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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ma Santoshi Chalisa

Ma Santoshi Chalisa

श्री सन्तोषी चालीसा

जै युग युग की आदि शक्ति । जग में प्रचलित है तव भक्ति ।।
आदि मध्य और अवसाना । तेरी गति विधि कोई न जाना ।।
Glory O Primal Power, adored in every age, all glory,
Your devotion is a universal phenomenon undeniably,
Without a beginning, a middle or end you are actually,
Incomprehensible are your movements and activities.

निर्मल श्रद्धा में होती । थोड़े में संतुष्ट हो जाती ।।
कलि में नाम धार्यो सन्तोषी । अग्नि तुल्य प्रत्यक्ष विशेखी ।।
Selfless, unblemished regard pleases you mainly,
Trifling faith in you is enough to satisfy you totally,
Although you are bright as fire and visible plainly,
You are called Santoshi in this Kali age universally.

कला ज्ञान बल विद्या दात्री । तुम सम सरल सुखद नहिं धात्री ।।
सकल चराचर तुम से चलते । भूत प्रेत यमदूत सिंहरते ।।
To you we owe arts, knowledge, strength, learning clearly,
There is no foster-mother as simple as you and as kindly,
To you we owe all, moving and unmoving, existence totally,
You are a terror to ghosts, fiends and Death’s envoy surely.

दुष्ट दलन संहार कारिणी । माता तुम ब्रह्माण्ड धारिणी ।।
सरस्वती लक्ष्मी और काली । अमित शक्ति की खान निराली ।।
While you kill and destroy the wicked unrelentingly,
You sustain and uphold the universe unquestionably,
As Saraswati, Lakshmi and Kali you are baffling definitely,
You are a unique reservoir of immense power positively.

तुम्हारे शरण गहे कोई । मनोकामना पूरन होई ।।
तुम गणेश की माँ कन्या । तुमसे धरती हो गई धन्या ।।
Whosoever seeks your protection will positively,
Find all his desires ever fulfilled exhaustively,
You are the virgin mother of Ganesha indisputably,
You made the earth a favoured place supremely.

ऋद्धि सिद्धि है तुम्हारी माता । मंगलमय वरदान के दाता ।।
ब्रह्मा विष्णु महेश त्रिमाया । उसका बल तुझमें है समाया ।।
You are the daughter of Riddhi and Siddhi clearly,
The two most liberal givers of propitious boons certainly,
You embody triple wisdom – shakti, power extraordinary
And supernatural of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesha truly.

सिर पर कंचन मुकुट सुहाता । सुन्दर रत्नसमूह दिखाता ।।
मधुर मनोहर मुखड़ा कोमल । पुष्पमाला और श्यामल कुन्तल ।।
On your head rests a beautiful golden coronet beautifully,
Studded with a cluster of splendid jewels magnificently,
Your soft face has the mixed sweetness of charm and beauty,
With a beautiful wreath of flowers and black hair so lovely.

अलंकार सोहित हैं अंग में । नव्य दिव्य तन गेरु रंग में ।।
सुन्दर वस्त्र में माला रखती । दर्शक के मन वश में करती ।।
Your divine body decked with ornaments brilliantly,
Your looks but elegant in its red ochre delightfully,
As does the wreath on your garments superbly,
Bewitching minds of all who behold them lovingly.

पदम् त्रिरेख धरे दो हाथ । चतुर्भुजी को टेकहु माथ ।।
सन्मुख अमृत भरी सुराहि । साथ कामधेनु मनचाही ।।
I bow to the four-armed goddess who holds a lotus firmly,
Clasping a conch-shell in tow of her hands unquestionably,
In front of her is a flagon filled with nectar ever brim fully,
And beside her the much coveted cow of perpetual plenty.

स्वर्ण कलश रहता है आगे । भक्त्तों के सौभाग हैं जागे ।।
तुम्हारे भक्त्तिभाव जो पावे । अजर अमर जग में हो जावे ।।
Before you rests the golden pitcher with good fortune surely,
Which be but a boon and blessing for your true devotees,
Those who achieve your devotion are rewarded certainly,
Whom you bless with love and devotion - attains immortality.

नमो नमो जग तारन हारी । दु:ख दरिद्र तारो महतारी ।।
शुक्रवार दिन अति अनुकूला । सन्तोषी व्रत मंगल मूला ।।
I bow to you - O deliverer of the world and entreat repeatedly,
You a good mother ever relieving me of my penury and misery,
Fridays favourable to you for observance of Santoshi’s Vrata truly,
The vow kept in honor of you, it is the root of all blessings certainly.

बहुविध मात की पूजा कर । सन्तोषी की कथा श्रवण कर ।।
गुड़ और चना प्रसाद चढ़ावे । निराहार एक जून मनावे ।।
Mother in many ways may be worshiped by the devotee,
Listening to the story of her miraculous acts conscientiously,
And offer her jaggery and non-fried grams by the devotee
Who should forgo one meal in worship ever so lovingly.

सावधान उस दिन यह राखे । भूल से खट्टा देवे न चाखे ।।
नहिं तो मातु कुपित हो जाती । वंश सहित संतान नसाती ।।
On that day he should be careful particularly,
Not to offer nor taste anything sour vigilantly,
Failure to observe this rule enrages Mother fully,
She destroys the family of transgressor in her fury.

शुक्रवार सोलह व्रत राखे । उद्यापन उत्साह मनावे ।।
फिर तो इच्छा पूरन होई । मातु कृपा से देर न होई ।।
For sixteen Fridays the vrata be observed continuously,
And must be close with great pomp and ceremony,
If these instructions are followed, all desire of the devotee,
Will be fulfilled with blessings of Mother - speedily.

अद्भुत देवी चमत्कारिणी । पत्न में चिन्ता पीड़ा हरणी ।।
जापर कृपा मातु की होई । जीत सके न उसको कोई ।।
Amazing Goddess with miraculous powers unquestionably,
You relieve your devotee’s sufferings and anxieties in a jiffy,
Whosoever is blessed by the compassionate Mother surely,
Becomes an invincible, indestructible and unbeatable devotee.

धन विवेक सुख शान्ति प्रदायिनी । इस युग की नवप्राण विधायिनी ।।
तुम सम देवी कोऊ नाहीं । देख लिया मैं त्रिभुवन माहीं ।।
Giver of knowledge, happiness and peace certainly
She represents in this age a new awakening and vitality,
None can compare to her in might and compassion truly,
In all the three worlds - of this there is a certainty. 

दुख अति पाई बहु बेचारी । पति वियोग की वह दुखियारी ।।
नारियल खोपर पीकर पानी । भूस की रोटी खाई अभागिनी ।।
संतोषी का व्रत जो कीन्हा । पति सहित वैभव पा लीन्हा ।।
The wife surviving by drinking water from a coconut shell only,
Easing hunger by eating bread of husks and chaff simply,
When observing the vow consecrated to Mother Santoshi,
Along with her husband was then blessed with prosperity.

पीड़ा चिन्ता काटहु माता । अष्ट सिद्धि नौ निधि के दाता ।।
संतोषी उपवास करे जो । सुख सम्पति का भोग करे वो ।।
O Mother! Do remove the pains and sufferings totally,
The donor of 8 accomplishments and 9 treasures truly,
He who observes fast of Santoshi Ma will certainly,
Enjoys both wealth and happiness ever everlastingly .

यहाँ वहाँ सब ठौर समाई । तुम्हरी महिमा कही न जाई ।।
मनवांछित वर पावै क्वारी । पाये सुहाग सधवा सन्नारी ।।
You are everywhere and omnipresent actually,
It is not possible to voice or describe your glory,
Maidens get husbands of their choice actually,
Married women - husbands of lasting coverture truly.

सुख धन जन सब मनोकामना । पूर्ण होगी सत्य जानना ।।
पाठ सवा सौ करै जो कोई । मिटै कष्ट सुख सम्पति होई ।।
Consider it a indubitable truth that devotion to Santoshi,
Fulfills all the desires and yields happiness and prosperity,
Who repeats this hymn a hundred and twenty-five times surely,
Relieved from misery and is blessed with riches and felicity.

सन्तोषी संकट हरन, हे चमत्कार की मूर्ति ।
ग्रह बाधा को दूर कर, करो कामना पूर्ति ।।
Santoshi remover of all problems unquestionably,
A veritable embodiment of miraculous feats certainly,
Dispelling all crises and obstructions completely,
Fulfilling all the cherished hopes entirely.

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