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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Best Facebook Tricks You Might Not Know


I already posted many Facebook Tips and Tricks on this blog.But now its something different.This time I wanted to place all the Facebook Tips and Tricks at one place and make a huge collection of all the best Facebook Tricks.I tried my best to include all the Best Facebook Tricks at one place .If I missed any which is worth including in the list then let me know in your comments.I will update the list with your Tricks.

Best Facebook Tips/Tricks of All Time:

1.Watch Streaming TV Live on Facebook:

There is a Facebook Application that provides free streaming live TV channels on Facebook.You can watch a lot of International Channels using this Application.I am able to watch live channels without buffering on my 2G connection.This application is totally at free of cost.2012 Olympics are also broadcasted on this channel.
Application Used:

2.Send SMS from Facebook:

Yes you are right now you can send sms from facebook.There are no country restrictions.You can send sms to any country.The message sending is instant and takes only few seconds to reach the destination.All this is possible with a cool facebook application.
  • Select your country.
  • Then in the next line enter the mobile number to which you want to send sms.
  • After that enter your message that you want to deliver.
  • You can send only sms upto 100 characters long.
  • You can only send 4 SMS per day.
  • Dont do any illegal things with this service as it will first display your name at the beginning of the message.

3.Create a Video With Your Pictures on Facebook:

You can easily create a video with your Facebook Pictures.To create a video with your facebook photos go to[click here].

4.Delete Facebook Account Permanently:

Most of them are confused between deleting and deactiving their Facebook Account.Deactivationg is completely different from deleting your account permanently.To avoid confusion just follow the below link to delete your facebook account permanently.

5.Trick to download facebook Photo Album-Link:

Follow this link to know how to download facebook photo album in  a single click.

6.Trick to see who is online when you are offline:

Sometimes it becomes necessary to check who is online which being offline.At such times there is a very cool Facebook Application which can make your job easy.Use the below application to know who are online while you are offline.

7.Trick to publish empty status:

Login to your facebook account.Then click on update status and enter the following code and hit enter.
@[2:2: ]

8.How to find who deleted/Unfriended you on facebook?

You can find who deleted or unfriended you on facebook using an application called who delete me[click here].
This application will back up all your friends list when you sign up for the first time and notifies via mail whenever there is a change in your friends list.

9.Download Videos From Facebook For Free:

To download videos from facebook go to[click here]
There put the Facebook Url of video and your video will be ready to download.

10.Place Facebook Chat on Firefox Sidebar:

  • Open Mozilla Firefox browser and press Alt key.
  • Select bookmarks and select "show all bookmarks"
  • A box will open from that select unsorted bookmarks > organise >  new bookmark.
  • Again a box will open in that type "facebookchat" in first boxand type " " in second box .
  • Click on load this bookmark >add.
  • Now again press alt key > view > side bar > bookmarks>.
  • Then select facebook chat from the bookmarks in slide bar.
  • You are done.Now you will be able to see chat bar on the left side of your Mozilla Firefox Browser.

11.Post your Status in All Facebook Groups in a Single Click:

Some times you want to post your status or write message in all groups.If you do the job manually then its a time consuming frustrating process and you end up in posting your status only in few groups.But now your job has become very easy.There is a facebook application using which you can post your Facebook status in any number of groups you wish.
Using Multiple Post Application you can make your job easy to post your status in multiple groups.

12.Tips and Tricks to get more likes for your Facebook Fanpage:

Now a days almost most of the Facebook users have some Facebook pages.May be it is Music,Dance , Actor,Brand Page,whatever page it may be all you need is to get more likes for that fanpage.I listed few Tips and Tricks using which you can get more likes for your fanpage just follow the below link.
You might have known that you can add smileys and emotions in your Facebook Chat Box.Not only smileys but also you can add any picture in your facebook chat box.
Chat tricks will enhance your ability of using facebook and with these tricks you can easily impress your friends while chatting.
I already posted few Status tricks.This is a very cool trick using which you can update your facebook status via Blackberry,Iphone,Android,Ipad etc using Facebook Applications.
There are many such applications, I mentioned few best applications. Follow them and update your status.
Just Follow Below Links To Use Applications:

16.Remove Facebook Timeline Easily-Link:

17.Facebook Timeline Shortcut Keys-Link:

18.Facebook Ghost Profile Prank:

This is the best prank ever that I played on my friends. Ask your friends to check this [ GOST PROFILE ] . It will look like a scary ghost profile.But that's not the interesting part here, Ask your friend to click on photos. 
Here come the scary part, Out  of nowhere a ghost face comes out from the centre with a scary shout.
Your Friends shouts-Our prank rocks.
When I tried this prank on my friends few girls even shouted in fear.

19.Remove Facebook Advertisements:

Using this Greasemoney script-Facebook:Cleaner you can easily remove annoying Facebook Ads.

9 Ways to Find a Domain Name for Any Site

With dozens or even hundreds of domain search sites available, you can easily waste hours exploring all of them.
Instead of casting a wide net, do a targeted search based on your project.
Building an affiliate or AdSense site? Use a keyword-based domain site.
Creating a new business or blog? Find a memorable, brandable domain.
Below are the best domain search sites for any purpose.

For SEO and Niche Sites: Keyword-Rich Domains

Most domain search sites specialize in keyword-rich domains. Why? They’re in high demand and are easy to serve up to potential buyers.
Lean Domain Search is a quick way to find available domains containing your target keyword.
Bust a Name will combine your potential keywords and show you the available permutations.
Panabee is really basic but will show you a short list of options including keyword combinations, spelling variations, and keywords with simple modifiers like “go” or “it.”
For potentially higher-quality domains, try aftermarket site Sedo. The prices are higher, but the domains should be more desirable.

For New Companies/Projects: Brandable Domains

Brandable domains are not for SEO. They’re for people, not search engines, to remember.
To be brandable, a domain and business name must be short, unique, and memorable.
The domain should be less than ten letters, easily pronounceable (especially to English speakers), and be spelled how it sounds.
Real words with other meanings can work well but will be harder to brand with a new identity. Think Apple or Amazon. They’re also probably already taken or too expensive.
Wordoid is a great source of word-like domains that are pronounceable but available.
You can select how natural you want the domain to sound, in which language, how many characters (max), and a word or letter combo to include in the domain.
If you can’t find what you want on Wordoid, try Domainr.
Domainr will find available and very short domains, but you’ll be stuck with a tricky subdomain and extension combo like
Give it a try, but Domainr is ideal for finding short URLs for existing sites.

For Quick Set Up: Domains with an Identity

If you want to hit the ground running, you can buy a package of a brandable domain with a logo and color scheme.
Both Stylate and BrandBucket resell domains with ready-made logos as a brand package.
Both sites sort domains by category, so you can browse the possibilities for your niche. Name and logo quality seem fairly equal. The biggest difference is price.
Every domain and logo package on Stylate is $250. BrandBucket’s packages start at $595 but most are multiple thousands of dollars. The latter does offer a larger selection however.

For Any Purpose: Domains Without Effort

You can find additional tools like the ones above on NameStation. Their biggest differentiator, however, is their domain name contests.
For just $35, you’ll get 100-300 suggestions of available domains based on a project description. Once ideas start coming in, you can vote on them to give the contest entrants more direction.
When you’re tapped out of ideas or just need a starting point, turn over your project to the masses and let them do the work for you.
Regardless of your project, you should be able to brainstorm domains with just one or two sites. What are your favorite domain search engines?

Lessons Learned from Building an Email List With 3,000+ Subscribers

A couple months ago, I launched another blog. Every time I release a new website of any form there’s an interesting mix of emotion that seems to wash over me.
Excitement: Who knows what this website might become! If it takes off, I could end up getting really rich or create a nice income stream for myself.
Nervousness: It takes time to create a proof of concept for a website. Even if you intend to send paid traffic to the website to speed up the process, it takes time to test and tweak offers before things start humming. What if my model is completely wrong and I waste 3 months?
Dread: Argh! I’m launching another website!?! Am I crazy? This is going to be a lot of work. I hope there’s a nice fat paycheck waiting for me at the end of this. But I worry that there won’t be.
Fortunately, this is not my first time launching a new blog and I’ve learned a thing or two over the years slogging it out online. One important lesson is how to build an email list with a few thousand subscribers. Since I’ll be trying both duplicate and improve upon the results I was able to generate with a previous website, I will share a few of my own personal insights gained while building an email list with 3,000+ subscribers. Implement a few of these simple simple steps to start growing your own list.

Things I’ve Learned

Add Email Intake Forms and Landing Pages: This is the simple part that you can always get right. Have an email intake form positioned on every page of your blog. Quite simply, as your content grows so will your email opt-ins because on each new page that is published will be a new opportunity to enroll a new subscriber.

I went against my own advice to add an email intake form across all pages of my blog initially and I have not been happy with the results thus far. I will be adding an intake form across all pages of my new blog shortly.
In addition to having an intake form located across all pages, I’ve also found it helpful to have a page dedicated to signing up to your list. This landing page should be linked to from your main website navigation to get as many people to visit the page as possible. On the landing page you can provide more detailed information about the benefits of subscribing to your list. Some people are pretty cautious about sharing their name and email address online. Giving folks that are on the fence more a bit information has always helped me squeeze a few more subscribers from my website traffic.

Provide a Bonus
: This is another no brainer and something you’ve heard before if you’re researching the topic of email list building. Give people a free bonus when they subscribe to a list. I’ve given away a free e-book with strong success and a lot of other internet marketers simply provide a free 65 minute webinar. Free guides, videos, .mp3s, training or software is an easy option for encouraging folks to sign up.
Creating Your Unique Benefit: The prior two recommendations for building an email list are simple. You just do them. Creating your unique benefit can be a little bit more difficult and it’s something I’m currently struggling with for my latest blog. I need to figure out what I need to provide my visitors so they will hand over their contact information.
For my old blog with over 3,000+ subscribers this process was easy because I was part of the market I was blogging about. My bonus was to provide people that signed up with my list instructions on how to start their own SEO business. If you’re into SEO at all this is a topic is something you would be interested in learning more about. As a result, getting an email list built up was pretty easy.
For my new blog, while I’m interested in the topic of creating home-based businesses I haven’t been an active part of the community for very long. As a result, I’ve struggled with putting together a free bonus that people in this market will actually want to sign up for. I’ve tried providing a free video series that teaches home business owners how to outsource work employees abroad… I got a handful of signups, but it was clear that most folks were not interested in having that problem solved.
As you can see, creating a unique benefit for people to visit my website and sign up for my list is something I’m still struggling to come up with. However, I know once I do discover that unique benefit it will make building my new list much, much easier.
So what have I learned from building a list of 3,000+ names? Getting the technical stuff on right is the easy part. Coming up with a good reason for website visitors to become subscribers is not easy. But it is worth the effort.

4 Proven Ways to Gain an Edge Over Your Competitiors and Become a Blogging Authority

There’s something like a glitch in human psychology and you can use it to grow your blog.
What am I talking about? Check out this video to find out:
With that said, here are the four methods and how you can use them to become an authority in your market:

1) Build an Awesome Mailing List

Why it’s perceived as “difficult”:

  • Takes time to build (no instant result).
  • Autoresponder services cost monthly fees.
  • Good email marketing requires your personal involvement.
  • Adds the task of email writing to the existing tasks of blogging (more work)

Results you can get:

With a small mailing list of just under 500 subscribers, I launched a product that ended up making 6 figures in it’s lifetime. This shows some of the potential of email marketing. But more importantly, having a mailing list means that you have on-demand traffic, whenever you need it.
1000 subscribers on a mailing list can easily mean 100+ clicks on any link you send in an email. How useful is that?

How to Use Email Marketing to Get an Edge:

Start building your mailing list.
Right now.
Make Twitter followers, Facebook fans, Google+ connections and RSS subscribers a distant second priority to getting more subscribers.
To turn your blog into a list-building machine, add opt-in forms to:
  • Your homepage
  • The top of the sidebar
  • The bottom of each post
  • Optionally add a lightbox or slide-in box as well.
Building a mailing list really isn’t all that tricky, since you’re already blogging. You don’t really have to change anything and you do whatever you’ve been doing before, to get traffic. The only difference: now you’ll be capturing some of your traffic onto your mailing list and you’ll get ever increasing amounts of recurring visitors, whenever you promote a post to your list.
As for the email marketing itself, just follow the number one rule: be cool to your subscribers. Don’t send emails that you wouldn’t be happy to receive yourself.

2) Create Attention-Grabbing Videos

Why it’s perceived as “difficult”:

  • Requires a different and new set of tools (compared to writing articles).
  • Comes with a bit of a learning curve.
  • Is a lot less anonymous than text and can make you feel exposed.

Results you can get with video marketing:

Video gets a lot more attention than text. This helps engage your visitors and keep them on your site and it helps increase your conversion rate on sales-pages. It can also be useful for decreasing your bounce rate and getting more clicks from Google, when you get video thumbnails listed in the search results.
As an example of how powerful video can be, I did an experiment with my business partner. We spent a total of only two days to create:
  • A video for YouTube, to attract traffic.
  • A video to convert people who clicked on the link below the YouTube video into subscribers.
  • A video to make an offer for a simple, low-priced product.
Result? We made $934 in product sales. Not life-changing, but a nice result of a total of three videos and just two days of work invested.

How to Use Video Marketing to Get an Edge:

If you’ve never made a video, start off by doing a few quick screencast videos using screenr (a free and very easy to use tool).
Alternatively, use your webcam and simply record yourself talking about a topic. If you can write a blog post, you can make a video. You’re delivering the same content, just in a different format.
Yes, it will take a few attempts before your videos start looking awesome. In fact, if you’re anything like me, your first few videos will be pretty terrible. But with a bit of practice, you’ll get the hang of it (and come to think of it, writing also required some practice to get to where you are now, right?).
Learn how to make videos (by starting right now) and very soon, you’ll have an incredibly valuable skill you can use to grow your blog.

3) Host Fantastic Webinars

Why it’s perceived as “difficult”:

  • Requires that you do a presentation, similar to video.
  • It’s a live event. Many people are terrified of making mistakes, especially in front of a live audience.
  • Stage fright applies to a virtual audience as well.

Results you can get:

One of my first webinars, held to just under 100 people, netted $3,642 in commissions. And all the attendees loved the webinar!
A decent result for about three hours of work, I’d say.
Also, you can achieve unheard of levels of engagement on webinars and I know nothing more effective for “creating fans”. I’ve now hosted several webinars where the audience was so engaged that more than 100 people were still online, listening, participating and asking questions, 3.5 hours into the webinar.
And just to be clear: I didn’t plan on doing such long webinars. They just kept going, because we kept getting questions and comments and everyone was having a blast!
Another great advantage is that you can host webinars and then turn that content into products, or you can offer coaching webinars as products in themselves.

How to Use Webinars to Get an Edge:

Just do it.
The biggest obstacle for most people is their fear of screwing up, in front of a live audience.
In reality, this fear is unjustified. First, things rarely go badly wrong and second, the attendees are usually very understanding.
Open your webinar with something along the lines of “I’m new to this and I’m pretty nervous, but I have some really important things I want to tell you about”. You’ll see that if you really have the intention of delivering great content, the audience members will totally have your back, even if things don’t go smoothly.
Also keep in mind that you don’t have to do webinars on your own. Invite guest experts and leave the major part of the presentation to them, or team up with other bloggers in your niche, to share the stage with you (and make some great connections at the same time).

4) Create Insanely Valuable Products

Why it’s perceived as “difficult”:

  • Creating a product is more work that writing a few blog posts.
  • You invest effort upfront and hope it will pay off, when you release the product (certain risk involved).
  • Fear of selling.

Results you can get:

My first self-created product sold 2,102 copies and made more than $100K in it’s lifetime. This may not be a typical result, but it shows what can be done, even for someone without experience in product creation.
Having a product also opens up one of the best traffic sources on the Internet, for you: affiliates. With a product, you can have an affiliate program and get affiliates to send you massively valuable traffic.
In my opinion, your own product is the most valuable asset you can have, as an affiliate.

How to Use Product Creation to Get an Edge:

Start by creating a simple free product, such as a report. You can use this as an opt-in incentive, to build your mailing list and in addition, it can serve as “product creation practice”.
Once you have a few subscribers, ask them some questions. Find out about their biggest problems. Find out what they want and need. Then, create a product based on that and sell it.
This approach eliminates some of the risk from product creation. If you base your product on the answers you get from your potential customers, it’s much more likely that your product will be well received than if you just think of something all by yourself.
Obviously, product creation is quite a broad topic and I can’t cover everything here. But as with all things, the most important part is to get started and then trial-and-error your way forward.

The Challenge

Here’s my challenge to you: pick one of these four methods (or maybe one I haven’t though of myself) and dedicate 30 days to it.
Yes, it’s a bit more difficult than just keeping on doing what you’re already used to, but that’s exactly why it’s easier to get good results with it.
Think about email marketing, video marketing, webinars and product creation. You know that most bloggers don’t do these things. You know that most people reading this post won’t follow through and actually do the 30-day challenge. And that’s exactly where the power of this approach lies. Do it, and you’re instantly in a different league.

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