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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Best Facebook Tricks You Might Not Know


I already posted many Facebook Tips and Tricks on this blog.But now its something different.This time I wanted to place all the Facebook Tips and Tricks at one place and make a huge collection of all the best Facebook Tricks.I tried my best to include all the Best Facebook Tricks at one place .If I missed any which is worth including in the list then let me know in your comments.I will update the list with your Tricks.

Best Facebook Tips/Tricks of All Time:

1.Watch Streaming TV Live on Facebook:

There is a Facebook Application that provides free streaming live TV channels on Facebook.You can watch a lot of International Channels using this Application.I am able to watch live channels without buffering on my 2G connection.This application is totally at free of cost.2012 Olympics are also broadcasted on this channel.
Application Used:

2.Send SMS from Facebook:

Yes you are right now you can send sms from facebook.There are no country restrictions.You can send sms to any country.The message sending is instant and takes only few seconds to reach the destination.All this is possible with a cool facebook application.
  • Select your country.
  • Then in the next line enter the mobile number to which you want to send sms.
  • After that enter your message that you want to deliver.
  • You can send only sms upto 100 characters long.
  • You can only send 4 SMS per day.
  • Dont do any illegal things with this service as it will first display your name at the beginning of the message.

3.Create a Video With Your Pictures on Facebook:

You can easily create a video with your Facebook Pictures.To create a video with your facebook photos go to[click here].

4.Delete Facebook Account Permanently:

Most of them are confused between deleting and deactiving their Facebook Account.Deactivationg is completely different from deleting your account permanently.To avoid confusion just follow the below link to delete your facebook account permanently.

5.Trick to download facebook Photo Album-Link:

Follow this link to know how to download facebook photo album in  a single click.

6.Trick to see who is online when you are offline:

Sometimes it becomes necessary to check who is online which being offline.At such times there is a very cool Facebook Application which can make your job easy.Use the below application to know who are online while you are offline.

7.Trick to publish empty status:

Login to your facebook account.Then click on update status and enter the following code and hit enter.
@[2:2: ]

8.How to find who deleted/Unfriended you on facebook?

You can find who deleted or unfriended you on facebook using an application called who delete me[click here].
This application will back up all your friends list when you sign up for the first time and notifies via mail whenever there is a change in your friends list.

9.Download Videos From Facebook For Free:

To download videos from facebook go to[click here]
There put the Facebook Url of video and your video will be ready to download.

10.Place Facebook Chat on Firefox Sidebar:

  • Open Mozilla Firefox browser and press Alt key.
  • Select bookmarks and select "show all bookmarks"
  • A box will open from that select unsorted bookmarks > organise >  new bookmark.
  • Again a box will open in that type "facebookchat" in first boxand type " " in second box .
  • Click on load this bookmark >add.
  • Now again press alt key > view > side bar > bookmarks>.
  • Then select facebook chat from the bookmarks in slide bar.
  • You are done.Now you will be able to see chat bar on the left side of your Mozilla Firefox Browser.

11.Post your Status in All Facebook Groups in a Single Click:

Some times you want to post your status or write message in all groups.If you do the job manually then its a time consuming frustrating process and you end up in posting your status only in few groups.But now your job has become very easy.There is a facebook application using which you can post your Facebook status in any number of groups you wish.
Using Multiple Post Application you can make your job easy to post your status in multiple groups.

12.Tips and Tricks to get more likes for your Facebook Fanpage:

Now a days almost most of the Facebook users have some Facebook pages.May be it is Music,Dance , Actor,Brand Page,whatever page it may be all you need is to get more likes for that fanpage.I listed few Tips and Tricks using which you can get more likes for your fanpage just follow the below link.
You might have known that you can add smileys and emotions in your Facebook Chat Box.Not only smileys but also you can add any picture in your facebook chat box.
Chat tricks will enhance your ability of using facebook and with these tricks you can easily impress your friends while chatting.
I already posted few Status tricks.This is a very cool trick using which you can update your facebook status via Blackberry,Iphone,Android,Ipad etc using Facebook Applications.
There are many such applications, I mentioned few best applications. Follow them and update your status.
Just Follow Below Links To Use Applications:

16.Remove Facebook Timeline Easily-Link:

17.Facebook Timeline Shortcut Keys-Link:

18.Facebook Ghost Profile Prank:

This is the best prank ever that I played on my friends. Ask your friends to check this [ GOST PROFILE ] . It will look like a scary ghost profile.But that's not the interesting part here, Ask your friend to click on photos. 
Here come the scary part, Out  of nowhere a ghost face comes out from the centre with a scary shout.
Your Friends shouts-Our prank rocks.
When I tried this prank on my friends few girls even shouted in fear.

19.Remove Facebook Advertisements:

Using this Greasemoney script-Facebook:Cleaner you can easily remove annoying Facebook Ads.

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