch asks many questions, but one that comes back repeatedly is whether this ‘satyagraha’ shall influence people for a revolution ..

Satyagraha was a word coined by Mahatma Gandhi, during the struggle movement to rid the country of British Colonial rule. It was the ultimate persuasive power during those times - to be able to fight and rid an enemy by peaceful protest … and it worked ! Todays generation does not know much about Gandhi and his immense sense of the persuasive power of truth. They feel that incidents happen, limited revolutions take place and then its all forgotten .. I do not believe in that theory, others may, I do not.

The key to the formation of such thought was the pursuance of truth to such an extent that some of the examples given would fall flat. Truth is was and shall ever be the strongest weapon we possess. With truth on our side , it shall be very difficult to disprove it .. or to defeat it .. and long may it not .. so truth it is and truth it shall be … !!

The perpetrator of violence shall always fail … peace shall rule ever … this is what Gandhi believed in and it got an entire nation motivated in common cause …

Righty protest for a cause is now quite common … but do realize its occurrence. The Arab spring, and the uprising of the common man in most Arab countries is an indicator, as is what happens on Wall Street, or the streets of London, in Brazil in most other Western countries … how and why ?

The common man has suddenly decided that it has a voice, and that it must exercise it for the cause it wants to propagate ! When the population of a most large proportion inhabits the diaspora, when its number swells each and every moment, and when his or her voice speaks, it sounds like their word shall be followed … for a country that has one of the largest number of its countrymen between the ages of 18 - 35, the youth, it becomes imperative to listen to them. And that is what the film will speak about ..

It is a story, a drama say between Father and Son, of their conflict and perhaps a reconciliation towards a common goal .. that goal to be achieved within the tenets of truth and justice …

How relevant it is in todays times when all around us crumbles …

My love

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1897

Jalsa, Mumbai               June 25,  2013              Tue  10:46 PM

Donna Lisch    25  June    
Anamika  Gupta     ‏26  June 

to both our Ef’s a most happy and beautiful day for your birthday ..may there be constant joy in your lives .. love form us all ..




The tragedy of the floods continue … a rescue helicopter with survivors on board, along with Army personnel has crashed while flying out of the affected area .. such sad news !! The pain of the moment just does not end !!

May the Almighty bring his benevolence to those that still suffer … and may he heal the pain of those that have suffered for long ..

Such devastatingly sad stories are coming out from the survivors .. some who lost their family members in front of their eyes, swept away by the waters .. others who just could not provide the kind of assistance needed .. the cold causing the death of their kin … ahh ! it is just beyond mention now ..!!


There is so much to say, but the tragedy of the moment engulfs you and numbs you into submitting all that would bring normalcy in life …

The uncertainties of nature and life have intertwined almost, creating a viscous thread of immense strength, that has been strung around our necks like a noose, strangling the very essence of existence …

It is difficult to tear oneself away from it all … it is difficult … very difficult ..

I cannot continue any more ..


Amitabh Bachchan


DAY 1896

Jalsa, Mumbai               June 24/25,  2013               Mon/Tue  12:01 am

The horror of the Uttarakhand floods and the havoc it created, the loss of life and loved ones, the treacherous terrain and the incredible effort of the Army to bring to safety those stranded, to bring them to their loved ones, and continue this massive effort, has been most reassuring, but the after effects of the tragedy can never be forgotten …

Nelson Mandela or ‘Madiba’ as he is fondly called lies critically ill in hospital in South Africa. What a man ? I have met him on two occasions in his country. A most gentle, but determined human, the likes of which can be rarely found. He fought for what he felt right and even though he was confined to a prison for almost 28 years, he came out victorious in the end. That part of the apartheid in SaF shall always remain a sore and ugly reminder of the humiliation and sufferings of another human, purely because of his color !

Mandela was the person and his party the ANC, that gave us the permission to stage the first ever concert from India in January 1991, when the country was on the verge of demolishing the dreaded apartheid in SAf. And what an experience that was. Never before seen by me and perhaps never after .. the love and affection of the people of South Africa was simply unbelievable …

And closer home we have one of the greats of the country, the singer Manna Dey, ill and in hospital … our prayers for his speedy recovery. So many songs that remain in our thoughts and minds have that typical stamp of the singer, but for me and my family his voice in the album he did for ‘Madhushala’ shall always remain most precious ..

Amidst all the sadness of the events taking place, life moves on and on ..

The rehearsals for KBC have begun, the team is in its elements, and the excitement of yet another season draws near. It all began in the year 2000, and that makes it an association of 13 years with the game show … that is some time period !! The love and the affection of the people have been with me all along and I do hope that it shall continue as we set about it all over again …

Days pass by, events and situations arise, leave an impact and fade away giving space to something new and fresh … we dwell in nostalgia, but take to what transpires in times of today. That becomes our most important act and belief. We have always found it very cliched to refer to such circumstances. They do not sound good in the present, but we must respect those moments. If they had not happened, today would not have, irrespective of the value and strength of it …

I value my time - the past and the present both .. I do not have knowledge of the future, so I refrain. But past and present one must continuously refer to. Where and what were the circumstances we came from, and where and what we are today .. that is our report. Yet if there had not been any progress, or there had been a decline, then it must be remembered that one has the capacity and will to accept it and be prepared to go back to the  life and times of yesterday, without any remorse !!

I shall never forget that bench on Marine Drive in Mumbai, where I spent a night without a shelter. I must never forget the disappointments of the early times of my career … for they can reappear .. the bench and the disappointments both !

Derive strength from the past, add to it in the present, prepare for the future … but … if it does not, then be satisfied with where you were before !

I was brought home after my birth in a ‘tonga’, wrapped in the plainest of clothing … the ‘gudari ka lal’ … I must be prepared for that circumstance again, if it were to happen !!


Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1895

Jalsa, Mumbai     June 23/24, 2013     Sun/Mon  2:39 AM
Moses  Sapir 23June Anniversary
Agnes James (Dipal Cousin Baroda) 24June Birthday

Moses … a most happy anniversary … love and togetherness always ..

Agnes a very happy birthday … our love and wishes

Huge excitement at India winning the Championship Trophy in Cricket, beating England in England .. so proud the team makes us all .. our appreciation and boundless love and congratulations to all the team members !!

They have played remarkably … did not lose a single game in the entire tournament and came out winners in the end, despite all kinds of criticism against them …

May they continue to excel in the future too …

I am though, most disappointed with the Indian Commentators on the Tv (English). With the exception of Saurav Ganguly, no one seems to be rooting for the Indian team. It almost seems like they are pandering to the opposition.

An English player is bowled out at a most crucial point in the game and the Indian commentator, is more worried about how the player can play such a shot, than complimenting and praising the Indian bowler for his feat !

With one ball left to finish the game, and England requiring six runs to win from their last batsmen, the Indian commentator says ” now all England requires is a six to win ” … damn !! You have no words of praise for the Indian team that has played remarkably and brought the English team to such a pass ..

The England batsmen are getting out by some remarkable bowling, and the Indian commentator is questioning the English batsmen why he played so  .. No praise for the Indian bowler who got him out ???

Who pays your fee Mr .. ? We shall understand better … !!

I am livid !!

Anyway … a celebration followed and a film was seen, ‘Ranjhana’ starring Dhanush and Sonam and it was a delight. I get so envious after seeing all these wonderful films, and lament and regret that I am not in them, even in a small capacity, for I love the immense talent and finesse that todays cinema with its young brigade brings to the world ..

I shall be seeing some other unreleased films given to me by Anurag Kashyap, by some talented directors and actors .. a joy always ..

I wish to see ‘Fukrey’ which is garnering praise from all quarters. The performances are good, and one such, comes from Richa Chaddha, who Anurag brought to meet me on the sets. She was so good in GOW .. and I believe has done very good work in ‘Fukrey’ too …

Ahhh … there is so much to do and so little time for it .. if only wishes could turn round faster …

I must to bed now .. and shall be with you in the morrow ..

Prayers still for the victims of the floods, the survivors and those that have lost loved ones ..



Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1894

Jalsa, Mumbai            June 22, 2013            Sat  11:01 PM

The devastation and the incredible loss of life and material in Uttarakhand, in the Northern regions of the country are difficult to digest as we see the visuals on television channels ! Loss of life and lives has been such a huge tragedy, made ironic by the fact that the people that have lost their lives and those that are now suffering the uncertainty of an evacuation from the horrid floods, were largely pilgrims that were on their way to the important and most divine shrines, located through centuries at these high mountain ranges of the Himalayas. They went to pay obeisance to the Gods, the Gods did show them their fury …

A most poignant visual that I noticed, came from a group of survivors waiting for help to take them to safety … in very large chalk letters, wonder where they got the chalk from, they had written a missive to the Almighty, asking for forgiveness, that they had sufferd enough, and pleading to stop their anger !!

I remembered a moment in my early years. My Mother had a family that had almost adopted her and treated her as their daughter. The son in the family was in the Army and he was posted in Deolali in Maharashtra, close to Nasik, some hours away from Mumbai. We were on a visit on his invitation to this town during the monsoons. We did not have any understanding what monsoons meant at that time, when it rains non stop at times for days and weeks and months. On one particular very stormy and rainy weathered day, it was pouring as it normally does. For us who had come from Allahabad, where rain was scarce and modest, this phenomena was frightening. Sitting in the house and watching the fury of the clouds, with nothing to do, no where to play, I remember a lady worker of the house, or was it my Mother, decided to try an old almost tantric like procedure to try to stop this downpour. They put two small sticks together, bound them up, and dressed it up in torn clothes with a small face of a woman, and went out in the rain and stuck in the ground. The story told to us little wide eyed and mouth opened children were that when God sees this little girl in torn clothes getting wet and suffering in the rain, He would stop the rain !! In Hindi we call it ‘totka’ and there are several similar beliefs that one still witnesses all over. In the studios here or on shooting schedules, the first activity is to garland the camera and break a coconut, as an auspicious gesture. The eatable part of the coconut is then distributed as a ‘prasad’, an offering to all at work. The breaking of the coconut by smashing it on the ground, making sure it divides itself in two equal parts, is a ritual at most initiating events - the opening of a new venture, the first day entry into a new house, and on …

A new car gets similar … the garland decorates the bonnet of the newly acquired vehicle, a little oil is sprinkled by the tires, four lemons are put under the tires, aroma sticks are lit, ‘gulal’ or the red auspicious powder is sprinkled around, and then … the car is started an moved gently to crush the lemons… the anointing is over. Many of those that drive as chauffeurs professionally, put images of their belief on the dash board - a Ganesh ‘murti’ … the auspicious 786 of Islam .. the rosary with a cross hanging from the rod of the rear view mirror …

We are so fragile and vulnerable … our beliefs make us believe that all shall be well .. the strengths that we derive in prayer, the asking of the divine for well being, good health, difficult situations in our existence … all in unison the world over …

Yet .. the uncertainty of nature, its beauty and its fury prevails. In time the devastation shall be looked over and beyond. Rebuilding shall take place, and soon the rigid belief of the pilgrim shall awaken, to venture out to those very places where they may have lost loved ones, suffered personal grief, experienced harsh conditions.

"The Gods were angry", would be their refrain, and blaming themselves for some act that could have annoyed those in charge of the Heavens, they move on … pray and give greater meaning to their belief, hoping that this would pacify the Almighty and His rage !

Scientists and environmentalists and those in administration now say that the disaster in Uttarakhand was ‘man made’. It was a tragedy waiting to happen. Quite possible. Here in Mumbai, every other day buildings are falling, killing and destroying families. They say the rains cause it, but surely the constructions of it must also be a factor !

We have no answers to the several questions that arise each time nature plays with us. You may be the most modern and developed nation or environment in the universe, but the bottom line is … do not mess with nature, for if you do, it has the power to mess with you, which could put you in a situation where you would never be around to mess with it !!

Our prayers and thoughts are with those that have lost loved ones, those that still suffer the pain of separation and those that survive and wait to be brought back home from the most treacherous terrain that they have all been caught in …

Amitabh Bachchan

Page 10

DAY 1893

Jalsa, Mumbai               June 21/22,  2013               Fri/Sat 11:55 pm

Rajeev  Sharma  21  June … for today many happy returns of the day to you .. have a lovely year and years to come …

Ashwini  22 June : And happy birthday Ashwini, for the 22nd .. actually it has already come on my post so happy birthday for today … love and happiness always ..


The devastation caused by the floods in Uttarakhand, reveal each day the horror of the scene. The dead figure rises each moment as rescue continues. It has gone beyond 500 and still there are many missing. The tragedy is immense ! We can only pray, can only extend our moral support, and contribute to the economics that shall be required to resettle all those that have suffered and lost all …

I did say a few words for them on my Vog, which was put up on my FaceBook account, with a video … do visit it …

Meanwhile here in the city the rains have taken a short break. The sun is still not visible, the clouds thunder each moment and now and then the showers come down. A lot more shall happen in the days to come, but then this is what the entire region waits and hopes for. It is the source of all produce and so many other factors linked to it. It is a lifeline to many. May their lives be filled with the ecstasy of joy and happiness, and may they prosper ever, in good health and in good condition.


Work at the sets of our serial recording, continues. It is exciting and filled with a certain degree of challenge. Many outside wonder what it is all about, and outside in the media some enthusiastic players have described the possible story. Quite obviously, everyone has their own version of the facts … but the fact really is that their facts are still too far away from the facts, for, the fact of the matter is that the facts are still unknown … even to me !!

It is the 21 st of June today and by the UN standards it has been declared Music Day. There are festivals of music from all continents and classes, from all different kinds of music .. and there is the listener that devoutly attends these creative excelled moments .. without any restrictions at all …

It is also the Longest Day of the year - 21 st June. The Earth tilts from its axis on this day getting the Northern Hemisphere tilting closer to the sun. The opposite occurs in the Southern.

Longest Day, always brings back memories of that incredible film by the same title. It was the day of the most important and forceful attack on the Germans by the allied forces, during WW II. Just the magnitude of the visuals at a time when digital and special effects were not invented perhaps, is truly remarkable. And not to mention the star cast. Almost everyone in the Western cinema world that had a prominent name was in the film, and I felt that it was done more to document the fact that they were indeed part of history remade ….

I saw the film when it was first released in India. I was a college student at the Delhi University, and remember the Connaught Place movie hall where we all had gone to see the film .. what an experience … and what production !!


Time wise I improve from today .. and I hope it remains so … and I do look forward to the morrow … it has a late call on set .. yippeee … more time in bed and more time to perhaps interact with all of you ..


Good night .. and do put in a small prayer for those that suffer the flood in Uttarakhand ..



Amitabh Bachchan

Any thoughts on my new ‘shades’ ..??







DAY 1892

Jalsa, Mumbai                June 20/21,  2013             Thu/Fri  2:23 am

Exhausted and filled with huge amounts of desire to continue … why does it stop for the day, the work that you enjoy, love, adhere to … looking forward to the next has seldom been seen or felt … it is now, with immense intensity … following it and the directions it gives for its execution is provocation to do better than before .. I love it, and love it to continue … but human spirit and its parameters shall always be difficult to overcome. We never know the power and strength of our being until it is tested to its extreme … problem is no one knows what the extreme is, or how it can be measured .. someday it shall, along with other scientific inventions …

I have the need to now be horizontal .. excusè ..

The elephant that lies in distress, has had some attention - thanks to authorities and people in general taking voluntary care … the distres in Uttarakhand and the lives lost due to the savage floods is most distressing .. the Armed Forces work with great bravery to help assist and rescue those stuck in the ravages of the region .. Thank you the Indian Army, you have lived up to the expectation and pride that we have in you … India has beaten SriLanka, substantially, in the Championship League Cricket to reach the finals and to meet England in the final … and the back holds up well …,at least when I am in motion !

My love to all ..

I shall deliver better …

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1891

Jalsa, Mumbai               June 19/20,  2013              Wed/Thu  1 : 34 AM


Amrit Manku  happy birthday for the 19th of June … may all your wishes come true .. love from all

Arshad Khan wishing you the very best for the 20th of June .. happiness, joy and fulfilment always  ..

It is getting rough … work … but the will to continue, to be a part of it, to move along, to explore each moment whether there can be found a better more effective and fulfilling path … that is the adrenalin that pumps within the entire day.

They complete the desired work and as they move and set up for other procedures, one remains there. It is their desire to escort me out from the spot … to the vanity … for rest and better ambience .. to cool off perhaps ..

It does not work. At least not for me. I need the same space, the noise of the people at work. I need the smell of the location created as my own … I need to be able to believe that what has been created is indeed mine … this is where I function from … its mine … !!

I know no other .. and I hope I do not …

During the act it is essential to portray that what you say is as what you would hear for the first time, even though we may have rehearsed it several times over. The quality of performance can only and will only be established, if this so called anomaly is effective enough … anticipating what is going to be said, knowing it and repeating the lines , is just repeating them. How does one realise sitting in the darkened theatre, the truth and believability of what transpires in front of them. The work and the manner in which it is done shall … and that shall always rest with the performer …

It is important to know the context of a scene that is going to be done. It is equally important to know what every other person involved in the picture, whether present or not, shall be narrating .. yet … knowing all, it is then the duty of those that perform that, they are listening to the colleague expressing himself or herself for the very first time !!

The brain has many compartments … and a portion of one of them keeps what is needed at the right time - remembering a situation, a name, an act. In the business of choreographed artistry, of documenting enactment, it is essential to store in a corner of this the most complicated machinery in the human, a small little space which at a given time, shall perform its duty as desired … !!

I think I can say with a certain degree of finality that, were this to happen, the quality of the work done would be far superior to that, when this procedure is not followed. Maybe I am wrong, ill advised, or making error in the process. But this is how I conceive it, and this is how I shall perhaps always follow.

I may altogether change. There are many that do … and do successfully. They all do not follow similar, yet turn out winners. I would laud them and compliment their effort and their methodology. They have found new ways and ideas … great ! Share it with the rest of the world and allow others to reap its benefits. Progress can only be achieved when talent or its creativity is shared, educated by those that invent it.

Many feel a sense of possession. They feel they invented, and they and only they must benefit. Which is not too obtuse a thought. But imagine how much the rest of the entire world would benefit, were what you discovered, were to be known and used … not necessarily to them that you profess allegiance, but with those that shared .. or not shared at all …

I find it extremely healthy and astonishing too when I see coaches and experts from different parts of the world, excelled in the same vocation, imparting knowledge to those that they shall someday compete with.

I see it all almost in daily routine when I watch sporting activity. A coach from, purely for arguments sake, Australia, shall be imparting the finer parts of the game to an Indian team, who are about to play a tournament with the  country of the birth of the coach. What transpires. What goes on in the minds of such individuals when teams represent country… the earth of the land of birth is a factor in itself … more precious than any other. To divide that, shall never go down well. What then  ??

Ah … so many questions and thoughts rush and riddle the mind .. I cannot admit that that is the most important part of a great masterpiece, without getting the right and hopefully correct answers …

But I have answers …

Good NIght !!!

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1890

Jalsa, Mumbai             June 18/19,  2013             Tue/Wed  9:30 am

Horrors …. the computer went on the blink !! Would not open any site and all openings were going on Reliance asking me to Login with details .. and whatever I was typing was getting mutilated … words that I did not even mention, being replaced by words that I never wrote …

I thought I was in some sort of brain damage mode .. washed my face, walked around, looked about in mirrors, read, lay down for a while … but it still would not go …

Eventually slumped and went off to sleep, hoping that perhaps the computer had been over worked too.

Woke up this morning which is now June 19th and at 9:35 am, and tried to start up again … same issues … so just spoke to digital team … AND ..

Apparently my internet plan has expired, and since Reliance is broadband supplier, the Reliance login info was coming in … indeed all my sites - Blog, Twitter, FaceBook … all had the Reliance logo in front of them and when I opened or attempted to open, the Login for the company would appear … frightening ..

But now, my digital team has taken over and are sorting out the issue .. phew !! I am using a data card for Tata - ‘Tata photon max’ and am hoping this goes through .. because even with the card my Entourage is not bringing in my messages .. !!!

My sincerest apologies for this, and for the unnecessary anxiety it has caused. If perchance some written words have gone through which may have sounded somewhat unwanted or objectionable, or without meaning .. do please know it was not me .. THAT IS THE LAPTOP HAVING A MIND OF ITS OWN .. I hope no one has felt offended .. that would be most disturbing for me ..

I am rushing now for the shoot for the Tv serial … we finished rather late last night .. around 11:30 pm, and each minute on set is most demanding .. but the joy of challenge, the excitement of being in the company of fresh and different colleagues, teams of production, crew and of course the delight of working with Anurag is impetus enough to hurry through the writing of this delayed Blog .. to get to the worksite and face the philharmonic for the day …

I am bound by contract not to display any detail of the content .. no pictures or press release or talk of it, so I cannot post any visuals … but when the time is ripe and permissible, it shall be done ..

I shall be with you .. hopefully … later in the day … so till then …

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1889

Jalsa, Mumbai              June 17/18,  2013              Mon/Tue 1 : 32 am

Jogeshwari (East)- Mumbai 400060

Landmark - Ganpati Mandir Lane.

Online fund transfers can be done to our saving bank account (SB a/c) in the name of;

“Animals Matter to Me, Mumbai”

SB Account number- 911010036376599

IFSC/RTGS Code: UTIB0000395

Axis Bank, MIDC branch, Andheri(E), Mumbai-400 093

All donations are tax exempted under section 80G income tax act  Receipts will be couriered

From: Ganesh Nayak <>

Subject: Fwd: Bijlee appeal- AMTM


Date: Monday, June 17, 2013, 4:53 AM

Respected Sir / Madam

This is an SOS message from our Animals matter to me for saving BIJLEE, elephant approx age 58 yrs as per owners, we hve been struggling to help her and get the best treatment for the last five days, Now we need your help to get her the best treatment and relocate her to BSPCA hospital in parel with proper transportation facility and care.

Watching Bijlee gulp down some bananas fed to her… was a far cry as compared to yesterday, where she was struggling to even stand up !

Today in the presence of Mr. Jagdish Shetty (Chief Spokesperson of Swabhimaan) we could have a long, serious talk with Bijlee’s owners.

What Bijlee needs right now is lots of rest (as she cant walk around much) and a healthy diet. AMTM decided to step in and offer help. The owners have given their consent in writing to AMTM, where we shall take care of Bijlee’s treatment, food, recovery and care for the next 4 months. The owners have agreed to NOT take Bijlee out on the road or use her for any commercial activity for the same period.

Our plan of action is to construct a shed for Bijlee… as currently she is left to stand/sit/sleep on the concrete with no cover over her head. With the rains hovering around we NEED to get her a cosy shed where it will be easier for the wounds to heal and recoup.

We promised 15 dozens of banana, 15 Kgs of wheat flour (for roti’s) and 100 kgs of sugar cane per day, apart from medication and a visit by a vet twice a week.

Starting tomorrow morning the construction of the shed will begin (permission from the land owner is already obtained).

Current requirement - 200kg sugar cane, 40 dozens of bananans, durvaaa (shortgrass) 500 rs, 12 watermelons, grass 6 bundles, carrots 50 kgs and medicines if u wish to donate call 9819380310 or email on ganesh@amtmindia.orHello Supporter

On tuesday afternoon we got a call from our volunteer Akshay Sakharkar about a gentle giant BIJLEE… who collapsed in the early hours of tuesday. Bijlee, a 58 year old female elephant belongs to a couple who use it to beg for alms, marriages and other auspicious occasions. Bijlee was lying on the roadside near Wockhardt Hospital in Mulund. We got in touch with Dr. Himanshu, who is a specialist in treatment of large animals. After inquiring around and being checked by the vet, we got to know that Bijlee had fallen in a creek and injured her hind legs and has been having issues from then. Volunteers from RAWW (Resqink Association for Wildlife Welfare ) were also present and were of immense help ! Bijlee had to be made to stand so that medicines could be administered. The task of getting this huge girl to stand was tough, for which we had to take the help of a crane. We thank Mr Jagdish S Shetty, Mumbai spokesperson for Swabhimaan for helping in organising for the crane. Once on her feet with the support of the crane, she was administered saline /glucose and treatment began. We checked on her today morning and she’s doing much better than yesterday ! We will keep updating you of her progress ! We thank each and every kind hearted soul who helped us in this massive rescue !

Currently we are pursuing locals to contribute for hiring of crane and treatment too. Finally our goal would be take over Bijlee and rehabililate her in a qualified rehab home.


You can send proceeds in favour of “Animals Matter To Me, Mumbai” to;

AMTM Mumbai, Blue meaodws

B601, Shyam Nagar,

Off JVLR, Behind Majas depot,

Jogeshwari (East)- Mumbai 400060

Landmark - Ganpati Mandir Lane.

If you wish to contribute towards bijlee you can reach us on our email and bank details are below

Ganesh Nayak 

Animals Matter To Me

M :+91-9819380310

Ganesh Nayak

Animals Matter To Me

M :+91-9819380310

Ganesh Nayak

Animals Matter To Me

M :+91-9819380310

After a first day at the shoot for the T v serial, and a 2.5 hour trafic jammed drive back from work, I am deeply saddened to learn of the plight of ‘Bijlee’.

I am not in the habit of putting appeals on the social media, for reasons that concern me contractually. But I do believe in this unfortunate incident, and believe that if something can be done for this beleaguered elephant lying on the road in great misery, she will survive and flourish.

So let us do our best that we can , for those that suffer, that speak of their misery in a language that we cannot understand, but who we know would understand any help that can be extended to them.

Remember those fairy tales when you were young … especially ‘Androcles and the Lion’ and the thorn in the lion’s feet .. I still do … and I was told of this in the ‘50’s !

Let us all do something here for a cause and forget our daily information and sharing moments tonight.

The first day of the shoot for the new venture, the Tv serial has begun, the back is relatively controlled, the BlackBerry Q10, and the Z10 have been initiated, as has the Samsung S4. Apart from learning the lines for the next day there is another learning to be done - the methods of how these new mobile machines work ! There is also the pending will to learn two languages, what, I cannot disclose, and there is the learning to be had of the piano, and the sitar and sarod, all lying tuned and ready to be strummed to musical bliss.

Soon after the schedule of the Tv serial shoot which shall be over hopefully by mid July, there is the temptation of the next film by Sudhir Mishra, Mehrunissa, which apparently is shaping well … at least on paper … and thereafter a few interesting projects of challenge, of which there shall be discussion later ..

But for the moment … think of Bijlee and her plight … lying on the road, with no shed or cover, bearing the lashing rain of the monsoon, eating with great difficulty, because she is weak. The effort that is being done to put her back on her feet again, is there in the pictures to see ..

Good night dears ..

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1888

Jalsa, Mumbai                    June 16/17, 2013               Sun/Mon 3:14 am

Slashing rain the entire day and most of the evening has threatened us with a strange sense of belonging and leave. That it brings in the much needed parched regions of the country, a respite is known, but that it also brings with it, an abandon unlike any other … !!!

Tv starts tomorrow … the butterflies have become a large humungous body cover, to all. A collective device that expresses affection and respect has prevailed, but there is no time to get anxious about it .. what bothers now is the shoot for the first day, and many days later its completion …

My brain is now comatose … and it should never be the reason for your attention and regard….

I am incoherent and disconnected .. ‘blame it up for Bachchan’

My love

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1887

Jalsa, Mumbai              June 15/16, 2013               Sat/Sun 2 : 27 am




The inauguration of Jaishree Sharad’s clinic was a a reunion of sorts for the Ef … many came down just for the event and what a surprise to meet all of them again, to hear how much they has travelled to come over, some never having even met those who had offered hospitality to them .. !!

The friendship and association that this conveys to the universe is indeed novel and most endearing … thank you all for being with me and for building this formidable family, which I exclusively own …

The back was checked by specialist doctor and he does not see it being a major problem .. it is supposed to heal within 2-3 weeks … has given some do’s and dont’s and medication .. it should improve ..

It may be of interest to many that these problems are arising out of a bad back, one that I have damaged through various action sequences in my films. The pain appeared that time too, acute and impossible to bear, but medicine helped and now it is at a different place of the back..

The films in particular : Zanjeer, Don, Parvarish, and many others ..

The madness of youth … the vigor of being in places of new and of independence ..youth spoils you with the demands that it puts, which you at times feel bad, when they cannot have it, simply because you never had facility or more the means ! But age has many restrictions … and the brain can urge or consent to an act, but the body does not react !! And there lie the inconsistencies …

But work we must  … and extensively …that surge of the adrenalin which gives me impetuous and will, is now restricted … and one wonders whether the making shall suffer .. Lets hope the budget of the season, brings us hope too …

What a keen desire at times to be just with the woods and fields and nature to enjoy the solitude of peace and silence .. I would hate to leave what I do now … yet be equally open to that sedentary existence ..

Work on one and the reflect on the other …

My love to all ..

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1886

Jalsa, Mumbai             June 14/15,  2013                Fri/Sat 2 : 10 am

Slapped my face with some water to extend my sleeping hour .. this is a permanent association, and should never stop … so one pursues ..

That kind of happiness is ‘acted’ .. has not visited me for long, but I am certain it will ..

In the field - a slightly irrelevant site … but it has its points of excellence … and … some points on the script, finally brings us the final situation !!

'paani pade 'tapur' 'tooper' !!

How dark the clouds, that time often brings to us … brings to us. The solitary tree, imposing, non interfering !! Looking quite ominous, the packing and the collection of clothes and  carrying them to the car, to leave

Noooooo .. !! This is not what the Captain asked you to do …. slide into. The ‘gumboots’ are done. When I reach the location, they are removed and ‘mojaries’ come back on …

A healthy discussion on the next, on its design of dialogue, or not when !

and the rains they pour …’mumbai ki baarish’ … while I sit and take in the environment, he is more concerned perhaps, for the plants …

Is this `mumbai’ ? The land of opportunity, and full till way past their meeting time …pray all shall go well … love

And finally the other guy … self designed by yours truly, turban and all ..

The energy is now weakening … I am hallucinating .. better then to rest before I pen down some expletive ridden, utter non sensical, words ..belonging to no one  …

Amitabh Bachchan , with love and wishes …

DAY 1885

Sister City, MH             June 13/14,  2013              Thu/Fri  12 : 07 am

Starting off the day … a bit of Russia on my chest .. through the equipment and on to some acting without words but efforts to convey by body and face language, what the product should convey that you endorse ..!!

A bit of the traditional because that is where this promotional shall venture, urging farmers towards some of the reasons for saving water and thus their crops ..

… and then on to the road outdoors to get some green and rain .. posters following along .. ones that were seen in an earlier post ..

Grey skies, distant hills greening up after the first few showers, low clouds and wet roads ..

Tunnels coming up … slow down, put on the lights, put on the emergency blinks, and no overtaking …

What were barren fields now landing grounds for high rises .. Mumbai can only move up and vertically forward … in time they say Mumbai shall connect with Pune .. !!

A stop over to move the legs, and to freshen up .. even in and out of the ‘euphemisms’ on record with the well wishers that crowd around ..

…. and on the highway, the random monkeys as passers by ..a bit wet for them with the rain ..

an IPL cricket Stadium across the highway .. was here for a game some months ago .. a state of the art new facility .. modern and one of the best ..

Hotel, and the welcome .. flowers, the ‘tika’ another traditional feature for all that check in …

The expressions for the photo shoot ..

Its familiar and nostalgic to be here in the room .. a room that has seen my presence for over three to four decades … many historic films shot while here, and so many pleasant memories ..

Early tomorrow in the fields and then hopefully an early finish to drive back home ..

So much growth over the years … once a quiet calm and a must week end destination, from the rush and push of the megapolis hours away … now built up and busy and trafficked to the brim … took a while to figure where we were going, roads and identifications all different …

But the city is the city .. in temperament in nature, welcoming, happy, sublime ..

May it remain so always .. despite all the challenges it faced with the terror attacks .. getting back to normal .. and being its beautiful city that it always has been ..

My love to all ..

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1884

Jalsa, Mumbai             June  12/13,   2013             Wed/Thu  1 : 01 am

In the beginning there were birthdays :

MRD Patel a very happy birthday to you … enjoy !

Tat Saatvik … to you a most wondrous birthday, with love happiness and all the joys of life ..

And then there was :

There is a need to take it easy and rest is advised ..! Rest ? but I have been resting all along … now when it is time to work, they ask me to rest .. Okaay … so I shall obey them and rest, but only after the work has been done ..

And work as many know shall never ever be done … no work is ever done .. there is always room and space for more and better, and that is what keeps us going … those that achieve satisfaction from their effort, are to be revered, for they are doing something that most of the World has not been able to do ..

You cringe immediately when you see your own effort, not done to the best .. those that have the accumen to be able to do that, are a kind of genius I should say. The universe is filled with unrecognised genius, un recognised creativity, a kind of creativity that excels the very best they may have done in the past .. and that really is the tragedy .. or call it misfortune …

Most master creators have really never known or felt or seen the success of their creation the way it should have been for them … most have never received the recognition they deserve .. and that to me is the part that is most sad ..

The interiors of the ‘dark’ and ‘claustrophobic’ had beckoned today and some results are seen .. one shall have to adjust timings and time .. in the time to come ..

Good night ..

Amitabh Bachchan

Page 11

DAY 1883

Jalsa, Mumbai            June 11/12,  2013            Tue/Wed  1 : 36 am

I spent sometime to write a verse,

The oddities of Blog lost it … a curse

I am devoid of much to say,

The heart I had poured, of my daily day ..

There is a story put, on FB now,

Which talks of wonders, on where and how ..

Do visit it and tell me thought,

What you derive, sustained and got …

The Kokilaben Ambani Hospital here has been taken up as a project by National Geographic to include it in their programme INSIDE ..

They wanted me to give voice to it. After several days of work on it, this morning it got completed. The Hospital, because it belongs to a friend has a long history of my involvement. It was the dream of a most famous and excellent heart specialist Dr Mandke, who was a prominent name here in Maharashtra. Ironically the heart Institute that he wanted to build was structurally half done when he suddenly passed away at a very young age, through a heart attack. Ironic, because the one who gave a new life by curing others’ hearts, died of it himself, without any history or warning ..

His wife, herself a doctor and a keen participant in the concept of the Hospital, came to me one morning and wished me to speak to my friend Mr Anil Ambani, if he could help in finishing the dream of her husband. I spoke, we met, we considered and the Kokilaben Hospital named after Anil’s Mother was inaugurated some years ago ..

It is now considered to be one of the best Hospitals in the region and in the world, with state of the art facilities and the best team of doctors and the latest technology ..

It was a revelation to discover the intricacies of the interiors and what happens inside one such institute.

If you ever get a chance do visit the channel on National Geographic to find out its qualities. And yes the voice over for the documentary has been done by me ..

My love


Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1882(i)

Jalsa, Mumbai           June 11,  2013            Tue 10:07 AM

Birthday wishes for some of our EF :

Dharmesh … greetings and happiness always

Ratna Mukherji … happy birthday Ratna, love and good wishes

Naresh Bhatt … many happy returns of the day .. and many many more ..


Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1882

Jalsa, Mumbai            June 10/11,  2013            Mon/Tue  2 :02 AM

At an interview today, I was asked whether the advent of the internet had crippled the other existant platforms of information - media, books, papers ..

And I do not have an exact answer, other than I really would not know. There are some indications that we all look for when questioned thus. Have the presence of books in our lives diminished, have book stores or printing presses closed, have newspaper offices shut, has the television industry reduced its broadcast .. and the answer is NO ..

I do not think that anything has been lost, except perhaps the ability to write in your hand. We have become so accustomed to punching buttons that soon we shall have problems of writing our cheques, and that shall be a major issue. But who knows … the retina of your eye, the finger print of your index, computerised and barcoded could in the future become your entry exit and several other, identity.

There is the speed of securing information … the ability to gain answer in a few seconds from your Google, or laptop and now your mobile. What the human shall invent in the years to come, is still unfathomed … and that shall remain a mystery ever ..

The anxious wait for the newspaper early in the morning has quietly been replaced by the facility available on the net, hours before. In the past you waited for the news to come to you in 24 hours … now it is with you immediately at the flick of a button ..

No matter what the nature of the questions that arise, may demand, Googled, they would be all there in seconds. The pace is what matters. I read my tomorrow’s newspaper the night before on the net. I write continuously without the bother of making spelling or grammatical errors. i send it by the punch of a send button, and not post it in a red post box for it to be picked up and then travelled to its final destination … and so on ..

Not just the distances but other aspects too of a universality have erupted with vigour. Caste, creed, colour, religion are not the deciders today of creative like or dislike … of sports men and their heroic deeds.

A German football team, or British or French would have distinct indicators of the region they came from …not any more !! All communities play for each other, irrespective, and their identification deciders have all disappeared.

Mixing of cultures and their backgrounds have become common and acceptable. What matters is performance, and its therefore, commercial aspects. That done erases once and for all the tabs of color and region differences.

What an ideal world it would be if we were to convert this planet into an ‘Elysium’ … where there were no wars, no hatred, where nothing was wrong ever, where there was only the right, where there was no disease, no disasters, nothing …

Think … and one day we could make it …

My love ,

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1881

Jalsa, Mumbai               June 9/10,  2013               Sun/Mon  2:31 am

Even in the pouring rain they still come .. albeit in smaller numbers … but come they do and scream as loud if not louder than the normal dry days, almost as if they were telling me that despite the rain they are there .. such an endearing and warm and affectionate feel …

And even the very engrossing “Homeland” tv serial in the second season, could not keep me away from the love shown every Sunday at the gates … thank you my dearest well wishers, but when it is wet please stay away and keep yourselves from falling ill by coming out in the wet weather ..

'Homeland 'in its second season has been most watchable … I have been seeing it back to back from the evening of yesterday, and other than getting up to seek the attention of the 'little one' have been glued to the screen ..

Goodness they really know how to make their Tv serials so interesting .. many lessons to follow … and important lessons to learn, especially since a certain self shall be venturing into similar territory … soon ..

The rain lashes at the windows .. the wind is with force, and then suddenly it just vanishes ..

that old saying keeps playing up in the mind always :

"Bambai ki baarish, aur Bambai ki Madam ka koi bharosa nahin - kab baras pade !!!"

Its getting close to the beginning of a lot of work and the jitters have begun .. how when where and why shall overtake us soon .. good ..

Good to be at work ..


Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1880

Jalsa, Mumbai               June 8/9,  2013               Sat/Sun  12:22 am

I worked today at some distance beyond my house, further into the suburbs of the city ; a city that has grown many cities within it. I had bought our first house Prateeksha, because it was the edge of, then Bombay .. now it is the center of this megapolis ! And when I drive beyond the lanes and swamps and deserted masses of land, now inhabited by millions of people and hundreds of high rises, I often wonder where did all that we used to look upon as isolated and barren, gone ..

A portion of an action sequence done here, a song on the lonely streets there .. simply vanished into a concrete jungle !

And as I conclude for the day I am visited by dear colleague, who talks about the passage of time, the attention then and the attention now. The importance then and the almost challenging non importance now. Of the emergence of another younger and greatly more popular, of his or her presence in preferential outcome ..

And they ask me how it needs to be addressed and tackled !!

It cannot ..

That autograph that you sign shall suddenly be snatched away from you, on the appearing of the other. The roar that accompanies you, shall get drowned by the roar for the other. Faces that suddenly propelled themselves into lusty smiles and awe around you, are now reserved for another. The rankings drop, the profiles seem laboured in comparison, indicators of importance loose interest in you ; almost linked to an obligation of sorts ..

Many … and many more shall and will face this for certain .. it is an inevitability … better to know now that the time has changed …

There was a moment when the credits barely mentioned your appearance. There was a time when even the smallest presence was given the prime presence in the credits, later. There will be a time when your credits shall completely disappear, or there shall be no opportunity for you to be credited at all ..

This the moment of reckoning .. this is the moment of character .. this is the moment of truth ..

Allow its weight to fall upon you and it shall never ever give you even a small window of opening to breathe … stand up to it, accept it, and its respect shall favour you …

Demanded respect, injures me .. one must do that, which nudges respect to awaken and look up at you …

You may never be able to be at the same destination all the time … but even if you are pushed back a few numbers down the queue … at least you are still in the queue ..

So long as life keeps you in the queue .. one must remain queued up ..!!

My love as always ..

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1879

Jalsa, Mumbai               June 7/8,  2013               Fri/Sat  1:22 am

In the early hours of the morning, after relatively long hours of sleep, I discovered the importance and the true meaning of a good nights slumber. Without much effort there was an energy and spring in the walk and the mind. It felt as though one would be able to sort out the world, to give it more meaning, to turn fresh new pages and bring a semblance of achievement in all that we were venturing to accomplish ..

As I sat in front of a sparsely designed dubbing theatre, to do a voice over for the documentary being made by National Geographic on the Kokilaben Hospital, here in the suburbs of Mumbai, and watched the images unfold in front of me, I was amazed at the wonders of the medical world. For one who has spent a large portion of his life dealing with hospitals, injuries and conditions, I felt there would be very little that would surprise me … but NO .. each minute of the detailed visuals that unfolded before me, impressed upon me the great value and the depth of the medical profession ..

What must be the calibre of the doctors and specialists and nursing staff to be able to undertake the kind of work that they do, in bringing that cheer of treatment, its success and its final reformation to those that are diseased, or suffer ailments ..

It is a world of its own, and as always my admiration for them grows with each passing episode. The developments that one sees and hears or reads about in medicine are reaching areas that we never ever thought we would be able to see or experience in our lifetime .. but there it is, right in front of us .. defining new laws and greater ability to tackle the most complicated procedures required in the functioning of a system that they had no hand in its making .. nature made it .. these accomplished men and women attempt to learn and execute that, in its favor, that shall bring it some repair, if it is damaged or broken …

The experience is one that can leave a lasting impression on any one ..

May there never be a situation in the lives of any one to be subjected to these complicated procedures or treatments … but know for sure, that the methods and the education being imparted in gaining further, the discoveries of the profession continue relentlessly …

The most interesting thought that pervades in todays time is that patients or those that suffer, have better options of treatment and recovery than many of us in our earlier years …

Today they get treated and do sincerely believe that with the developing of the medical science, in time, there shall be a cure even if it is being conveyed today that there cannot be one .. today there is hope that a cure could be possible at the rate science progresses .. we never had that 30-40 years ago .. there are still some areas where nothing at all can be solved, but there are, too, areas that have reached solution - an aspect that was hitherto not possible ..

May these Gods of the profession grow and become even greatly more accomplished … may they continue to serve humanity in the manner that they do … and may we be in the proximity of them when we need them most ..

My love …

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1878

Jalsa, Mumbai                June 6/7, 2013              Thu/Fri  12:23 am

As I sat in my Jalsa office, some years back, attending to some paper work, Abhishek appeared at the door with the cutest pup you could ever imagine. He just stood there silently holding it up. Amazed at the sight I just blurted out “what is this ?” and he said, this is Shanouk, my birthday gift from a close friend. He put down the little fellow on the floor, and unsteadily and curiously it sauntered up to me, I lovingly petted it, and then it turned away to explore the rest of the room - the first signs of attitude, which he carried with him throughout.

The entire house suddenly buzzed with this new member of the family and all talk and action only centered around Shanouk. Where he was, what was he doing, has he been fed, has he been taken for a walk …

A special bed was made for him to sleep in, but because he had been taken away from his Mother rather suddenly it was felt he must not be allowed to feel isolated. So he was given a prime berth in Abhishek’s bed.

And then he grew, rather rapidly and soon was pushing and kicking his master out ! Another more sized bed was decorated for him, and he enjoyed the comfort of being within close proximity to members of the family. At times he would start off by getting into his own bed, but soon would step out and cuddle with any one of us. This habit remained till the last. In the drawing room, he felt that where the master sat was where he should be sitting too. His size now substantial, he would occupy one entire section of the couch, the slightest sound of any kind of intrusion electrifying him into a snap position of protection in seconds ; a feat we would all wonder how he managed with his length and breadth.

He was never encouraged to be fed from the dining table, but his exclusion was never welcomed by him. No matter where he was he would turn up ‘uninvited’ and rest his large chin on the edge of the dining table, seeking sympathy and perhaps a morsel or too of what was being served. When ignored, as part of his training, he would gently shift his face right into the face of those invited for dinner, and with his most ‘sad pathetic looking eyes’ seek attention, or petition for it through sniffs of varying sound quality.

On occasion I would take him for a drive around in the colony, in my then sports convertible. I think he found it to be a wasteful exercise, for, all that he paid attention to was how and where he would be able to fit his large frame in those cramped seats. Luckily I kept the distances short, but it needed a lot of cajoling for him to get back in for another spin.

Rather than have a normal dining dish for his food, we had to build one specially for him to cope with his height, so that he could eat at a comfortable level without having to strain his neck and body to bend down to the ground level. He loved ice cream. This was fine when served to him on his eating stand, but often his demands were so urgent that we would scoop out a large portion and drop it on the floor for him, and watched with glee his joy of enjoying it slipping away with each of his tongue lash at it.

On seeing members of the family after a long gap, his excitement levels would convert him into an athlete running at high speeds all over the house, in a frenzy ; his huge body parts banging and dropping objects of art all over !!

It was painful to see this admirable breed of elegance, reduced to an illness which almost crippled his entire form. Two days before his passing he had just returned from a very tiring walk, an indicator to us of his recovery. He had found it difficult to get up, but his mind wanted to spring up like earlier times. On realising his inability, he made a feeble attempt gave up and just put his face flush down on the ground, almost seeking an apology for being unable to give me the pleasure of patting him. I sat down with him and caressed his face. He remained still and appreciative, enjoying the gentle rub on his forehead ; a laboured swing of his tail indicating that he was happy …

This morning as I set off for work, he was there on the drive way after a short routine walk. He seemed almost alright, but his breathing was harsh and rapid..

At 10:52 am he just collapsed in the drive way shortly after I had left for work. I drove back. The staff had covered his face and body. I did not want to see him thus. Abhishek and his family had just arrived from London. They were not informed till he reached home. He took him to the electric crematorium. His ashes shall be brought tomorrow…

…and we shall bury the ashes in our garden … plant a sweet flowering tree sapling as a remembrance …

…. that warm gentle breeze on a cold morning shall no longer flow …

…..we shall suffer the cold now …


Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1877

Jalsa, Mumbai                June 5/6, 2013                Wed/Thu 2:19 am

Ok … the back hurts and so I shall have to get horizontal immediately ! Not much to worry over. These things happen, and shall heal in time ..

The shooting for Sanjay Dutt Films, being produced by his wife Manyata continues … and yes we are still having comic interludes on the factor of suicide .. but a gesture towards Sanju, is more important and so I work for it …

Sony and us had a press conference to day to announce my participation in a Tv serial which starts to shoot in a week ten days. This is a fresh initiative and one that I felt I needed to explore, so there it is. It is being produced by Endemol and Saraswati Creations, and has its creativity in the hands of Anurag Kashyap ..

The idea really is to do something out and away from the groove, with great production values and to make it more finite and watchable. It is another first for me and I look towards it with great anticipation, and apprehension, as we do mostly whenever something new needs to be initiated. I do hope that this comes to you with appropriate likeness, and I do hope that we are able to do justice to this. With all your blessings and care of course …

The press meet today was most pleasant and the media was kind and accommodating ..thank you for that !

Shall connect tomorrow .. it is really needed for me to be in bed now .. love

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1876

Jalsa, Mumbai               June 4/5,  2013                Tue/Wed  12:56 am

What prompts the young to end their lives in such sudden and disturbing manner ? What is it that prompts them to sacrifice before time, what has been given to them by nature for a fulfilment of a lifetime ?

The death of Jiah Khan, a pretty and accomplished artist who did her very first film with me - Nishabd, ended her life at the age of 26, by hanging herself !

From the moment that the news trickled in I have been most disturbed and upset and angry and frustrated at not having the right answers to the intricacies of the deed. What drives a person to such extremes ? Will that what they do, provide to them the satisfaction that they seek ? And what of those near and dear that they leave behind in distress, what of them ?

I see and hear all kinds of coverages and reports and discussions and concur that pressures, which is the conclusion of most opinions, need to be fought against. There is not a single person from the brightest to the not that have never at some point of time faced similar condition. But to wilt under it and succumb to it fatally, is not what I am willing to accept.

I am saddened yes, but also eager to propagate the antidote for such condition, if I ever did know of it. Young impressionable minds do carry visions of success and achievement. Who doesn’t. But to drop all effort and give it up ….

There is not a single success story in the world, that can truthfully claim that struggle was never something that they did not encounter in their drive for the heights that they reached or wished to reach. Rejections, failures, unaccomplished desires are all a part of our existence. They must be taken in our daily stride, much like what nature compels us towards. Fighting nature is tough, I know, but at times it is prudent to give in to it momentarily, and deliver victoriously what I believe nature itself would be expecting from us.

Do not blame circumstances. We are as equally to blame for them, for, at times we can be made responsible for them too.

The irony, and the most harshest of them all in this particular episode, is that the destination and attention that she allegedly craved for, came to her after she had given up her life, because of it - from what one gathers from the media.

As her first film, she had the naturalness that does not come easy for a first timer. On set we would often talk of this strain in her. I am distraught that she ended her life, but I am also discomforted by the thought of what she could have achieved in the profession … a profession that does demand very large portions of patience.

Sharing the discomfort of such a state often eases the mind and the body. Speaking it out to a near and dear does reduce the possibility of that drastic action in the end. Easily said I would imagine. But little do we know what ails that condition within an individual. Perhaps sharing too is a condition.

In the end, the end remains with the person who ends it …


Amitabh Bachchan

ps : It is ironic too that at the shooting today for the film, the scene was a humorous condition of a person about to jump off a roof to commit similar act !! It is not accomplished of course .. but great comedy !


DAY 1875(i)

Jalsa, Mumbai                 June 3/4,  2013               Mon/Tue  2:31 AM

A walled collage of times gone by and some that are recent … it was so nostalgic to see all of them again. Production did a good job ! Most enjoyable of course were the ones with Shweta and Abhishek .. the innocence of their early years and their maturity now ..

Old pictures in an album of the kids and my own growing up years, with my parents .. and the setting just ideal .. the warmth of a study, dim lights and the peace of concentrated memories …

Ok … this is a quizz pizz .. !! cool word for pic eh ? What do you find unique in my shoes … !!!

And walking away into the improvised sun horizon at the end of the day ..

Amitabh Bachchan

Page 12

DAY 1875

Jalsa, Mumbai                 June 3/4, 2013                Mon/Tue 1 :51 AM

The rains came in today .. albeit in a small and gentle drizzle, but came it did, bringing that much needed relief from the oppressive heat, over the past month. The temperatures came down, there was a sense of change in most attitudes. The frowns of discontentment, during the harsh summer days seemed to have disappeared, and an expectancy grew within most … of change !

But before all else, I need to express my extreme gratitude to all those that wished me for our important day, sent greetings, made collages and pictures, sent flowers and gifts and made us and the home feel refreshed with the essence of the most sweet smelling flowers … thank you all, your being with us makes all the difference …

The rain today seemed auspicious .. in our culture at least. And I have often wondered why so. I can only presume that because rain here in this country has been only seasonal and scarce, its out of turn occurrence has lent it a flavour of auspiciousness, close one would assume to an almost divine giving.

May I then share a small personal incident on the topic ? On the 3rd of June 1973 .. as I was setting out to marry Jaya, there had been a slight out of turn drizzle. Our neighbours I remember had run over to our house, knowing of the impending marriage ceremony, and hastened us to set out, for the rain was a signal of good tidings !!

There has been work as usual on this day - a commercial for Binani cement, shot at an old closed down mill in the suburb of Parel/Byculla. Mumbai has always been a textile centre and the mills abounded in these areas, until .. it was felt by authorities that as Bombay, then , grew in size and was getting habitated by the large number of people living around the areas surrounding the mills, the pollution factor was not conducive for humans. The mills were asked to be shut, and given alternative space further away from the city. This is perhaps one of the more official stories. There were great battles with and within the mill workers too, and many labor leaders, unions, gained prominence politically during those times. I am not quite aware of these stories, and find it best not to.

But the closed mills, dilapidated and uncared for, are now immense value as far as the land they occupied is concerned. There are disputes too on holdings. Bit where they have been sorted out, the space has been sold at exorbitant rates to builders and developers, for the construction of commercial complexes and apartments. Some, where disputes still exist give the premise out to film company’s for shooting purposes - the paucity of shooting studios in the city giving cause to it. I was in one today where matters have perhaps still not been sorted out, or may be they have, for I saw some commercial activity within the complex as well ..

There are some great pictures depicting all this with me tonight, but its late and resizing them for blog shall take an enormous amount of time. I need to get to bed. The back is beginning to get somewhat obstinate and my early call tomorrow , needs consideration ..

I shoot for a film being produced by Sanjay Dutt’s wife Manyata. It is another friendly appearance … a gesture .. and is being directed by an ex journalist lady, who after training in the US for the job, has been taken on board.

Some things one does in life, without asking any questions ..

More again tomorrow … with the pictures hopefully … and with more love ..

Amitabh Bachchan

PS : On the 4th of June is Sachin Rastogi’s birthday, and we wish him all the best wishes …

DAY 1874

Jalsa, Mumbai               June 2/3, 2013              Sun/Mon 1 :27 AM

40 years !! 40 years of marriage on the 3rd of June 2013 .. ! Jaya and I in marriage for 40 years ..! A lifetime almost ! Seems like just the other evening I had driven with my parents to a friends place on Malabar Hill, in the Southern region of the city, and to a very quick, no fuss, no ‘taam jhaam’, family and a few friends, and a few close media, wedding. A wedding that had the fulfilment of a promise, that if ‘Zanjeer’ succeeded we would get married ! Here we are now, two children and three grand children, son in law, daughter in law, relatives and ‘samdhi’s’ in our family fold. God has been very kind !

The family is away .. in New York and in London on matters that deserve presence and attention greater than a celebration, so I stay with the memories alone .. not in the real sense, for communication is so instant rapid and finite that, distances have been reduced to a mere mention of a destination. The awe and the unapproachable mention of these far off places has disappeared .. they are reachable unlike old times, if not physically but almost so virtually .. generation after generation shall enjoy perhaps the benefits of this, and who knows the time factor too shall be greatly reduced. The Concorde flying one to NYC from London in three hours was unthinkable. Today they are already talking of reducing that distance to 45 mins, by entering space and reentering it .. who knows what the future shall hold.

I see trailers of some of the fantasy films being made in Hollywood these days, and wonder how they seem to get their inspiration from what the future shall look like. And no surprises that it may all happen some day, when we are dead and gone ..

The marvels of the mind ..

For the moment then gracious thanks to all that wish us through their art for the anniversary .. Ludmila and Zhenya and Tatiana ..

These images are immortal and so gracious in their form and presence .. thank you all for the efforts you take in thinking of such … it must be taking away so much of your time and effort …

And then there is the Sunday well wishers … astonishing in their affection and love .. unfailing in their continuous love .. so so grateful to them … for them to be with me for 45 years is quite remarkable … even at my advanced age of nearly 71 .. my boundless gratitude … !!

The work in front of the cameras continues … shooting commercials for Kalyan Jewellers, and the attention and love of those that work with me. Many of whom have been in my journey of these 45 years .. now aged but still doing the same job .. junior artists !! Such a pleasure to meet them ..

And so another day ends and another starts tomorrow .. back to the camera and back to doing what we think is best for us …

'Satyagraha' is over .. the dubbing finished finally today and now the film is in advanced post production to release on August the 23rd …

Fresh and hopefully new horizons shall open tomorrow and higher spirits shall be focussed on. They all seem exciting and ambitious … but only time shall tell what we dreamt and performed was within the norms of its like-ability.

Good night dears .. may the sun rise of tomorrow bring with it the fresh hopes of a brighter day for all …

Love ..

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1873

Jalsa, Mumbai              June 1/2 , 2013             Sat/Sun  3 :25 am

It is as all can see coming up to a time of 3: 30 in the morning ! I have a early call tomorrow morning and a rest, especially for my back is a must ! I leave the decision to all of the Ef …

Should you wish me to continue or should I make up for it tomorrow morning .. ?

Ok … got the answer .. its continue … so I do

The monsoons have reached Kerala and the Lakshdweep islands .. this is a good sign .. a week later, traditionally, they should be over Mumbai .. this is an indicator of a normal monsoon. We survive and depend on this rain phenomena .. and much of India’s produce depends on its performance - the monsoons I mean !!

For some it is a much waited delight, for Mumbai and indeed the entire Maharashtra, the ‘paus’ is a great joy … there is a romanticism attached to it - the dark rain threatening clouds, the rain itself, the levelled temperatures, the hot eats and drinks, the special festivities .. just such a joyous moment ! For many that survive on the footpaths and the slun regions of the city is an unwelcome sight. Homes get destroyed and flooded, facilities are lost … ahh .. a woeful sight for the lesser advantaged !!

For us and the family, the shades are up to prevent any leakage .. it does rob the natural atmosphere of the pouring rain, but it also secures many aspects of it …

May this monsoon bring prosperity to the nation, may it not extend its harshness to those that cannot cope with it, and may the festivity attached to it be filled with success and prosperity .. !!

Its short this one .. tomorrow it shall be of length ..

My dears good night … my love

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1872

Jalsa, Mumbai               May 31/June 1, 2013              Fri/Sat 1 :41 AM

Its Barun’s birthday tomorrow .. or is it tomorrow now ? June 1, 2013 .. good wishes and happy birthday from all ..

The back struggles to keep straight, walk about and stretch .. but there is a fear of it snapping again, and so the activities are limited .. a shoot programmed for 1st of June has to be undertaken, and so shall attempt it with limitations .. but rest is taken and the other perks that come with it .. heat fermentation, electric muscle pad stimulator, and the company of cinema ..

Watched ‘Bombay Talkies’ last night and found it fascinating. Four prominent directors given a small budget to make four short films that represent or indicate what 100 years of cinema means to them. Karan Johar, Dibakar Banerji, Zoya Akhtar and Anurag Kashyap .. unusual stories and wonderfully enacted and created …

And today a documentary called ‘Hitler’s Children’, on the interviews and lives of the children and grandchildren of Hitler’s Nazi Commandants, who were responsible for the holocaust - Goebles, Himmler, Hoess, Frank …

Touching and sensitive to hear from them the attitude of society and the world towards them. Their own conscience, and the guilt and emotion that they carry for the deeds of their elders.

Culturally we are taught to respect our elders, but these children, what do they do … ? A challenge for them to live in the disgrace and the atrocities of their parents. And one grand child, now a grown man, wishes to visit Auschwitz and for him to be taken to the residential places of his parents, within the Camp, a few yards away from the gas chambers where millions were put to death, each day, his grand father being the Commandant in charge of the dreaded facility, and how he breaks down, and how he confronts an entire school brigade of Jewish children on a tour of the camp, answering their questions and at one instance meeting a holocaust survivor from Auschwitz … ahhh … heartbreaking to see reactions and questionings from the School children, many among them whose parents had been killed at that very spot ..

And all my own memories of my visit to Auschwitz, when I was in Poland and had written about it, and the horrific experience of being narrated the details from the guides there …

Just too much to write and express any further ..

Good night and love to all ….

Amitabh Bachchan

PS : last night the US Consulate organised an evening, along with a global magazine G2 to be in conversation for an invited audience, and talk about Gatsby .. but of that later ..

DAY 1871

Jalsa, Mumbai               May 30/31,  2013                Thu/Fri 2 :13 AM

Rituparno Ghosh, that young and most respected director from Bengal, passed away this morning .. suddenly, and most unexpectedly ! It has been extremely shocking for all of us and indeed the entire film fraternity, at this most rude and unbelievable news. 49 years is no age to die, but Ritu Da as we affectionately called him has gone, and left a huge void in the world of some of the most progressive work done in recent times.

I did “The Last Lear” with him. And this came about after years of meetings and mutual desire to work together. It was done in English. The story of a not too successful stage artist who performs Shakespeare, now almost living in seclusion, approached by a film maker to act in his film. Stage, Theatre and Film have had a perennial attitude with each other. The theatre always giving more importance to their craft as opposed to the film makers, yet finding the popularity and commerce of cinema, larger and therefore almost offensive. Theatre is a more difficult craft and those that have through the ages been committed to it, have always had a point of discontentment with the other form, called moving pictures !

It is true that the instant connect, the writing and the level of performances demanded from a stage actor has been immensely more difficult, perhaps more satisfying, and one that has always invited immediate reaction from a live audience. This in particular has had a distinct charm of its own. Reconciling to the fact that because their stint has not been as appreciated as it should have been, and now having to face, almost an embarrassing situation where perhaps for survival a compromise may have to be made, is what the main construct of ‘Last Lear’ was as far as my character was concerned. The tragic ending, ironically insisted upon by the character to perform a dangerous stunt in the ‘film’, came from the arrogance of the actor from stage of not succumbing to a duplicate doing something that he was supposed to do. He pleaded for that moment with the film director, even begging of him on bended knees in a drunken stupor.

There were of course those wonderful moments constructed in the film, where in order to impress the film director of his theatrical presence and performance he plays portions of Shakespeare, to a most astonished and overwhelmed film man, within the confines of his drawing room, now furnished with several memories of his stage days.

The obsession with Shakespeare and the English language as spoken in its purity, was one of the characters obsessions. Often I had observed through the years of being in close proximity to some great theatre artist that they, never seemed to leave the stage as it were, even when they were off it ! The tone and speech of their character on stage was replicated in real life too. I felt it needed to be played so, and Ritu Da did not disagree. So in their daily existence, the speech style and movements and delivery of the spoken normal conversation was what they were with on stage !

For all practical purposes, the character was a Bengali. In actual fact as the back story goes, he was from Bihar, but settled in Bengal and so one typical of the region. His speech throughout was that of an affected British stage performer. But that was a put on. On occasion, when he had indulged in more than his quota of the pricy and exclusive Scotch, he would be his Bengali self. The tone of his delivery, slurred, but never far away from the common man’s Bengali English, which, if you have spent sufficient time in Kolkata, would not be too difficult to identify.

As a writer and a director, Ritu Da was pat on in recreating this world for the character and how his life unfolds with all the other very important people that come into his life. I found that each of the artists that performed in the film were all exceptional - a joy for any actor to be in their company.

Ritu Da was well planned and understanding of the needs of actors on set. In a most tiny little space he and his efficient DOP would at times have a three to four camera set up, so that there was a continuity of performance in a particular scene. He was never rigid in his directions to the artists and rather enjoyed the impromptu additions that actors tend to make at times.

The unit spoke in Bengali, which was a joy, for it gave us all an opportunity to pick up the second most sweetest language in the world. The first being French. At the end of a days work he would call Jaya and share a laugh at all the wrong pronunciations that I was making in my Bengali. But he was essentially a delight to work with. Challenging, gently pushing for a correction, giving immense liberty to the actor on set without any interference, and readily accommodating any peculiar demands that most actors often tend to make when they are facing the camera.

I had wished him on his birthday some months back. He had wished Jaya on hers last month and they spoke of doing a film together, as did he with me too some weeks ago, of a story he was constructing for us to work together in.

Yesterday, Sujoy Ghosh, of ‘Kahani’ fame and me had sat together to finalise our project that we are planning together, and a large portion of the conversation was about Ritu Da - Sujoy having just returned from Kolkata, after finishing the shooting of a film with Ritu Da, where he, Sujoy, is an actor. And this morning …

Fatima our dear Ef from SaF has lost her aunt today too. Very sad, because she had messaged for prayers for her which I did, a few days back.

Life is just beyond explanation …

May all that suffer be filled with the strength of our thoughts and prayers …

Amitabh Bachchan

PS : the other distressing news that I was wanting to comment on Twitter was that Shanouk is very very ill. Shanouk is, as you know my lovely Piraña Dane. His heart is giving way, water is collecting in his stomach and he is in serious condition. We revived him today at the vet by sedating him and pumping out the excess water collected, but things are not looking good ! Sad !

He was named Shanouk by Abhishek, who had read this expression somewhere. Shanouk in American Indian means … ‘a gentle warm breeze, on a cold morning’ …

He has always been that to us …


DAY 1870

Jalsa, Mumbai            May 29, 2013            Wed  10:37 PM


Designed and presented by the Kank of Kolkata … thank you my dear, the effects do justice to the words.But these words are not from a poem, just random words given as an advice by my Father, when I was down with measles a day before my School Play in Sherwood. They are not from any poem or such … just words that I believe in and one’s that have seen me go through many trials and tribulations of time ..

'If things happen the way you wish … good ! If they do not .. better ” ! Why better ? Because they happen according to the will of God and He shall never think bad for you .. so better !

The spasm in the back has laid me down .. happened after my gym in the morning. Horrid to be in such environment. Such a defeatist feeling, one of not getting the maximum form the body .. disturbing !!

But tomorrow is another day and hopefully all will be well … hopefully !!

Punching lines even as you lie can be a difficult exercise, so do pardon the brevity of my connect. I shall hopefully get better by the morrow and shall party with all … ha ha ! Could see some eyes and faces lighten up !

One day … one day … someday … we shall all party !!

For the moment I cannot even think about it ..

My love as ever …


out focussed and without color … yours

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1869

Jalsa, Mumbai              May 28/29,  2013               Tue/Wed  1:06 AM

Just because one gets to bed late and rises early due commitments made of time, it has often given the impression that the concerned person must be an ‘insomniac’. On several occasions when despite my late hours I have been on time for the early morning promise, the almost cynical condescending view has been that because of my insomnia I am able to live up to my given schedule !! That is pretty laughable ! This is not an acceptance of the punctuality of the situation, it is almost looked upon as a rather lame excuse for being on time. Does being on time really require an excuse ? Those that indulge in such belief, need pathetic sympathy.

But … when insomnia does trouble one, it has the makings of a most disturbing condition. I had one such experience last night, and may I say that it can be one of the most nerve shattering moments in any life. The bed has been occupied, the pillow is in place, the lights are switched off, the eyes are shut … but there is no sleep !!

What does one do in such situations, has the makings of an entire film story. And may I say that many stories were written last night in that most unwanted state !

There is twisting and turning, there is adjustment of position, there is building a visual that does not exist, there are conventional sheep counting exercises, there is the lying flat eyes wide open and looking no where, there is the putting on of the night lamp, of television of reading of listening to music, of listening to anything … but all you get to hear is that complex machinery atop your system which continues to tell you .. no way buddy, tonight you shall follow what I have to say … and I say thou shall not sleep tonight .. !!

So .. one reconciles and allows the body to take over the working and guide us towards what it feels is correct, and you accept that and hope that it remains a single solitary and a momentary episodic illusion …

For the moment may I say, that the above assessment of the situation has been holding up. Work in the morning began on time, the gym took place, the meetings and the propositions for new and fresh ventures were pleasant and hopefully fruitful, script readings are in progress, some gadgetry adjustments acquainting myself to procedures and its complexities have been overcome, a few glitches in the writing of this rather unimpressive blog is on its way, a few remarks on both the other platforms have taken place without incident - some complimentary and others not so - and the chiming on the clock announces the time for another test, perhaps in overcoming what could be described as a recurrence of the dreaded condition, ‘insomnia’ …

Dinner has been had. Many among the Ef worry if that has taken place and I do appreciate their concern, since they do know that I am ‘home alone’. It was the thin crusted tomato and cheese Pizza, with large spreads of red chilli pepper, personally sprinkled on top of the delicacy, a must for most Indian food junkies, followed by the fruit of the season - the mango !!

The medications at night are over, proteins absorbed through some hot liquid preparation, ‘saunfh’ has been devoured as the ‘mukh shuddhi’ and it is now a few minutes away from the ‘duvet’.

A short, very short, remote crusade on the channels has taken place. The vocal volumes of the anguished and questioning anchors have been seen and heard, the mobiles have been put on ‘charge’, paper work that concerns the morning of tomorrow have been studied, schedules checked and noted, and just the physical movement from the desk to the bed, a few feet away, is what is left of the day …

But what remains is ” in the rush of life, when did we ever get the time to sit perhaps somewhere and think, what we did, said and believed in to be good or bad “

Another day endeth in the words of my Father ..

With love,

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1868

Jalsa, Mumbai            May 27,  2013            Mon 11:56 PM

I have finally come to the conclusion, one that I was quite aware of, that my knowledge of the contraptions of the modern world, are beyond negligible. I marvel at the inventions that invade our daily lives, and bring to us such adaptations that essentially make living in todays times so much easier and comfortable.

There seem to be no questions, that in our normal existence, remain relatively unanswered. Yes there are some mystical, medicinal, philosophical, and many more such, that still astound us, but by and large, we now have the facility of almost all the required information or solution, virtually at our finger tips. The only problem that seems to bother each one of us that battle with these gadgetries, is the speed with which the models keep changing. Just as soon as we are getting close to understanding the very basics of the one on hand, another image, another more sophisticated version emerges, blasting the marketing and promotional activities, so vividly expressed on our Tv screens and banners, making it impossible to resist its purchase !

Cameras, mobiles, computers and the lot simply keep getting updated almost every day !

Here then is the question ! With the upliftment in technology taking place so rapidly, does this also insure the updating of the species called humans ? I wonder. Each day we read and listen and observe how depraving some of the human acts taking place are. If we have the acumen and the brilliance to enhance technology, which in turn improves our living conditions, surely those elements that the human mind uses to one, should be applicable to the other … but I guess not !!

Those that are proficient with human resources, management and particularly time management, have prime respect in my environment. I simply admire those that have the ability to pick and choose the absolutely right people to take care of the right kind of jobs assigned to them.

In the times we live in and in what has been described earlier, this selection process, should also not be an issue. All information after all, is now facilitated by some excellent procedures … man or woman made. So where is the apprehension of its execution ? Simple to write about it, extremely difficult to execute … and more so for a person such as the one that decorates or defiles the face page of this platform !!

Some very convenient philosophy has been designed by time to understand such situations and to get over their intricacies, when answers to questions evade us .. fate, karma, dharma, the wishes of the creator .. being some of them .. all very legitimate, I would like to believe, and all very applicable … simply because, the suggestions are beyond questioning ! Some atheists would strongly resist and disagree, but a majority would comply ..

But if one follows the scientific talks, discoveries and all what emerges from them, it is becoming even more astonishing, as to what where and how we were ever created … and more how we all function and why in a particular manner ..

I was watching on one of the discovery channels or the one on animals, how scientists were able to study the foetus of a cat .. cat lovers, suddenly strike up a sitting position … and analise how the ears or the hearing of the cat takes shape. Cats can rotate their ears 180 degrees to catch sound, and have the ability to hear the foot steps of a mouse or rat, at distances of over 2 miles … there are flying preying birds too that can ‘see’ their dinner from miles above in the sky ! Incredible !

Now why couldn’t the ‘maker’ give us humans this faculty !! Just kidding ..

But seriously though … wonder how it would be if we had those ‘gifts’ ..

Good night dearest ones and may you all have pleasant nights filled with comfortable dreams - cat lovers and all !!

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1867

Jalsa, Mumbai             May 26/27,  2013             Sun/Mon  2:46 AM

The delight of the day being of course, the winning of our team we support for the IPL, Mumbai Indians. A sensational win, seeing how unexpected our start was, and then how wonderful our fight back from extremely disastrous conditions .. CSK is quite undoubtedly a massive team and with Dhoni leading it, one can never be sure what the results shall be .. he is a phenomenal player and a great captain .. one of the greatest in the world !!

Then there was the Sunday meet with the well wishers. They had been missed sorely, since I had been out of town, and it was wonderful to see them in large numbers again ..

Dubbing for ‘Satyagrah’ began this morning and shall continue for long hours and days. Its like shooting the film all over again, in a few hours sitting in front of a microphone !! Tough job. Because this is the work that shall decide what the calibre of your work has been.

Its early again tomorrow and I always promise that I shall write extensively the next morning .. but I get busy again and the opportunity is lost ! Its the same today, so do excuse the brevity ..

Some pictures though to keep you company till we meet again ..





And in case you missed some from the KBC shoot … here are some again ..




My love as ever and lots more … keep well and with prayers for all ..

Lovingly and longingly ..


Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1866

Jalsa, Mumbai           May 25,  2013          Sat  11 : 50 pm

Waiting waiting waiting … waiting for the UEFA Championship Football final to start … and its still a few moments … so before I get involved .. a quick connect ..

Abhishek has been invited to the game in London and its been wonderful to see him on the tele being interviewed on the pitch .. such moments in life one cherishes a lifetime ..

The Wembley Stadium, prestigious and important and a milestone venue became our destination when I had started concert shows way back in 1981-83 . Getting Wembley was difficult, but the promoters managed, and a almost 70,000 audience came over … what a moment and what a concert it was … the biggest ever.

Sridevi, Aamir and Salman and Neelam I had invited to the show to perform. It was their first appearance ever .. what fun ! They were not the superstars they are today, apprehensive and anxious what would happen. But they did well in a one item appearance … how time flies ..

Need to spend a lot more time in describing that day and lead up to it someday … BUT … the drama on screen now has begun as the pre game event starts ..

See you guys .. later .. love you

Amitabh Bachchan

Page 13

DAY 1865

Jalsa, Mumbai           May 24/25, 2013          Fri/Sat  2 :45 AM

I have nothing to say, nothing to do and nothing whatsoever to think about … the state of a mind that is crowded with multiple ideas and no where to put them .. or if there is a place where it could be put, then not be able see them …

I see opportunity. I see desire. I see the wish to get somewhere. I see all this but in my mind. What I do not see is the way to employ it, or a method by which a system could take it all over and deploy it for me …

Many have come by with suggestions of how it could be done as far as I am concerned, or as far as what could be of concern for me … but even though there is great sincerity in their effort and will, I remain unmoved and  a tad pessimistic .. pessimistic may be too personalised a word, or perhaps too harsh, knowing my circumstances, so let me find another word …

Errmmm … not coming .. so shall search for it in time ..

What an opening to the Blog .. got everyone all worked up at what it was that could be done to extricate me from this situation ..

No there is no need to worry or grieve or trouble all your delicate minds. Just sharing some of what I at times wish to think aloud. That is all.

I am self contained. I work better when the state is such. The attention span covers a lot more than when in assistance. Perhaps it comes from never being in a situation before … a time when all was handled and done singularly … perhaps …

Many find themselves in similar situations … many of us cannot. Envy then  when we lack the acumen to be able to do that, which perhaps comes naturally to those that do differently. I hear talk of ‘team’ and ‘management’ and the accompaniment of several who go along looking, thinking, assessing, the good for their ‘client’ .. these are terms which are alien to me and terms which perhaps would never function as well as they do with others, than they would with me …

There are two schools of thought here ..

Either you deploy a team to market you, to find opportunity, to get things done for you … or you make yourself into a state where others market to get at you .. both are acceptable … its just a matter of temperament … I possess neither, which is why I write about it .. I may tomorrow .. which is when I shall not write about it …

Writing though, has been an activity which some of the earlier lot of those that had access or capacity to write, wrote. That was and still is a domain, which they excel in .. and why not .. after all they are the professionals of that vocation. But because of the facilities and mediums at our doorstep, or shall we say in our virtual hands, there is hidden somewhere a prospective writer, photographer and a documenter ..

The domain or the impenetrable walls of this fortress - the fortress of visibility and information has been breached, and there are most positive indications of further breaks and fissures in those walls. With time it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep away from this invasion … an invasion which to us seems extremely intrusive, and which to the fresh generation, a part of their everyday life ..

Better then to accept, than to resist. Our resistance is a minority now. We may be heard in our complaint, but not much else can be expected after .. it has been the way of the world with minority for centuries, and unlikely to change …

Change requires immense will … will to adjust, to understand, to look at the other point of view, perhaps to get up from a position of regulated comfort and to walk across to the fence to peep into the ‘greener’ grass of the neighbour.

It may require quantum leaps … but the way of the world has only prospered for those that have continuously made effort to do so …

We today are a ‘third world’ and a ‘developing’ nation … and as a citizen I hurt when we are referred to in such manner. But history has not been on our side. It is now, and for the time we have taken to play catch up, is the time that most others have or shall take several lifetimes.

There have been examples of many other that have been in similar, but have laboured and striven to excel .. we must too … and we shall ..

I say all this not in the context of extreme patriotic fervour .. it is a rather obscure example of what we started off with at the start of this missive …

The elder shall necessarily have to step back .. the young shall necessarily have to take command .. giving in is not defeatist, it is wisdom in such matters …

Perhaps I shall be able to elaborate another time ..

Good night my dearest ones .. tomorrow we shall rise to fight again and excel and conquer, to set example and finally to flourish ..

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1864

Jalsa, Mumbai         May 23/24,  2013          Thu/Fri  4 :09 am

Dear dear me … it is past 4 am … I must rest .. or else I shall … you know what .. I am beginning to hallucinate a bit .. any way , just had to do the Blog and the Twitter and the FB .. will leave you with some rather odd pictures .. not entirely of my liking, but shall wait for comment .. love you all ..

ha ha ha ha ah … historic picture !! was about to lose my pants .. they were  a bit loose .. lost more weight methinks … need to get trimmer .. really !!

Do not worry about the green … that shall be filled up with all kinds of graphics .. the age of modern technology … they can remove me and put an animal there and no one would know the difference ..the stool to shall go .. as shall most of the creases on clothes and … the face … photo shop does its bit, but on film they have the capacity to do much more and greatly more efficiently …

Okaaaayyyy …

Off to bed .. more tomorrow ..

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1863

Jalsa, Mumbai         May 22/23, 2013        Wed/Thu 3 :07 am

A strange feeling as I type in my location above. It seemed almost as though I had lost the address, that it was fresh and new and almost mysterious …

But there it is, glimmering in its faithful glory and continuity, a steady reminder that the world changeth for a while, but cometh back too … does it ??

There is always the joy and comfort of being home, irrespective of all the glory and glamour that other more renowned and important locations one may have patronised, before. And it is a wonder that even though the period of absence may have been long and arduous, the functions of the ‘home’ are always well engraved in our minds - the light switches, the doors tables, furniture, dressing regions and where to find what needs to be found ..

And of course the inmates ..

Abhishek is here alone, Aishwarya and Aaradhya still walking the carpet in Cannes, and Jaya and the rest of the family in New York with Shweta and her mother in law, and family .. well Jaya and Navya on a flight right now to NyC ..

In a days’ time Abhishek too leaves to be with family, and all the various functions and events that he has to attend. Envying his guest invitation to the Championship football in England though, and then events for Gucci and the AID’s effort that they are involved in ..

Abhishek of course played a celebrity football game as you know for the proceeds to go for the ‘girl child’ campaign they work for .. and many other such noble causes …

I ramble along .. there is much to catch up with and I expect that there shall be time to do that as the day goes by .. systems must be in place for such procedure .. a team that works out the preliminaries and then you step in guided and advised by them to deliver that one moment ..

The eternal problem … how to find the correct human resource ! I admire those that function in well oiled machinery that looks after each aspect of time management, and professional advice. I do believe I have an infrastructure in place, but perhaps lack the structure … that one element to which one can leave all the decision making to and know that it will be done according to your taste, time and liking ..

Some day … hopefully it shall all fall into place ..

Till then .. good night …

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1862

London on the Isles, UK for May 21/22 of 2013 in the time of 12 : 45 AM gmt on the Tuesday that flows over to the Wednesday ..

A meeting with the EF … a simple honest caring encounter… it is the simple things in life that stand out .. and the Ef stood out along with me .. Jaya paid a surprise visit to where we were and it was good that Ef got a chance to be with her for a photograph ..

Ever respectful, the EF sought permission whether they could mention about their meeting .. well … does this missive leave any doubts … ??

Winding up and packing for home can be fun and exciting … but there is always that longing of wanting to stay back .. or at least have a plan to come back soon .. hopefully it shall happen !!

Some ugly and disparaging remarks appear on the waves and I for a moment thought of bringing it all to your notice .. but that would have unleashed a barrage of hostile reactions to the concerned person … leave it .. it takes a lot for the mind to build hatred and vile thoughts … it destroys rather than deliver the purpose of the distaste .. that is the meaning that most that indulge shall never understand .. let them not ! If you wish to cut the branch you sit on, I can only predict the outcome .. I may not be able to save you ..

I leave tomorrow for home … it has been a most eventful and fulfilling few days .. and I do hope that it shall remain so .. humbling, exciting and filled with affection from those that mean so much ..

Allow me the haste with which I end this today .. rest is needed ..

My love ..



Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1861

The Isles of Great Britain in London, for the 20th-21st of May in the year 2013, and at a time of day Mon-Tue for 3:25 AM, GmT

It needs to be said that the years and decades of the Industrial revolution that occurred in the Western World, cannot be matched by those that struggle to leap frog in quantum endeavour to remain in the reckoning ! Each existing moment there is hope and belief that something which shall revolutionise the lives of us humans, is being worked on in some corner of the world.

How must the faults that come along with invention be rectified, repaired and put forward again to a most discerning audience, is a challenge that is most daunting. The fact that it does get accomplished speaks volumes of those that sit in discussion and debate on the next discovery to ease our lives.

Someone does dream a dream and an entire technology gets motivated to make sure that , no matter how unapproachable it may be, the fulfilment and the perfection of that dream has to be accomplished.

As I travel around this part of the world, I cannot but admire the thought processess of the great minds that have through extreme hard work, eased our living, and given us an answer to the many questions that rack our delicate minds.

Yes, perhaps the humane element to all this is lesser when compared to other parts, but either you accept one or the other … each region has I believe, chosen a path which to them maintains the importance and the relevance of it. So immense is the need for discovery and invention, that those that look in wonder at the feats, must often think what the need for it may have been, since there were more inexpensive ways of accomplishing them. True … perhaps in some parts of the world. But I fear they come from those parts of the world, that have either attempted and failed, or having failed do not wish to permit any intervention to a flourishing existing business !!

However, with the proximity that communication brings with us today, it shall remain well nigh impossible to ignore or even condescend to walk away from such inventions ….

Inventions start from basic improvements … improvements that bring about ease of work and therefore life. And since the benefits of these are so readily visible, the desire to not exactly do away with them has disappeared … well almost …

It could be as lavish and unbelievable as the Chunnel under the sea of the English Channel, or just quite simply, a door knob with smoother operations. Each day of the year and year after year, there is a most accomplished think tank that must do nothing else but this .. one that continuously thinks of bringing change of conduct !!

Would all of this finally destroy us … as a society ? I think not. We were happier then to book a call to New York and get to speak to the concerned person after a week. We are equally happy and concerned too, that while travelling at great speeds under the crust of the earth, under the belly of a massive ocean, water body, Channel … we are unable to connect as rapidly as desired to the people above us ..

Perhaps in time this fault will be noticed and efforts shall be made to rectify it … and with that insure that systems work and shows go on uninterrupted ..

My love to you … and my departure for tonight ..


Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1860

London of the B-Palace, United Kingdom on the 19th of May 2013, at the time and day of Sunday 8:50 PM , GmT …

Further travel takes me beyond seas again, the seas that have been crossed just a few days rewinded, but for a short length of time, to be back by the evening and then within a day to Mumbai and home …

I must admit it has been a most infectious trip this … the Premiere, the NyC of the United States in the Apple, to the ink blue waters of the South of France and Cannes festival and the opening of ‘Gatsby’… Cap d’Antibes, that little jewel in the vicinity, heard of during the times of University and the visits of some friends there ..

But most importantly … the joy of respect and gratitude for those that associate themselves with cinema the world over, and to be in close proximity of them, to feel and breathe the air of their presence, to hear and be humbled by the knowledge of us with them and to be given the opportunity to find our community on an International platform, reserved primarily by our greats of the developed world !!

It would be improper to detail all the events and the happenings of all these days, much of which has been extensively covered and documented by an enormous presence of the media from all parts of the world, but suffice to say, that the experience of being in the proximity of the greats has but taught us all, the relevance of humility and the respect for fraternity … also it has to be said … that the concerns, apprehensions, anxieties, attitudes joys and sorrows that we in our very small capacity and world encounter, are unanimous with all, from across the globe … collections, first week ends, publicity and marketing, reviews … all remain common to us all …

Ahhh … ! relief ! they are human too …

But enough now of languishing in comfortable reclines, of presentations and of what they that matter think. It is to the board now to start again from where it all started from, to replenish to think to perform to reestablish  to perhaps discover and be tutored to fresh and challenged opportunity, to live in apprehension and hope, to wonder what will work and what not, to consider and associate with the new and the important … so much to be done and such little time ..

Would it or will it ever happen … time only can tell … and time has its own limitations, never guided or prescribed ..

hah hahah ha a…

that was to myself as I sit myself down to write my missives .. and it kindles my laughter because of the various efforts I need to make to get to a position of comfort before a word can truly be composed .. confused ?

Let me explain. The wi fi signal in this room has a mind of its own. It connects and disconnects at will. The angle of the lap top then, needs positioning to get those vital conical lines to the brim. These have, through a great process of trial and error been found to be at the edge of my bed, in a corner, normally reserved for extended toes to protrude from under the duvet. It is a 90* angle, and the machine sits in the middle of the angular 90. My chair then faces it, with the pointed corner of the bed, hitting the lower portion of my belly, as I sit astride the 90 of the bed - a leg on each side ! The hands hang in mid air, obviously, as I punch the lines, and that in itself is a process. Now … in order to remove my girth and my limbs that occupy three fourths of my torso, I need to swing the left leg almost above my head, over the open hood of the computer to the other side to meet its compatriot, the other leg, before I can reach out for the phone, mobiles, water or the door ..

Picture that and do empathise with my ‘extenuating circumstances’.. I do go to great ‘lengths’ to connect with the Ef … do I not ??

May all be blessed with good humor health and happiness ..


Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1859

The British Isles, London on the Saturday-Sunday of May 18th going on to 19th, by the time of 0:35 am GmT …

Until you see it and know that the means are reachable, you tend to procure it, not so much for its immediate need, but that it may not have been readily available earlier ..

Many a story of early and poor struggle haunts numerous individuals, after they have overcome it. They refer to it with some sense of achievement and pride. Many look back upon it with egoistic glee .. ’ I never had it but see how I defeated it through time and work, and now look where I am ..’ ..

Many would find that difficult to express. The insecurity of perhaps falling back to those times keeps them wary of gloating over it. I observe a sports woman declaring that on a programme on Tv and feel hesitant for her…

' I was very poor and through my talent I am now in a position where I have made enough money that I never need to work ever again ..'

That is a strong expression, filled with the confidence of retaining her wealth, and have the confidence and belief to say it out. Many would never be able to say that. At most, what emanates, refers to the unknown forces and the divinity that marches along with it….

'God has been kind, to me .. I am fine , thank you … !!

However there are those with ambition and drive and a sense of greater achievement, who never rest on their laurels or their ‘balances’ and desire to do more for more. They are determined people, people that know the potential and how that result that they imagine can and is reached. Their confidence in the nature of their need to excel even greater is remarkable. How do they muster such courage to be able to predict and optimistically state that a higher peak shall be conquered.

Then there are those that philosophically admit that life is but once in all, and that, which they cannot indulge in now, would have to suffer the wait of the next birth - a factor they shall never be able to ascertain even if they did re enter the human earth.

One reads many a smart wording on such belief often .. ‘live like there is no tomorrow ..’ they confess, and expect many to follow suit. How do they get the gall to believe such permanency in their thought ?

I envy such, for I do not have what they have, and I feel that they have right at times. But then I rethink on it and conclude … each of us has been given independent thought word and deed … that is what needs protection. That is what was given to me, in birth, in fate, in way of life, perhaps .. and I must respect that and be content … yes, content !

Many that suffer existence in this life, blame or believe that it is the result of mistakes or wrong doings of the past life, and that till these wrongs committed are corrected, life shall be giving birth to you in similar manner each rebirth. Perhaps as another lesser human or some element of nature. A plant, a tree, an animal, anything that would make your life precarious, because of the faults of a previous life !

These are interesting thoughts. In the absence of scientific proof or examination, they gather an almost impenetrable truth for those that are affected by it …

'For the wrong that you do, the Almighty, God, Allah, Bhagwan, Eshwar shall seek a price from you .. so be prepared and be frightened of it …'

Faith in the unknown, is faith indeed … for there are many and so much in many that have no answers to the many ..

But I have an answer to at least one - your dedication and love !


Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1858

The Isles again in Britain, on whose empire once the sun never set, here now for the 17th/18th of May 2013, at a time when we are reaching the two indicators on what is normally called a clock, to 12 :45 AM on gmt

There is a sadness that befalls as one has to leave a place which has begun to grow on you. Cannes certainly had that effect, and I doubt if there shall be another occasion for this to come to me in a repeat, but suffice to say that the hours spent have been most satisfactory.

The meetings with the people, the event of the film, the experience of being asked to open the Festival of the 66th Cannes, the joy and togetherness of all the cast, of informal outings with them … all have been a phenomenal learning experience.

There have been some complimentary reviews on the film and some words of  recognition for the character I play. For this I am most grateful. I do feel that the limitations of an alien in the western cinema shall remain, and so the understanding or the moral of this short lived story is that  … one must aim small and minuscule, be focussed and true to profession, and remain quietly settled in the background ..

My Father’s words of wisdom on this too, which I may have shared earlier ..

at an event seat yourself on the last row, for if ever they decide to move you, you shall only move forward ..!!

I have found warmth and comfort seated in the last row .. for that is where I belong. There is far too much enthusiasm and desire among those that follow me diligently and with sincerity, to break lose, to push forward selfishly, to meet important makers in this world of International cinema .. I shall … but it has to be restrained in its objective .. self respect, dignity, true value of effort must and has to be maintained.

It does not matter if more comes my way … less will do ..

It does matter though, if I was deserving of the next moment or not !!

Good night then dearest ones … my love

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1857

Hotel du Cap, Cap D’Antibes, France of May 16th and past into the 17th at the time of 3am .. late, but in the South of France its acceptable ..

I have no reason to be with the music and the words of my Father … but I remember him much, and in this wild world of celebrity and status, of pageantry and etiquette, of what I believe strained complementariness, of finesse and protocol, of conversation that seems not to have heart perhaps, the genuineness of the verse and the accompaniment of relevant notes, introverts you … that intrinsic feel that many of us experience, yet are  hesitant to express, finds space … the space that understands them that remain diligent and connected to the earth … the ground that now terms itself as an obscure expression titled ‘Blog’ !!

I know there is understanding and connection with all … I feel the pounding of the beats as we embrace, touch and reach out to all that commit themselves, assist in forming that which, tested with time, has gone beyond ..

That beyond is my realm, built ‘day by day’ with my breath, my sweat, at times with my blood, and right now with the tears that flow down as symbols each of your affection and love …

I bathe within it, the salt of its presence playing with the edges of my lips, which twitch not in sorrow or sadness, but twinge gently, nervously, to shape the beginnings of a smile …

I am flushed with the love you give me … and find such inadequacy in its repayment ..

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1856

Hotel du Cap, Cap D’Antibes, France,

May 15/16, 2013  Wed/Thu 3 :10am

My dearest, and the ones I address as my dearest ..

At first my sincere apologies to have missed out the Ef that came by at Cannes to cheer and meet me. The protocol by the Festival is most strict. They do not permit of even design your day without consideration of the guided format, predetermined, so there is very little one can do to break that .. then, the weather played havoc. For the Ef to have remained steadfast on the stands despite it, getting wet and without food, must be the biggest sacrifice made … thank you so much … but allow me to say this, that through out the evening I could feel your presence even though I could not see you .. and that to me was most important.

The Festival authorities at Cannes have been extremely welcoming and kind to me. The respect and the dignity offered was exceptional. To have invited Leonardo di Caprio and me on stage to open the Festival, was the moment for me. Such an honor and a privilege for the celebration of 100 years of Indian Cinema to be given the importance it so richly deserves. Truly a historic moment for me, but immensely historic and honorable for the Indian Film Industry, a fraternity that I am and shall always be most proud of.

Most of what has transpired at Cannes has been put out on the net, and most of it has been viewed, so I shall not make the effort of putting it up. It is another matter though, that I do not have a single record or photograph of my own, to be posted here and at other mediums !!!

But tomorrow is another day and hopefully something shall appear .. Moses Sapir still making all possible efforts to get a lot many more pictures up ..

Good night dearest ones … my love for all …

Amitabh Bachchan

Page 14

DAY 1856(i)

Hotel du Cap, at the Cap D’Antibes in South of France, for May 16th which should have been for May 15th, at a time when it gets to be afternoon around 11:55am

This was meant to be the page for the evening last, but for some reason as I saved the draft all its contents disappeared, leaving just the DAY, which I might add was wrong .. it was written as 1846, when it should have been 1856. For some technical internet reason, the ‘blank’ blog went out and has caused some concern ..

May your attention to all the errors that I make be ever vigilant, and may my Ef ever be there to correct, reprimand, show disgust, annoyance and anger at my follies.

Each moment of my life must be filled with learning and discovering the correctness of being in this world, and how wonderful to have an army of dedicated Ef that do such a diligent job of working towards it ..

Thank you my dears … and my apologies once again at the missed opportunities at Cannes last evening ..

Forever in gratitude …


Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1855

Hotel du Cap, Antibes, France    May 14/15, 2013    Tue 1 :12am

Places and occasions simply take your remaining breath away, when in their company. I am breathless and living in a dream ..

May I just remain so without expressing anything at all ?

I wish to ..

Will you understand ?? Thank you …

My love

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1854

Isles of Britain in London      May be the 14th or the 15th of 2013    at a time which began before but ended later 12 :50 Am gmt

@SaharGazeran from Iran.. 14th May birthday ..wishing you all the love and blessings for the year and many many more years to come … love from us all ..

Amit Sangani goes in for surgery today 14th … all prayers for him ..speedy recovery, and successful medications .. in prayer ..



And may the future generations, build to remain fore fronting all that the elders may have. Keep ahead, keep before, keep not abreast but visibly greater and bigger …

For that is the wish of all that bring to the world continuity and perpetuity !

Cannes invites tomorrow and the quotient of palpability surges  .. to touch to be felt and perhaps to bring for posterity, that small insignificant presence for the generation that follows …

There will and cannot be great accolades in an arena which is dominated and rightly so by an empire that will remain alien to a majority of us, in our part of the world. A tribute paid through a retrospective in Paris, a solo performance at the prestigious Theatre du Champs Ellysees, a landmark recognition in the sea front city of Deauville, the commentaried Oscar Award winning documentary March of the Penguins, the subsequent medal of honor by the French Government by decorating me with the Legion de Honor … "Ordre national de la Légion d’honneur”, created 1802 by Napoleon Bonaparte, as Commander in category … and on …

But there is scant  knowledge of all among many .. a pity ! However, the progeny registers it and that is all that matters. And yes, along with them the very dedicated and devoted Ef ..

These citations however register what the others thought of calibre and deserved recognition. The onus of all that must rest with the person concerned. He or she must feel the justification … else its value shall remain with others, and that does not always translate into value !

We talk today of the classics and the worth of those responsible for creating it for the world to witness, yet when it was time to decorate them we never did. All creativity the world over, be it music, art, cinema, painting, architecture has unfortunately, faced similar societal divorce. It has become a norm, that has denied the one person who needed its lauded glory.

Media, that great instrument of record, has to some extent kept the flag of necessary documentation flying, but perhaps at half mast on most occasions. The point could perhaps be put to debate, but the fear is, that that too shall be monitored and stored through the medium of them, that conduct it, giving rise and position to bias. What transpires next is even more discomforting. Knowing the predetermined outcome of such practice, those connected disconnect. For them all that matters is the moment and the process that they went through, despite and in spite. And there is genuine joy and happiness that the interference from without, has been either out casted, or insulated from.

Those that had the gall and the accumen to put it down to posterity in writing or in book documentation, were honorable people. They left behind a gentle question mark. But those that did not, well, just did not. Hundreds and thousands of precious lives have been lost in futile wars and battles for supremacy, nationality and the protection of land. How many do we remember, how many to we decorate, and how can we know the stories of those who fought silently and sacrificed themselves on the alter of patriotism. A memorial shall be built, protocol and pageantry shall be diligently followed - the salute, the gun fire, the wreaths shall enlighten an important date in the history of a nation … and then …

To the freedom fighters a brass plaque in recognition of their ‘services’ shall be presented, perhaps without any feeling of respect. A stipend shall be announced for it, and never given. For that poor and desperate villager, inspired for the fight to protect his or her Motherland, all that he shall be proud of, shall be that piece of metal which he shall hang in prominence on the only wall of his dilapidated mud home ! He shall spend more time energy and funds to recover what has been promised to him through that monetary recognition. Many do not want the fund for their existence. They want it to register their contribution and its recognition to have been a part of the fight.

Those in charge of its deliverance, shall have other tales to narrate. They bring up the bogey of fraud. Of illegitimate and dishonest carriers of the freedom fighter badge. Of having done nothing, but posing as some who did, in order to gather the financials.

The world is made up of all kinds .. some ‘made up’ some ‘kind’ …

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1853

the Isles the Isles in constant Isles, London of May 12/13 of the yearly 2013’s with the timings of the dawn at 10 past the hour of 3 am at Greenwich Mean Time or that through which travels the zero longitudes

There are times in the days of our life when we wished we had what the other had. There are times in the days of our life when the other sits with more than what you have, and the realisation that you will never have what they have. There are times in the days of your life, when you wonder why they have and not you. There are times in the days of our life when, knowing what the other has can never be yours, that you begin to reconcile. There are times in the days of our life when you judge your presence in the presence of the other ; when you feel and realise the difference and if young enough not to be able to understand this social distance, do lament the fact of this ‘injustice’.

Youth and early years perhaps never drive our thoughts towards thinking of this ‘glaring discrepancy’ that is being meted out to us. We complain and question those that bring us into this world, as to why this has happened to us, why we are not on equal terms with our friend in the classroom, in college, at work and in our social circle. Many of us accept quite humbly that, that is how it has been fated. Many do not and revolt in their own way towards it. They either shun their company, at times cynically addressing them as that ‘superior lot’, or most often make them your closest, simply because you find great friendship qualities in them, or, and this is worthy of debate and perhaps too sensitive, you enjoy the accoutrements that shadow them.

But there are some that fail to succumb to all of the above and determine instantly the disparity, the want, the difference … and resolve to amend it. Amend it by immense power of will to never ever allow a situation of the others want and position. Of wanting to be not just like them, but to better their own standing, to be looked at the way, they had at a time looked at the other.

That is a resolve, a determined mission, a destination evaluated to be achieved. One that shall incentivate all energies in getting to it at all cost. And when achieving it to not merely dwell on it but to keep working at not just keeping it alive but enhancing it, each moment ; the insecurity of the past perpetually haunting our present !!

Those that have perhaps lived through generations of the ‘affluent’, may never allow such conditions to ever cross their settled minds. But those that have seen and experienced the inadequacies and wants of the past, shall.

An insecurity may drive one constantly, unrestful, wary and vulnerable in state. There is belief that the fear of insecurity could be enough to garner sufficient reason to continue in progress. There is also the mythic compulsions, if they can be called that, of what certain morals of life may have been instilled in us at early inductions.

The abhorrence towards greed. The worthiness of satisfaction. Of praising the Almighty for giving what He did, and not challenging it. Of acceptance, fulfilment, and the glory of having at least that which has been bestowed upon us.

Yet, there are some that refuse to rest on glittering laurels. Who take insecurity in stride, devour it, never permitting it to raise its uncertain Hydra Head, and with the belief and the strength of their confident ritualistic curricula, drive on in marauding fashion, destroying all recognised and practised documented skill, climbing and conquering the highest and the mighty, at times, yardsticks constructed by themselves, towards unreachable peaks of excellence, achievement and power of singular presence !

There are times in the days of our life, when we ponder and acknowledge this power. There are times in the days of our life when we ponder too on why we were unable to reach such achievement. Why some were made greatly more than us - prettier, better, accomplished, and with the means that we shall never have !!

And … when we cannot discover the righteous answers to all, we fall back on that one aspect of all our lives - the faith and the power of the ‘unknown force’, on the one that resides ‘above’ and watches and conducts us through the baton of his philharmonic, on ‘karma’ and the theosophy of it, on deeds of our life in the past life, the good or the bad, the evil or the sacrifice done …

What an easy way out of all that realistically rests within us all, in our hands and in our minds. We stop because we feel defeated. We do not pursue because we wrongfully accept our limit. We allow the other to overtake us, because we know that it has been ordained thus …


We shall fight the fight. Sweat the sweat. Attempt the attempts. And allow what we may have missed, to be dismissed.

Complexities shall and will exist, as must they should. There will be inequality and distinct distinction. The lesser shall always be in the awe inspiring, more. The bourgeoisie will ever find complexity in the elite and the class. That shall ever remain a constant, for some will ‘have’, and most ‘have not’ ..

But .. majority lies with the ‘have not’, and in all walks, majority rules. That then is the advantage. That then is the disadvantage of the ‘have’.

Pity not, nor ever make error of sympathy with the ‘nots’. That to me could be the most appalling and atrocious mis judgement.

A majority of life’s existence has been built brick by brick, by the ‘nots’. Look around you and see. Feel their presence about, for they have remarkable tales of how they ‘have’ now. If not by choice, at least by example follow them that did not tread the chosen path of lament, instead visit and ensure the proven path that they structured for the ultimate deed of survival and success …

There is however a matter of concern that must be addressed. The insecurity of inferior complex, gives rise invariably to the over indulgence of superiority.

Superiority complexes have the ugly habit of peeling off the tender skin of a festered inferiority.

May the effort and the labor of coming out on top ever be compelled to a brashness unbecoming of the acquired achievement. May they be Blessed that do and survive. It cannot form a recommended generalisation for many.

Those that achieve, take an earnest and pleasurable, honest look at their modest past. Some with humble pride, others with a certain disdain.

I would never be able to ‘look back in anger’. If all achievement were to be lost tomorrow, I would be happy and content with the lower middle class that I always have been. But then … this too is too presumptuous a thought - I need to believe first that I have achieved any, at all.

I share with you, all that comes to me when I talk to myself …

You have then occupied and inhabited me   .. or so I strongly believe !!

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1852

Isles of B, London         May 11/12,  2013         Sat/Sun  1 :10 AM gmt


adequately bow tied with Abhishek at formal celebration


… and adequately informally with Shweta …




The joy of being with my own … and 40 years of the film that started it all !

For today need I say more …honoured and blessed by the Ef that take immense pains to illustrate my pages and my life ..

Spending time with junior .. IPL, then Chelsea game … which was won fortunately … screaming and pumping in front of the Tv screen …Lampard making history by most number of goals … a record equalled first and then broken … crazy .. as if it could be seen or heard on the pitch !! Then another FA Cup final with the historic defeat of ManCity by Wigan, and winning the cup almost after 58 years apparently !! Goodness !!

And then he left … back to Mumbai … on a flight now …

Some friends call us out for dinner, and what an experience … walking in to the restaurant and getting greeted first by excited Egyptians, who express love and happiness and photographs to be taken … on the table, next an entire bunch of young girls from London of Indian origin … more screams and excitement and photographs .. soon after on the other side of the table, an excited couple from Saudi Arabia … more excitement and photographs … next to us then, another table, oriental in manner, and yes, more photographs … they from Indonesia … !! Dinner done and stepping out of restaurant … and … yes another whole group of young men and ladies from London and of Indian origin … even more photographs and exuberance and great respect …

Gosh !! Indian movies .. !!! Reaching out to so many and in such diverse regions … quite amazing !!

100 years of Indian Cinema … may it continue to be as attractive and popular in the next hundred !!

Setting up for Cannes now … with some trepidation .. I know not why, but yes … filled with wondered expectation … and a strong desire to run away from it all ..

If it were not for the presence of the promised Ef, perhaps I would have ..

Good night dearest ones … when you slumber in most parts, may you be pleasant in dream and wish ..


Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1851

the isles of B, London         may 10/11, 2013           fri/sat 1 :55 am gmt

I have company in the early morn … my son, my friend, my Abhishek !!

A joy as ever to sit and be in the company of men talk, quality time, issues of future, family, decisions and just about everything under the clouded and wet city. Followed by a drive out … the boys are out … to destinations that cover us with design and couture !! This generation is greatly more aware of this part of the world, than many of us can even imagine, and they are so correct and validated. There is surprise in the numbered recognitions from those about, and not all from the Motherland. In fact no one from there. Cinema is becoming truly, the next door neighbour of most communities the world over. I wonder often where this shall all lead to … positive yes, and filled with pride and honour … 100 years it has taken us for this stage .. 100 years, the existence of Indian movies … from Dada Saheb Phalke and Raja Harishchandra to what prevails now.

Raja Harishchandra from our mythical and deeper stories and belief, the King that for honor and dignity and truth, sacrificed his son too …

the reference, adage, expression of justification for honor - a Raja Harishchandra ! You be good and beyond personal honesty and honor and you are a Raja Harishchandra. Often in our conversations, when personality that impresses with the qualities of honor, they become ‘raja harishchandra’ … a substitute reference for the pure !!

Narrating this to Baz Luhrmann during our lunch at his home in New York, what he repeatedly asked was the name ‘Harishchandra’ … quick to accomodate the most important aspect of any information or conversation, does Baz … his cause and reason for being in the category of genius …

The freshed and changed Face Book face page has an image taken by renowned photographer Dabboo Ratnani, for his yearly calendar. It was time said the team to change the first page and brought up this visual ..and I wonder why and how it converted my thoughts to what followed after - a few lines of pretended verse … but verse according to me … it may not sound the conventional, but were I to read it to you, it is hoped that it would .. VOG ? Bubbly ? … pity it does not work from here in the Isles, and there is frantic work being conducted to repair that. But till then, I am delighted to get the meaning across to my best :

The picture has several electric bulbs hanging about and my face in close with the ‘shades’ - as todays young refer to it, as opposed to ‘dark glasses’ in our time. There is one bulb that can be seen diffused , but lit, and another more in focus, in front of me, unlit ..

Hence the thought :

एक जला हुआ दीपक, धुंधला सा, पीछे,
नेपथ्य में I

one illuminated light, diffused, at the rear, behind
एक साकार , अन जला  आगे …

one present, unlit, before me in front ..
देखता उसे  मैं,  ढकी, काली, नज़रों से

I watch it with covered, black eyes
सोचता ,

and think
क्या बुझ चुका ये भी

has this bulb been unlit too
या प्रज्वलित आलंकृत होगा कभी  ….

or will it light up in glory again ever ..
जीवन का अर्थ मिलता ,

One discovers the meaning of life in 
शिथिल निशब्द चित्रों में I

unmoving, silent pictures ..
क्या ये नहीं संकेत मेरे जीवन का भी  …

is this not an indicator of my life too …
~ अमिताभ बच्चन amitabh bachchan


The black and white picture is symbolic of times in our existence - they are either black or white.

The diffused out of focus light bulb, lit, in the rear, is the physically descriptive, portion of my life - a phase gone by - of illuminated glory, now still, barely visible in its light, but in position behind, in the rear, without prominence …

The bulb unlit before me, being watched by dark covered eyes, indicative of not wanting to face the once prominent brightness … of the desire to hide the eyes … the eyes that speak and give away expression and feeling … the ‘shades’ giving false looks of betterment, exalted, prettier … as do all when they cover their face with the glasses ..

Looking at the unlit bulb - unlit, because the time for its lighting has passed .. it shall never light up again .. nor bring back the aura of brightness, in my life … the glory and the dazzle that electricity brings is now in the ‘nepathya’, behind the curtain, at the back … never to come up the stage ever …

Is this then not the story of my life … this picture ??


My love to you … you, that remain with the hope that the bulb shall come alive and bring back the light that has passed and is over …




Amitabh Bachchan












DAY 1850

British Isles, London            May 9/10,  2013             Thu/Fri  2 : 30 AM

Dim dark lights, cozy cuisine, thumping music, gentle lamp candles, courteous service, a host of friends and … the birthday boy from Mumbai !

Celebrations on the 50th, and here in London ..

Laughter and camaraderie, hugs and air kisses, balloons and interesting menu wares, decorations at the TRAMPS … the ‘it’ place many years ago, probably still is … read about it , heard about it and finally in it tonight .. how life draws and withdraws !!

Difficult to open up in free and relaxed abandon .. the wife does .. a sport ..I sit back on my chair and mind the ‘clutches’ and ‘bags’ of the ladies … fun !!

Driving through the streets and stores earlier there is a marked presence of the film ‘Gatsby’ .. tie ups, special screenings, wares of opulence decorating the show windows .. anticipation and expectation for the release ..

Some of the Ef stationed in all parts of the world post various reviews of critics .. they sound positive generally … no one is unanimous, or similar in opinion .. guess their talents would be tested if they were .. I am surprised that they even mention me .. some and most complimentary, the odd singular lamenting my casting … wonderful to find that they even consider saying so .. never mind if you are written about, mind if you are not .. an old adage that surmises the creative art .. we have lived long enough with and without it .. it is a job for one, an opinion for us by another .. the refrain must remain and exist and prosper .. how else would we ever know what the mirror fails to, each morning ..

So happy to see you notice and acknowledge Shweta .. she went away to be with ill relative in New York .. the other, Abhishek on a plane to London now .. family by your side uplifts spirit .. protects, enhances, rushes the blood in the right places, lifts the head high ..

I need to translate two poems on the FB for all non Hindi readers .. one is the poem by my Father, with the picture of the dew drops on a leaf .. the other that shall come up tomorrow as my DP is written by me, describing the moment …

I anxiously await your response to it .. and anxiously adhere to sleep protocol and retire ..

My love …

Amitabh Bachchan

ps: Moses Sapir illustrated my words on the Twitter thus .. sweet and inspiring ..

DAY 1849

Britannia, London          May 8/9,  2013         Wed/Thu  3 :05 AM gmt

Yes I do believe it is the hour that worries most and causes extreme rections among the Ef … yes it should be time to be in bed .. yes it is the hour to be taking good care of health … but… yes … the attraction of those that consider themselves to be extended to me as family, must be given the respect and the admiration they all deserve … which is .. due attention !!!

The flight in from JFK, New York was smooth and quicker than when we went the other way. Going into from Heathrow, London to Nyc was 8 and a half hours !! Coming back today was 6 hrs !! In fact during the days of the Concorde it was 5 and a half hours ! Time difference between Uk and USA being 5 hrs, when you took the Concorde, going out to Nyc, you actually had two breakfasts .. because you took off at 9:30 am and reached Nyc at the same time in UsA !! Concorde flying time - 3 hrs and 15 mins !! The flying needle’ they called it, because that is how it looked in full flight. Did the flight several times and added to it were several pleasant memories.

Soon after the first flight took place we were on it for a holiday with Shweta and Abhishek as toddlers almost .. and the joy of explaining to them the intricacies of the ‘sound barrier’ and how the aircraft flew faster than the speed of sound. That on most of the portions that it flew over land, it reduced speed, because on a Mach speed faster than sound, it would have the capacity to blow off all the glass windows below ! So interesting and novel was the plane that the Commander of the flight would give certificates to the kids, which confirmed that they had flown this special plane. On occasion we shared seats with great celebrity - Sir Alec Guiness, Tom Cruise, Richard Gere, and several others …

…. and then the stories related to it ..

You could actually see the curvature of the Earth as you flew at over 58,000 ft, on speeds of Mach 2 … at that height the atmosphere did not look blue, but a light purple ..

The funny tales of it .. its novel size, speed, landing nose shift, were all subjects of wonder and awe … plane was divided into two sections, the front and the rear .. no difference in status or price or seating or anything .. it was a structural necessity. The cabin crew service gallery, was in the front of the plane, and when food was served, naturally the first row in the front cabin got served a little earlier due to the convenience, since the alley was very narrow and long, there was difficulty in moving about to the rear and then up with food trays. This on one occasion, seemed to annoy one of the passengers who was sitting in the rear section. When her turn came to be served, she threw a shindig .. ” I am paying the same price for the ticket ” she exclaimed loudly, ” why is it that the guy in front is getting served first ” ?? . The air hostess not wanting to get intimidated by this somewhat uncalled remark, kept her cool and gently replied to her .. ” …because Ma’am, they are flying faster !! “. Silence ! No further questions or tantrums after. There was so much excited talk on the exceptional qualities associated with the making and the flying of the plane and its remarkable feats of speed, that the lady actually believed that there was a ‘technical advantage’ for the front row !! The speed factor though elicited many an interesting query. The best coming from the great Mohammed Ali, who on his first trip, wished to know, since the plane flew at such extreme speeds, whether if he was to be driving on the motor way and the Concorde flew by along him, would he be able to see it ..?!!

I have not come across any known record, of what the response to this question was !!

The Concorde, now that we are on the subject, flew limited destinations - one of the reasons for its discontinuance, apart from that one and the only disaster that took place in Paris when it crashed on take off !

It flew mostly over water bodies, because it would never be able to push the throttle to full, over land London to Nyc, to Washington, to Rio I believe and the return to Paris also. The Paris factor being a consideration to the French, because the Concorde was a joint manufacturing effort of the French and the British !!

There was a time in those days when I was virtually living inside one.

I was on a concert tour of the States, various cities in the USA and Canada and the UK, when in the middle of the tour my Father took ill and I wanted to be by his side. So I would perform on the wek end, Saturday-Sunday in America and Concorde/747 back to India for the week and then 747/Concorde back to UsA to perform over the Sat/Sun .. some what disorientating, but it needed to be done. When it comes to parents and loved ones, nothing else matters !

I am told that the time in flying across the Atlantic now, is slower in order to save fuel !! And of course the Concorde has been withdrawn and buried !

Time, I would imagine, to bury my thoughts in final ceremony here, and shift at mach speed to the pillow and …

My love as ever ..

Amitabh Bachchan

ps : Daughters are special … such a joy to be catching up with Shweta in London ..


DAY 1848

Nyc Ny 10021  Usa         May 7, 2013        Tue  8 :05 PM

There is a desire to connect for the day with the Ef … and to say how grateful I am to all for the support you gave me at the ‘red/black carpet’ for Gatsby … it has become the talk of the community ..

Spent the afternoon with Baz who wanted us over for lunch .. and he raved about the support and the fans and the posters and the screaming … just wonderful to hear it from him and the wonders of Indian Cinema ..

Moment of great pride for us all to be seeing the recognition that our cinema now invites from places it never did earlier ..

Love to all


Amitabh Bachchan

Thank you Kankana for this .. it is beautiful ..

DAY 1847(i)

Nyc nY 10021, usA          May 7, 2013         Tue 11 : 30 Am

First things first … a clarification .. ‘greater fans’ does not demean the ones that present themselves here in NYc .. its ‘more’ fans .. fans are fans .. for me they are well wishers, extended family … family has one connotation .. they are all equal ! Period ! End of discussion !!

Happy Birthday Zain .. love and happiness always ..

Occupied now with preparations for travel …they are always moments of sadness .. to leave a place which is settled in ..but one has to move on .. if I move on then there is the opportunity of a return .. and that to me seems greatly more exciting ..

Yes, the Variety Review posted by Ef Mujahid Malik was a revelation … it has shocked me into disbelief .. surely a few seconds on the screen that carries such huge and great stars and story and presentation cannot be overlooked ..

But it has to be the prayers and good willings of so many that have spent such great amounts of time and dedication to showing their affection to me through the years !! This has been monumental, and shall ever remain with me .. heartfelt appreciation and thanks seem so limited .. what can one ever say on this .. ??

I had not shared certain matters with the Ef for long but do now since the private meetings did get informed ..

Close relative having serious health problems has been here in New York for long and still battles .. it has been the main reason for being here with her .. prayers and wishes could go a long way in her healing ..

God bless you all … love and more …

Amitabh Bachchan

ps: there shall be attempt for more post later …

Page 15

DAY 1847

Nyc, NY 10021, US of A        May 6/7,  2013         Mon/Tue  1 : 50 AM

The days spent here in this bustling city of New York come to an end ..

There is travel now, and perhaps opportunity to meet up with greater fans and well wishers across the seven seas … well maybe not exactly that, though it does seem similar ..

Preparations continue.. there is always some thing of the unknown in what must be attempted next. And after several sessions and meetings, we are still not sure of which path one must take. Apprehensions of health take prominence over the lower class workers efforts. Equality in all that we function with, remains a subject after I whispered something in the air to another - the remainder wanting to either slider away or to have lived independently. There is such challenge for this to occur.

I have reached the ‘noddy brigade’ and seem to drop off any moment. May I write to you in the morning with a fresh mind and brain .. ??

Thank you ..

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1846

NYNY 10021, US of A             May 5,  2013            Sun 11 : 45 PM

Discovering the importance of exercising the body … even after a huge gap .. the sprightliness of operation … the feel of being liberalised … light and efficient ..

The completion of words that got left behind … digging them out from under the duvet … completing connect and with apology …

Meetings and conversations with Ef … travel plannings … and those that shall be met with away in different shores … looking forward to those moments …

the interest that gets generated in different walks of profession and the work of compulsion at home … an entire box of opportunity, or seeming opportunity opening up in various spheres … interesting and inviting, but will they ever fructify … ??

The chill of the outdoor in this city of opportunity, or should it be land of .. city of residence reflect similar sentiment at times … indeed often always in the minds that come from smaller towns … inspiring enough to inspire a short film on it by Anurag Kashyap in ‘Bombay Talkies’ …

Schedules of the festival at Cannes … the together events exciting … there is always comfort with the many than with the individual …

Baz remembers his meeting with us and a meal at his place here in NYC .. I wondered if he had forgotten … people in his position and standing would perhaps do … and legitimate too, without offence .. they are big and large and of much greater importance … they are tall and I am not at all .. !! But it is finally working and a slight change of travel schedule shall mature into the meet …

Meanwhile the prospect of meeting up with the family soon … the little one in her growth and in her cute ways … thanking of course the many gifts that have come her way by the EF …profuse thanks …

Driving in rented car … those big American jobs, the black SUV’s and the discovery of the XM Radio channel, the soul tow jazz souped up .. moving in the dark street lights of the Apple, among lusty traffic, the XM playing somehow envelops the mood of the city in a strange way … there are sounds that associate a location .. this sound on the XM was …

Had made effort to search it again but never could get clos even … always happens … and some of the best music is lost in memory .. a pity that is lamented for years … because there was a special association with it … time, place, people … all ..

The pillow beckons again .. not again the error of cuddling the lap top .. sat up on separate table to guide my punch buttons … feel the difference ??

Thought you would ..

My love and attention and affection and gracious thank you’s for all that you do for me, selflessly … for one so undeserving as me .. !!

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1845

NY NY 10021, USA            May 4/5,  2013             Sat/Sun 12 :45 PM

The revolution of the mobile phone has changed our live styles completely. There is no doubt that though the print media is prominent and universal and greatly looked forward to, there is a certain sincerity that has now built up gradually towards new inventions ; inventions that have not just simplified our daily lives but have become inseparable elements of our personal private and ‘cannot-do-without’, possessions ….

OOOoooohhhhhh dear dear meeee !! I had tucked my laptop as a substitute for my pillow, for some strange reason, and dozed off … it is now coming up to 7 in the morning of the 5th day of May in the year of the western ‘samvat’ 2013 … and I am filled with remorse and embarrassment and so many other related feelings for having caused this unpardonable error on my part … I do apologise for this and am hastening to rush in a few words, before I am overcome with what ever is left over of my nightly ssslllumbeeerrr … err .. slumber !! Gosh I am already sleep slurring  !!

Sooo … back to mobiles and … well their incredible importance and now the need in our lives. Whatever did we do and survive when they were not around ! Guess with each new invention that has affected our lives has brought on this question. There has been that concerted effort by the human to discover find and employ a device that shall ease our routines, our thinking, our working processes, every living moment of our lives. This has to be looked upon as that most coveted mental desire within us - how can I find an easier way to do what I have doing all along ! And every time the thought has crossed the cells that constitute the most complicated mechanism of the human, the brain, the ultimate computer now, a process has begun which has aimed to construct, develop and make applicable, a machinery that mirrors us with the short cuts available.

There is not a single visual that one observes as one drives or walks down any path in any corner of the world, where our exceptional race is not glued on to this rectangular object of our utmost desire, looking, speaking, pushing, sliding on to it !!!

Our greatest companion, our most loved possession has slowly but surely displaced all other unions and found a permanent habitat on the being of the human. We have stopped conversing to the degree we did in the past. We talk to our ‘smarty' or 'androidy' now. We feel hold and touch the others of our species, not to the same degree as we do now of this vital organ, the 'nokiisamsungeeblackberried' life belted saviour, that we strap around us in all kinds of weather !

In a bus, on a train, in a car travelling … in private meetings, dining invites, movie watchings, showering, televisioning, performing, professioning … there is not a moment when we have not referred to this four sided, parallel lined on two sides contraption, that has with a piece of a small chip, thinner, shorter in size, less saltier version of the Lays in packed bags adorning most kitchens, given us the finest company that many may have enjoyed in all their lifetime.

Human watching or observation has become obsolete. We are busy cranking our necks down to ‘androidy’ than just being blank in public space, looking out at no where or nothing - a practice we often indulged ourselves in in the past.

Our ease of ready and instant information has not just surprised those who accompany us at times, but even ourselves. Our memory systems have been brutally done away with, by ol’ ‘smarty’. It is difficult to remember our own mobile numbers ! They are thankfully available to us on our own contact list !!

Where does all this end ! Who knows and perhaps, some may say, who cares !!

Human relationships seek presence on your email, sms, whatsApp, contacts ! Their presence in your life, or rightly the importance of their presence in your life, is determined by these systematised operatives on your ‘rectangle’.

Meet and make a new friend - hang on, I shall just put your contact on my list. That is the confirmation of your deepest emotion. You have it on contact - close association. You do not have on list - not worthy of keeping.

Cometh the day when we are beckoned by the Old Man Upstairs in the Heavens … there is grief and sadness … but there is an act too of opening the contact list on rectangle to ‘delete’ the name presence !!

The spoken common lingo in Mumbai, often refers to a death not by the more moderate aesthetic civilised expresion -” he or she have passed away, or that we have lost them ” but by the expression ‘vo OFF ho gaye’ - they have been put OFF - to make a bad translation of that Hindi expression !

In time, I imagine, would that expression be replaced by -

"Just DELETED from my list" ??

My love as ever, and my sincere apologies for the ‘post’ delay … and my most grateful thanks to the sincere efforts of the Ef to have travelled miles and through extenuating circumstances, to come by and meet me .. you are loved and admired always ..

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1844

NY 10021 NYC, USA             May 3,  2013             Fri 12 :45 PM

The cast crew photo op at the premiere, which I described in last night’s Blog … sent to me by Moses Sapir … wonder where he collects all these from ..

In order from left to right as you see the photo :

Doug and Lucy Fisher( Producers for Warner’s ), Catherine Martin ( CM, wife Baz, designer of the film ), Toby Maguire, AB, Leonardo DiCaprio, Baz Luhrmann, Joel Edgerton, Carey Mulligan, Isla Fisher … and 2 others who I do not have names for  …


Love to all … meeting some Ef in a while ..

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1843(ii)

Ny 10021 Nyc, USA                May 2/3,  2013                Thu/Fri 12 :12 AM                

Premiers are daunting experiences ! They always have been, with me. And they are so because much like any other public appreciation or public presence moment, the fear of ignored noticeability, recognition and the criticism of non performance, haunt one before and after !

It may sound odd, but remunerative presence has always been an issue. Once commerce steps in, the obligated demand is compellable. This erases natural and unrehearsed nature. There is demand for performance, because there is a commercial that has been taken into consideration. What I do, where I do it and how, gets abducted by them that have paid for it.

As a professional I would imagine these considerations would sound abnormal to an outsider, but I am tempted to converse on the subject.

There are times when the object of the deal has failed, that a sense of guilt creeps in. If I have been remunerated for a particular employ, and that employ fails, then the balance required tilts heavily on the side of them that employed us. Many though never look at this with any concern or emotion at all. It is very cut and dry. I was paid to work, I worked, job done, thank you. There is no concern for the outcome of the job. If the job does well, well then I deserved it, indeed, I deserve more ! If not successful, then, having given my time energy and creativity for a given amount of time is what I was paid for in the first place. Take the money and run. Will consider the next if there is a next, supported of course by suitable commerce !

My minuscule presence in ‘The Great Gatsby’ has been done with a sense of a friendly gesture towards the man one has admired as a maker, and so there is no commercial consideration. What commerce can one consider for work for a single day ! The opportunity of working with great talent in a most prestigious production, was enough incentive.

So now, what transpires is that any further ‘requirement’ gives me the comfort of not facing the pressure of commercial commitment.

As I therefore prepare to face the ‘red’ carpet, many such thoughts race through the mind.

'How does it really matter, I have done this free of cost, and on my insistence.' That sword of forced commitment does no longer hang above my rather precarious head .. everything else that follows after, follows similar principle. This, then is a position of comfort for me.

One obligation over, the question of guilt removes itself too. And that to me, is a comfortable situation. So by argument then, why is there apprehension or even an inkling of doubt that raises itself within.

That … is the nature of apprehension among those that can be termed as creative, and those that have the gall to put up their creativity for judgement … a judgement by the masses, one, which to me, is the most comprehensive and honest.

It is of value to have honesty on your side. But to accept honesty from the other ? Is that acceptable too ? It should be. If not then we are not qualified to be in the category that we are considered to be.

As the cars and security detail and escorts guide you along the winding, slow moving traffic through the Park, thoughts such as these run systematically through the mind.

The event is alien. It is not in my country, or in surroundings which have been familiar to me. I am the only caste creed region coloured individual in the project. I am playing out of my depth - an alleged principal Jewish figure connected to or operative of what is commonly called the ‘mafia’. And my appearance is smaller than small …

The expected reaction as I would step out to an event in India, is now minused. There will be no recognition among the audiences that follow and watch, which to me seems good, for then I can quietly slip away without being noticed or more importantly, instantly judged !!

The crowds at the venue are noticeable now. From my tinted window I recognise the familiar settings, cameras, people, barriers, security, albeit more efficient than what one has been coerced to expect, on occasions similar at home ..

The most disturbing feel has always been to be presented in the ambience of recognition, but not get it. So as your car drives up to the ‘point’ of disembark it is seen that attention is drawn by all those that go to make attention possible. Security takes vital positioning expecting wild crowd reactions, organisers drift into position to behold their invited ViP .. the doors open and you step out … !!

'No … this is not the important person … who is he ?' … cameras and faces turn away .. you look as though you have been sighted as kill by a predator .. unmoving, not knowing where to go or who to acknowledge. You pretend to look or feel that you are unaffected by all this, move in normal invitee fashion on … and … THEN … it happens … !!!

Your name .. screamed out through pent up excited devotees, rents the air .. several others join in … beyond the barriers attention drawing well wishers, plead for a shake of a hand an auto graph … pictures of posters wave in the air … the shouting continues … a few faces somewhat astonished by all this turn around .. a few cameras turn too … and THAT is the moment …

The event has been taken over by your own … your own people, your extended family, and so vociferous is their presence that it has forced the unconcerned to get concerned …

As you acknowledge the fans, walk up to them to sign their autographs, shake their hands, wave to the nearest and the farthest perched atop the balconies of adjoining buildings … those that had turned away, turn back .. a smile of astonished contentment overtakes their faces .. they look at you with fresh interest … those Tv anchors that awaited the real stratospheric stars, now begin to thrust their ‘utensils’ in your direction ..

" The scream that went up as you entered … we thought Leonardo had arrived … how does it feel to have so many fans of yours here at this venue " …

Their refrain does not stop .. their questions are filled with just wonder and awe .. an almost in denial attitude … ” no ooo … this is not happening surely !!”

Speaking to them and answering their hasty questions is now blown away by the loud chants of the fans and the Ef … the banners astonish the interviewers … dour looks have been transformed into smiling welcoming wonder .. the longer I stay the more the requests from the Ef and all those that have so graciously collected .. my waves and words of gratitude do not reach them I think .. they are at some length, but not distant enough from my love and gratitude .. I wish to prolong my stay there and do … Baz Luhrmann who watches this from his appearance on the ‘black’ carpet, rushes up to me .. we embrace, greet, wish each other, and then holding Baz turns to the screaming Ef and screams back - ‘he’s the greatest !’ .. embarrassed, I return his compliment back to him … this continues for a while, until the ‘handlers’ literally push us to move to the waiting area of the theatre, the ‘green room’ ..

The smiles from unknown faces has increased appreciably … inside the restricted area for the cast and crew some greats, drift into animated excited conversation, strong chest thumping bear hugs and laughter, conscious of the branded champagne that quivers in their hands, through delicate vessels  … Warner’s heads spot us, compliment, exult on the film, introduce celebrity and move on … CM, Catherine Martin Mrs Baz Luhrmann and the creative director of the film, warmly greets us, Baz joins in, Jay-Z with the largest smile among the guests, rushes by and is invited for an introduction … Jennifer Lawrence, tall and attractive, best actress Oscar winner for the year extends her hands for a greeting through Baz .. in a corner surrounded by many Toby and Leonardo spotted, they greet me warmly .. hugs and embraces ‘great to see you buddy’ whispers Leonardo in the ear .. ‘after the after party I have called some friends over, come, we ‘ll chat have a drink ’ .. then informs me of the location which, because of the noise I do not comprehend and forget .. just some restaurant on 14th Street remains with me … handlers come rushing in again herding the cast and crew for a photo opportunity .. all the main stars and Baz line up against a large poster of the film .. I modestly stand away .. Toby and Leonardo beckon me to join in … I sheepishly creep in to the far end at the back … Toby and Leonardo make space between them up front and command me to stand there … generous … being ushered into the theatre now … large spacious Opera auditorium of the Lincoln Centre … 3500 capacity .. I had been there before, as a performer not an audience .. it was the 100th anniversary of my Father’s celebration by the Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan .. had recited some of my Father’s works .. the place is packed to the rafters, buzz and anxious interested looks all around, searching for the stratospheric stars of the world of Hollywood … a few reminder dim lights and then Baz on the impromptu stage in front of the makeshift screen .. makeshift because the theatre does not have a screen .. it is made for Orchestra and Opera .. starts hesitantly on the making and the influence of F Scott Fitzgerald’s iconic book, ending with a dedication to the city of New York, which formed the back drop of this historic tale .. film starts and huge applause and yelps when Leonardo appears for the first time in a close up … applause again when the end titles roll, and then efficient personnel lead you out from back doors and alley ways of the Centre to waiting cars and drive you down to the after party at the Plaza Hotel by the Park, where all the cast have been put up … large ballroom decorated on the 1920’s fashion in keeping with the atmosphere of the ‘speak easy’ in the film  … the ‘speak easy’ where my minuscule scene takes place .. music and dance performances of the 20’s, crushed space, oodles of humanity … I wish Baz and leave, a few unknown faces come up and compliment my performance … compliment ? ummff .. there was hardly any ‘form’ at all, forget the pre ‘per’ and the later ‘mance’ ..

Early morning today calls from Delhi and Mumbai and the huge internet coverage of the evening … Shweta and Abhishek keen to know how it all went … Shweta furious at me for not taking up Leonardo’s invitation for the after party after the after party on some 14th Street … happens …

Thank you all for all …. and thank you Lord for all that you do for me ..


Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1843

NY 10021 NYC, USA              May 2,  2013              Thu 4 : 30 PM
























What can I say … overwhelmed !!!

Love all of you ..

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1843(i)

NY 10021 NYC, USA                May 2, 2013                 Thu 4 :30 PM

This is a tribute to the wonderful Ef in US … and all their terrific efforts for the Gatsby premiere last night at the Lincoln Centre, New York at the ‘red carpet’ .. which was actually ‘black’



the above is a creation by Moses ..



the troopers .. so obliged to you and filled with adoration and love ..



this a presumptuous banner … but deeply humbled by it ..



My love and much much more …

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1842

NY 10021 NYC, USA            May 1/2,  2013            Wed/Thu 12 : 45 AM

Dearest ones !

I am at a loss for words to express my sincere thanks to those of the Ef and of those without, that brought Lincoln Centre to a halt this evening, at the premiere of The Great Gatsby …

The film and the contents and the description of the evening shall be given later. I am tired and jet lagged and need some sleep ..

Do excuse me … I wish to dream and live with the love of those that have always showered me with it ….


Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1841

NY 10021 NY, USA         Apr/May 30, 2013         Tue/Wed  12 : 45 AM

This really is the most inappropriate time to be writing this missive that has been on from the time of time .. jet lagged, sleep deprived, the head bobs into visions of meaningless actions, and when we push ourselves into coming back to reality because there is work to be done, the visuals are quite astonishing ..

I wonder if many got that ..

See … there is a thought process on when and as you write .. then the words as they transpose in front of you on a white screen, seem to fade away into another comatose world .. certain strong visions appear, and you wonder what they are when suddenly, you are brought back to reality, by the brain I would imagine … the drifting away has stopped, but for some strange reason those words that were present in describing the ‘dose-off’, reappear on the screen as you punch in the tabs, and for a while all is well, until you stop to check what has been written .. and horror of horrors you do not know how to comprehend, what in the world you have punched in !! It is disconcerting, delusional and everything that can be associated with large amounts of nonsense !!

So … you walk across to the wash room, splash some cold New York plumbed water on the extremities of the face, and return … and write … and try to see if better sense prevails ..

And that really ladies and gentlemen is what you are confronting now - a propped up regular positioning of the body, a comfortable yet workable conditioning of the lap top, and a cross legged, somewhat longer than most normal, posture ..

A few ‘jujups’ , sweet and crusty freshen the mouth, or perhaps it is the sugar that pucks you up and … there .. we are with sanity !!

And now I suddenly feel the anticipation of the film as it opens by the evening tomorrow ! Not so much the film per se, but the possibility of meeting up with those that come to cheer to encourage, to express love ..

What if the performance would be not of value, of snide and cynical gossip, of failed effort … what then …

Each creative output that waits for response from the audience it has been constructed for, has its moments of pleasure and destruction. We all hope that it is pleasurable, but are not always right. And that is the moment of reckoning. Are we going to accept the verdict and fight to rectify it, or are we lying back on past laurels without any care at all.

Most of what follows is delectably drenched in the pessimism of the nature .. but that is the way the cookie crumbles - to express the most used item of any year, and judge for yourself….

These expressions shall determine the strength of our association .. and that is the most valuable conversion one would have…. imagined !!

I imagine one must not push the sleep any further .. hence to shut eyes and soft headed pillows under the comfort and thoughts of the mind going wild with imagination … and before long it is morning again .. another day to worry and expectation …

Its never easy is it .. `/

My love -

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1840

NY, NYC 10021              Apr  29,  2013                Mon 7 :20 PM

Just before I drop into complete and deep slumber, I thought I should at least connect with my familia, and tell them that the reaching to JFK was indeed safe and in sound condition.. the special services, airport authorities, Warner Bros., and some mean looking security, made sure my arrival was quick and rapid ..

Meeting up with the wife and working out what follows in the days to come discussed, now almost horizontal for a few hours … and then .. GG !!

There seems to be quite a buzz for the film ! Media, papers, magazines filled with reports, lifestyles changing around the theme of the ‘roaring 20’s’, fashions and parties as their theme, and so on …

An age of opulence desperately close to decadence, soon after the first war and almost leading into the next, Gatsby as he was popularly known from his original Gatz, has been creating an iconic interest globally … thanks to the massive media blitz by the studios, and many personalised inputs ..

A classic love story that eventually ends somewhat tragically, shall, what the director and the Producers feel will be the ultimate outcome of such experiments. The music, contemporary in its approach but never letting off from the time of the period, the clothes all through designer systems from some of the most prominent brands, adorn the main stars of the film, and then there is the master and the genius of the man call Baz Lurhmann.

Give it up for Bachchan !!

Love you all … spelling seems to be vacant as does the sense … but it should be a short sleep and then more …


Amitabh Bahchan

Page 16

DAY 1840

The Isles through the zero time,   Apr  29,  2013    Mon 7 :40 AM gmt





Phew !! Finally found some methodology independently without the assistance of the team to be able to load some of the pictures from the promotional acts of the new season of KBC, about to start registrations on the 27th of May .. for the show to broadcast end August, early September !!

Hummghmm … that was a pretty long sentence ! Not recommended for good writing ! Need to improve on that ..

Its a few moments to board again for the ‘new frontier’ and the activities for ‘Gatsby’ ! There seems to be a huge rush of talk, comment, media and general interest in the nature of the times and the environment of TGG .. one of the prominent media reporters in Mumbai celebrates his birthday with the theme of Gatsby for his guets !! I presume many others shall follow ..

Travelling so far has kept me connected to the IPL, but what happens when we are in the land of the ‘stars and stripes’. Are there any among you that may have suggestions on its access ? Do inform. The season has been quite unique this time around.

Some of the Ef have been sending in their writings and poems individually and I have desired to share them with the rest but, when the system breaks down, it suddenly deflates all other reason and interest. I hope soon enough all shall be restored on this magical lap contraption !

Whoever thought the ‘lap’ would be of such importance, other than of course being the most convenient seating arrangement, humanly. But really … the convenience of information derived from such instrumentation has taken away the old order of learning and study under recognised gurus and teachers. All of those greats have either taken voluntary retirement or have become contributors to systems that design information.

A disease, a historical fact, an event, a culture, a mathematical solution, weather conditions …. are all now within me and my accumen of how to access it on my ‘lap’ ..

I write today ahead of time and circumstance, for I do not know how the factors for doing so shall be once I reach final destination. But … and but is most valid argument … if there is facility and time, more shall follow ..

My love then … and hopefully shall be with you when greater oceans hace been crossed ..

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1839

Beyond the gate among the Isles        Apr 28, 2013     Sun 9 : 25 AM

A most jet lagged system, eased away between the moments and hours of flying , does take its toll … mine certainly does, and at times it deliberates me to consider whether we could possibly have some cure for it !!

In between destinations and rest, there is further travel to the Apple ! And subsequently to the land of the great cinema festival, in the South of France ..

With so many movements it is the most creditable exercise to be able to pack clothes for not one but three destinations …

My desire too to post pictures on the Blog have been jeopardised, by the application that served me for so long, to break down. But … there is hope for the future and the function that started with somewhat of a handicraft industry ie. wanting to do things on your own, has put me back for a while .. hopefully the team shall find solutions …

The IPL fever spreads all over the world, and it has become a talking point of immense proportions, in every nick and corner of our universe .. Wishing that this mountain of faith and resolve, for the game persists, not just for the benefit of the Government, but for individual interests as well ..

Rest is now most imminent ! let me be away again tonight , absence shall and will make our holdings closer … and I would have that benefit of those that came over to us ..

With love,

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1838

Jalsa, Mumbai                Apr  27,  2013               Sat 11 : 40 PM

It has been a busy day … promoting ‘The Great Gatsby’ through television and print media … never ever dreamt I would be doing that some day .. but there it is .. its the premiere of the film in New York on the 1st of May at Lincoln Center, at 6 pm .. and I am rushing there now .. at the airport and hope we can all meet at NYC ..

This is going to be short .. but I shall make up in the days to come, hopefully …

My love to all

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1837

Jalsa, Mumbai            Apr  26/27,  2013            Fri/Sat  1 :42 AM

There is cheer and laughter and color and fun, expressions and joviality and smiling faces all around .. one individual can change that … and one it did …

And amidst the atmosphere of gaiety and frolic, there is contemplation of the world that goes wrong .. horribly wrong !! Nature balances all the evil, by the good .. the good never lasts eternally and neither does the evil .. best to be acquainted with this than to regret and grumble later ..

It seems that this has been the wont for long .. the light hearted banter for the sake of the banter and the spirit of the occasion … and the immediate thought of that which shall go wrong, pushing us into an abyss of sorrow !!

It is the switch that comes into play .. the professional switch ! A minute before you are you .. a minute after you are what has been asked of you .. and that ladies and gentlemen is the art of artistry .. it never puts one in the region of predictability !! If it does, it is time to change .. and change rapidly.

I made four changes to my clothes today within a spate of a few hours. Change enough ! But nature seeks deeper pastures. It is not enough to wear the change .. the change must be within the skin of the body .. belief that that is what is required, if there is a wish for rapid change …

But if within the changes that take place, we are to observe dependence, then we are going the opposite route ..

I wish my path to be straight and without any obstacles .. we all do ! But, paths are not meant to be clear and defined and straight .. there needs to be a manoeuvring … the bends and the curves and the crossings, all go to make the drive attractive. Driving should be a pleasure, without hindrances.

We all  pray each day for the ride to be the smoothest, but do we all ever succeed ? I would imagine not..

So … the moral states that .. pursuance of ones duty is a compulsion … and let the purity of the work take us to the required destination … if it does not, some dark spots were noticeable on the way to where we ought to have been .. they are spots which manifest themselves in accordance to a unknown force ..

Time then to respect this ‘unknown force’ … and call it what you may ! It may not be in accordance with what you had hoped in your desire, but it is a beginning, is it not ? And that is how respect shall be gained, approved and believed …

Travel beckons tomorrow, on to the seas beyond the seas, and destinations of some distance. I seek for as many to come to the premier of ‘Gatsby’ at the Lincoln Centre in New York, by 6 pm for the red carpet. the film starts at 7, but it has limited invitation, so my regrets that I shall be unable to invite any … but seeing you and meeting you apart from the premier is also justified and doable …

The entire day spent in meditation for kBC registration days and timings, has given a fresh look to all the campaigns .. There is then that touch of madness as you may have observed, before the written word and the movable. Letting oneself go is perhaps the expulsion of all that festers inside .. Wish I could have those qualities to embrace and educate, to others too …

I hope that KBC shall be up again by August. This shall be the seventh season in all for India Hindi specific. But equally is the need for pushing our work in different directions perhaps. Far too much giving in to the enemy or occupier, is not worthy of any kind of excellence ..

Laws and attitudes are designed and made and executed by humans … human resource is prime .. I admire those that have the ability to choose the right person for the right job .. there is a skill to it, and I do not have it !

Those that do not shall suffer .. those that do shall levitate !!

Such is the world .. and such our endings …

My care and love to all …

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1836

Jalsa, Mumbai              Apr 25/26, 2013            Thu/Fri  1 :21 AM

Lazy and tired and tired and lazy …

Off the plane on to sets for the shoot of the cover for the GQ magazine, back home and games with heavily jet lagged ‘little one’ .. an IPL game, a Chelsea game … and now to bed … another early call tomorrow ..

I must seek my absence from this platform till the morning .. I have to start shooting for the promos of the next season of KBC !!!

Gosh !! But it just got over … ah well, life moves fast and furious !!

Errrm … the shoot for GQ was pretty quick and effective I think … cannot put up the pictures until GQ comes out … not ethical to do so ..

My love ..

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1835


Noor-us-Sabah, Bhopal        Apr  24/25,  2013         Wed/Thu 12 :48 AM

Two faces .. two circumstances … one man !

An actor does don many, professionally. But which the real is and which not, shall always remain a mystery, not just for those that observe him from the outside, but for the actor himself.

It is often asked of us, ‘who the real Mr Bachchan is’, and it is often replied with an inconclusive, incomplete and an utterly unconvincing response. Not because there is difficulty in finding an adequate reply, but that there really is none. The question itself is in many respects incongruous. There is a touch of insinuation in the asking, because the person seeking response, has determined beyond all reasonable doubt that there are more than one person behind that name. This is objectionable in a funny sort of way.

Why would I exist with two when I have only one. Or, why would anyone want to assume that there are more than one. I would imagine this dilema comes into reckoning because of the profession I seem to represent. If film provides me the opportunity to play characters that are diverse and different from what is imagined my present self is, then that surely cannot form the basis of the questioning. But it does.

Now … I can go hoarse trying to submit to the questioner, that I am but one ; the one that they encounter now. Or, admit that there are indeed two, and object to why it is expected of me to disclose this for public consumption on who the other is.

In reality though, there may be many of one in each one of us ! The son, the father, the brother, the husband, the grand father …. and each may claim to be the real one ! So what really is the big fuss about …

I may be one as you read now, another on different medium and yet another for each situation that I may have to face. How would it bother anyone ? If it does not bother me, what is it to you …..

We tend to keep much within us, that is unknown to many, despite the efforts made by those of proximity. Would that be something wrong ? No, of course not ! It is quite possible that what I project and want others to believe, could be agonisingly different from what I really am - if at all, there is a ‘really am’. But I am not obliged to tell or disclose this.

Would it really make a difference … ??

Good night

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1834

Noor-us-Sabah,  Bhopal       Apr  23/24,  2013        Tue/Wed  3 :37 AM

The sun sets on another day and over the lake of Bhopal, the rays of hope indicating that they shall return by the morning … for another day …


The night shoot over after a somewhat important sequence with Ajay and Indranil, the star from Bengal Cinema ..


Contemplative before the words of purpose begin … the shadow of the director, Mr Prakash Jha symbolically behind in support and guidance ..


…. and as I return to the Hotel, the little differently abled child, who first withdrew when she saw me, but later extended her podgy hands and kept caressing my face … just such tenderness and joy on her face …



… a gentle peck on her forehead in blessing and love … the Almighty taketh but giveth in abundance …


Speechless .. with the affection shown ..

Love to all .. and do remember the 1st of May, New York, Lincoln Centre, 6 pm red carpet for ‘The Great Gatsby’ .. come one come all .. its by invite to the film but there can always be meetings later .. I shall be there hopefully for a few days … LA premier I am not so sure .. have not been told about it, but the film opens the Cannes Film Festival on May 15th, Nice, France … I shall be attending ..

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1833(i)

Noor-us-Sabah, Bhopal        Apr 21/22, 2013       Mon/Tue 2 :54 AM

Not entirely convinced with the quality of the post or its bearing, I awaken from the depths of slumber, to present myself again ..

Solitude and silence has the capacity of doing this to an individual, and I am any other individual, common and with common weaknesses …

'Govinda' from Emporio Armani Café, California, hypnotic in the ear on 'b' phones, with the odd space words of 'Om namah Shiva' recited by one that with deep voice cannot conceal the obvious lack of the desired accent, and the weak attempt at a sitar that appears intemittently …

But … the bass and the chords, and all else designed from Western technology, in superb form … no one quite as comparable as them in the production of music …

I often wonder how those born and of nationality of such developed and powerful nations, feel within. The strength of their place of birth, and its surroundings as you grow must have an immense feel of superiority - one that masters all else !

I possess great pride in my birth place, my ‘janm bhumi’ and place of work, my ‘karm bhumi’, yet when it comes to an aspect of our place, culture, personality, music, indeed all the aspects of our life, I discover that explaining us to the Westerner, always finds us giving comparative examples that favor them not us.

There is always that attempt to give relative example of what exists in their sphere, than merely sticking to the reality of our expression !

This is ‘dal’ … er … lentil ! And this is our ‘bharva paratha’, a particular kind of Pizza. This is Dr Manmohan Singh, what you would call equivalent to the POTUS ! And Salman Khan, our combination of Tom Cruise and Matt Damon put together ; and this Hrithik Roshan our John Travolta ….

The British or the Australian commentators on the IPL cricket, never get the correct pronunciation of the names of our cricketers….

Its always ‘Ga vasker’, never the correct ‘Gaavaaskar’ .. its ‘Rain er’ not ‘Raina’ … ‘Say wag’ and never ‘Sahvaag (Sehwag)’ … and when it gets too complicated it is convenient to stick to initials - MSD, for Dhoni, the double D for Delhi Daredevils, RR and on … perhaps convenient to save time taken for the full pronunciation, I guess.

However, they always get the French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish pronunciations right without any effort at all … but would have a smirk or smile if we were to call Champagne .. ‘Shum pug nee’… which is how it has been expressed in the letters, to be fair ..

Yet some of the words have great pronunciation value …

Most car drivers or chauffeurs here, to be somewhat sophisticated, think their version of the ‘radiator’, is indeed ‘ra di water’ … not without cause, for it does contain the water does it not, in the engine body portion of the vehicle !!!

And on …

A subject worth spending some quality time over …

That picture of director Prakash Jha cracking up and yours truly looking straight faced, is the result of my explanation on a question he expressed to me ..

He asked if I had been to the gym before coming to the shoot. I said I did not need to, because all my gyming was happening in the wash room of my room, while taking a shower !!

He wondered how ..

I told him that the Hotel bathroom in my room, did not have a regular shower - my preferred contraption for a bath. It had a tub, with a tap for filling it … that is all ! On explaining my predicament to the Manager of the Hotel, he immediately volunteered to rectify this malaise, and assured me that by the time I would return from my shoot he would have one installed !

True to his word, when I got back, there it was - a shower, a quickly thought out fixing, which actually worked from the tap of the tub, through a thin pipe that travelled upwards leading to the cup of the multi holed outlet .. and secured to the roof and the side wall by some kind of tape that held it up in position.

Fantastic Indian ingenuity !! Except … after emerging from the tap of the tub, the pipe, secured by tape to the roof and wall, and ending into the multi holed outlet, was ending up at the level of my stomach when I stood in front of it !!!

The tub is not one of those fancy dug- into- the floor versions, but a jacuzzi kind with multiple holes for water propulsion, all along its sides … and in order for that to function the tub has been made from floor level, so it has a height of its own - about 3’ ! Now in order for occupant of the room or the wash room, to take a shower, which as many would understand is an essential part of morning routine, among other, one has to first climb the 3’ to get into tub … then face this water shower outlet which reaches the stomach level of a certain 6’2” gentleman !

The purpose of a shower as is commonly known, is to get drenched from the top to bottom, in one strong flow of the glorious aqua, but, if the point of emergence - I was very tempted to use another somewhat more explanatory word, but realised that this Blog is a family channel - is roughly around 4’, the gentleman with a 6’+ structure, would have to contort into several ‘convenient’ angles, before not just ‘whetting’ body, but getting into the arduous process of soaping as well … and then … contortions of a completely different nature, to wash the damn thing off !!

And that is not the end of the ‘cardio’ .. the towel rack has been ‘conveniently’ place a ‘mile’ away from tub-jac-4’shower, getting to which involves, stepping out of 3’ tub in precarious wet condition to prevent a slip and injury, and walking to the rub down ….!!

Does one really need a gym after this home grown exercise …

Emporio Armani Cafè California’s ‘Govinda’ still with ‘Om namah Shiva’ in the ears …



Amitabh Bachchan, breathing hard …

DAY 1833

Noor-us-Sabah,  Bhopal        Apr 22,  2013         Mon 10 :42 PM

The rebellion intensifies … not in the film today, but in other parts of the country. There is anger and frustration over the rape of the girl child of 5 yrs and there are still no answers of how all this can be rectified .. it is sad ..


the well wishers always such a joy to see them still ..


the director asks me if i have been to the gym in the morning … and I give my response which cracks him up .. more of this later, or perhaps not ever ..



The reason for such seriousness is valid and demanding ..

Its a night time work till late tomorrow and hence debate discussion and its relevance should wait till the morrow ..

Good night ..

Amitabh Bachchan

DAY 1832(i)



Meanwhile … the struggle continues for justice against atrocities … in ‘Satyagraha’


I am Amitabh Bachchan


Me, Elsewhere

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