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Sunday, March 4, 2012

100 dynamite sex tips

We combed through countless studies, books, TV series, movies, songs, and TMI celeb quotes/tweets to bring you the most daring, lustiest pointers. There are many months’ worth of moves here—talk about kicking off Valentine month with a bang (literally)!

1 Have sex partially clothed, like the characters on True Blood this past season.

2 Cosmo’s 2011 Man Panel agreed that the hottest sext is: “I need you now”.

3 In an essay for GQ, Kelly Oxford swore sex bartering injects the ‘hot’. Try this: you do laundry; he gives you a sensual massage.

4 “One should dry-hump as much as possible; it leads to great things.” — Cameron Diaz

5 Jenn Berman, Ph.D., host of The Love and Sex Show on Cosmo US’ Radio, is always asked “What can I do to increase my sex drive?” Answer: get off more often.

6 A survey shows that Sailor Moon (special warrior from Japanese manga cartoons) is the character guys most want to do. Role-play time...

7 Slip on cashmere gloves, and slowly stroke his member.

8 Climb on top, and play with just the tip for a few minutes. Then get up, grab some water, and leave him hanging. When you finally take all of him, it’ll feel like sensory overload.

9 Blindfolding him is hot—tying a silk scarf around his mouth is hotter.

10 Push an exercise ball up against the wall, have him sit on it, bounce on him.

11 Spike a pasta dish with saffron. Studies prove it’s an aphrodisiac.

12 A Trojan sex poll revealed that the most adventurous place people have had sex is in a car. Abuse the backseat of your vehicle.

13The second most daring spot for sex? Someone else’s bed.

14 Hold a vibrator against his shaft during oral.

15 Keep your standards high: a study revealed you’re likely to O with a hottie.

16 Tilt up your hips during missionary
as he’ll hit your G-spot.

17 Try a lubricating gel in bed (flavoured or not). Doctors around the world agree luve is an ‘orgasm in a tube.’

18 A study determined that guys lose their desire if they’re not mentally turned on. Keep him engaged with a position that packs an X-rated view, like the reverse cowgirl position, says Ava Cadell, Ph.D.

19 Dab drops of lube on his penis. Use fingers to connect the dots until he’s completely slicked up.

20 Sit on the edge of the washing machine, and wrap your legs around his waist as he enters you.
21 Scientists discovered nipple sensations activate the same brain area as sensations from the vagina.

22 Tease him all over his body with your tongue, then direct a handheld fan at the spots you licked.

23 Get the Brokeback Mountain. DVD. According to research in A Billion Wicked Thoughts, straight women get off from watching male romances.

24 Jump-start your O: a study found that when women mimicked sounds of an orgasm, they were able to bring it on.

25 Think naughty thoughts on your way back from work, so when you get home, you’re already in the mood to jump him.

26 Eat more frozen yogurt. A study found that low-fat dairy slashes belly fat, and pudge in that area can inhibit orgasms.

27 Have lazy morning sex. Research reveals people who get it on in early in the day are much happier.

28 Take him down in the middle of your fave show. Research reveals guys wish their sex lives were more spontaneous.

29 Try the constant-flick technique: your guy darts his tongue rapidly against your lady bits.

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